Easy tips for fast fat loss

Want to lose your fat fast, try these valuable tips

The biggest secret about we all knows is about the amount of calories we consume. We will never be able to lose fat in case the amount of fat we consume is more than the amount of fat we burn. So we need to do just the reverse of it if we want to lose fat. Here I am sharing with you big list of fat loss tips which will help you lose fat in a fast and effective way:

fast fat loss

  1. Set your weight loss goals and write down the number of pounds you want to lose.

  2. Drink lot of water during the day. Whenever you feel thirsty, drink water.

  3. It is always a good idea to take help of a friend who is also going through the same weight loss process. Both of you should support each other and help each other in obtaining your weight loss goals. You will never feel lonely and bored in the company of your friend. It is my personal experience that we can achieve biggest of targets with the help of our friends which we alone cannot even imagine to fulfill.

  4. Give some time to exercise. It is not going to take hours to exercise. What you have to do is give 30 or 40 minute to exercise.

  5. Avoid drinking soda as much as you can and replace that by water.

  6. Avoid breads, cereals and pasta in your food.

  7. Never skip the breakfast

  8. Take small meals throughout the day

  9. Try to make some eating habit. When you go through a healthy weight loss pattern for few days, then it becomes a habit. That is great for you.

    1. By using these steps you will be able to get rid of unwanted pound of fat you are having.


Weight loss safety foods

If we all want to lose weight permanently, we all need to make permanent changes in our eating habit. Starving is not the solution for us to lose weight. So we need to look at what we are actually eating. So here is what we can make change in our eating habit:

  • Replace red meat by chicken and red fish as much as you can

  • Use fresh ingredients instead of processed foods while preparing your meals.

  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits

  • Go for whole grain products over those made with white flour

  • Decrease the quantity of sugar in your diet.

  • Adding functional food to your diet is also beneficial. negative calorie foodsFunctional foods are those that have benefits to the body above and beyond their basic nutritional qualities. Foods that would be considered functional foods for weight loss would be those that make us feel full and satisfied for longer, and those that have the potential to increase our metabolism.

    Some examples of functional food are Finally, take a look at adding some "functional foods" to your diet. Other examples of functional food include low fat milk, nuts and tea. One more example of functional food is green tea for weight loss.

These changes should help you lose weight.


Weight loss tips to get your New Year resolutions

Great! We all are waiting for New Year celebration. We all are hoping that this new year of 2007 will bring lot of cheer, happiness and great health to all of us.weight loss resolutions With the New Year coming we will have new wishes or you can say New Year resolutions, which we want to achieve in the 2007 year to come. Many of us have resolution to lose weight in 2007 and want to keep it off permanently.

Losing weight is not such a big wish, which cannot be achieved if taken seriously and worked in the right direction. I have got some really useful weight loss tips, which we all can use, in the coming year 2007 as a way to lose weight. This weight loss tips listing may include some of the weight loss tips I had already covered in my earlier posts.

  • We need to make small life style change in the beginning, which we can adopt for long like going for walk only 2 to 3 days in the week.

  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday.

  • Always chew your food well. Chewing your food well will ensure that you get the most nutrients out of your food.

  • We all need to eat 100% organic, virgin, and unrefined coconut oil. Studies have shown that it is really helpful in losing weight.

  • Include as much as fruits and vegetables in your weight loss diet.

  • Avoid fast foods, sugar and enriched products such as white flour, white rice, white bread, and pasta that are not organic or whole grain as much as you can.

  • Add hot pepper to food. Hot peppers not only increase metabolism, but also help the body burn off fat more efficiently.

  • Increase your physical activity.

So by trying out these Weight loss tips, you will find that weight loss is not as difficult as you have imagined. So go and work to fulfill your weight loss resolutions.


Lose belly fat

Looking to get rid of belly fat?

It is one of our wishes to lose belly fat fast. But we are not doing really anything for the fulfillment of this wish. Lose belly fatSo far we have just keep it as a wish and imagination that we are going to lose belly fat very soon. We all need to get out of our imagination and need to become realistic about losing it. We really need to do something to lose belly fat. Losing belly fat is a big goal before our eyes that we have to achieve.

How we get fatty

If we eat more calories than we burn, then our body keeps those extra calories in the form of fat in our body. Our body distributes it around our stomach, as it is the easiest place for the body to distribute fat. It is how we get fatty.

How to lose belly fat fast

It is fine that you want to lose belly fat really fast. But how much fast, if you are looking for losing around 10 pounds in a week, be ready for some health problems. It is also true that if you lose so much fast, it will be really difficult to keep the fat off permanently.

Losing around 1 or 2 pounds in a week looks ok to me. So what you have to do is use a wise combination of healthy nutrition and exercise you will have a much better chance of keeping your weight down permanently. So losing fat in this way is much better than losing fat fast.

If you continue with this process, you are going to lose 8 pounds in a month and around 100 pounds in a year. Losing so much of pounds in a year is not a small weight loss by any measures. But for this you need to be stick with your diet and exercise program. If you lose this way, you will feel much better, more relaxed and more energetic.

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Choosing weight loss program

If you are thinking of joining any of the weight loss programs, here is something for you to notice about the weight loss program you are going to join:

Choosing weight loss program

  1. If this weight loss program is going to help you change your eating activities. It should teach you how to make permanent change in your eating habits and life style as a way to lose weight permanently.

  2. If the people under whom you are to undergo weight loss program are highly qualified in their profession. The helping staff must have nutritionists, registered dietitians, doctors, nurses, psychologists, and exercise physiologists.

  3. If this program is going to help you specially when you feel depressed or return to your old bad eating habits.

  4. If this weight loss program is going to help you make permanent change in your eating habit and physical activities to avoid weight gain.

  5. Are the food options are flexible? The program should consider about your like and dislikes.

  6. How many people actually complete the program (%)?

  7. What is the average weight of people after completing the weight loss program?

  8. How many people have problems or side effects with the weight loss program (%)?


Weight loss by music

Enjoy music with weight loss

I really feel happy when I listen to my favorite music tracks. I feel really energetic and very much active. Music can be really helpful in getting us to back in shape. You can listen to your favorite songs while doing the exercise. Doing weight loss exercise with music brings a great feeling in you. You will feel really happy and full of energy.

Weight loss by musicIt is always a good idea to choose such a music, which makes your feeling sky high and is really helpful in going ahead with your weight loss exercise programs. You can imagine the great feeling of doing exercise with your favorite music. When going with this, you feel always feel happy, energetic, motivating and enjoying your exercise program. Going ahead on weight loss mission with music escapes you from boredom and creates a feeling of interest in exercise programs.

We can try it in our home with our favorite music tracks. When we follow such an interesting program for weight loss, you will feel full of joy even hours after your exercising program ends for the day. We feel really active with our music of choice. Even when we do household works, we feel more active and full of fun with music.

It is also true that when we do the exercise with music, we are able to exercise for long hours and with lot of activeness and interest. So going on your weight loss programs for long hours ultimately helps you achieve you your weight loss goals with great fun and happiness.

Another thing, which you are going to get in tune with your music, active and full of energy for the full day, freedom from all worries and concerns. So why not go for the music which makes you feel really great and mix that up with your exercise programs.


Fiber weight loss

High amount of fiber for weight loss

We all know that fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. But do you know fiber can help us in losing weight. When you have filled upon fiber, you feel full for long time. As a result you eat less in the whole day and it will all result in healthy weight loss.

Fiber weight lossStudies have shown that eating a high-fiber meal reduced hunger more than a meal, which was low in fiber. We all should consume around 30 to 40 grams of fiber everyday. But normally all for us consume only 15 grams of fiber everyday. There are many of us who d not even consume 15 grams of fiber.

We can get fiber fruits and vegetables like carrots, peas, broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower. Typically anything made with whole wheat or whole oats or bran will have fiber – plus these cereals tend to be natural and low in fat and sugar, which also help with your weight loss and are better for you overall.

There are many ways we can increase our intake of fiber. Add garbanzo beans to a salad or soup and eat more vegetables and fruits. It might be a bit difficult for us to get used to a diet, which is rich in fiber. So Fiber rich foods, combined with sensible eating, can help you lose weight and keep it off. A diet high fiber diet can help you to manage the amount of food you eat and have many health benefits. So load up on fiber—and watch your waistline shrink as a result!


Weight loss tools

BMI and BMR for weight loss

All of us know that we gain weight when we take extra calories and lose weight when we consume lesser calories. We need to know how much we should weigh and how many calories we should consume everyday in a healthier way. BMI helps us in knowing how much we should weight. I have already written about BMI in earlier of my post. If you need to know about BMI, you can get it from my post Know if you need to lose weight.

And BMR can calculate the amount of calories we should consume. BMR, which is Basal Metabolic Rate, informs you the amount of calories you need everyday as a way to retain the current weight. To calculate your BMR you have to just enter your sex, age and weight in pounds. So know the amount of calories you need everyday to keep up with the current weight.

If you are satisfied with your current weight, only then you should enter your current weight. Otherwise you should enter your goal weight in pounds which you ant to achieve. So in this way taking the amount of calories you should, you will slowly get the desired weight you were looking for. But before making any changes in your eating pattern, it is always good to take help from your doctor.

So you will also find BMI and BMR really helpful weight loss tools by which you are able to know the amount of calories you need to get to the desired weight.


Weight loss with fun

Exercise programs which are really funny for weight loss

Why not try weight loss programs that are full of fun? So here are some exercise programs that you will find really funny to implement:

Step aerobics:

Step aerobics In step aerobics you need a step so that you can change the difficulty level of your workout. You will start with the instructor leading a warm up, and then right into the fat burning. The fast pace and use of the step and your arms will insure a great workout and fat burn for you. Adding step aerobics with strength training will get you the optimum results you are looking for.

Belly dancing

belly dancing Belly dancing classes is a great way to have some fun and while burning calories. This is a great way to learn some new moves while toning your stomach. You will start by learning the basics on how to move your hips and waist and then move on to some of the more complex and interesting moves that make belly dancing so entertaining. A healthy diet, and brisk walking may help you achieve your goal even faster than just belly dancing alone.

Home videos

If you do not want to go to the gym, you can have home videos. There are many videos available for you to make choice from like boot camp, dancing, pilates and many more.

Try to combine any of these funny exercise programs in your daily schedule if possible. So have some fun with these exercise programs and I hope these exercises will help you lose weight with great fun.


Realistic weight loss goals

Weight loss goals which are realistic and achievable

weight loss goalsThe big question we all are having is how much to lose and in how much time. We have to be really realistic about setting the weight loss goals for us and also the time in which you have to achieve that goal. Normally people are not realistic about setting the weight loss goals for themselves. You have to be really specific about setting your weight loss goals. Here I am sharing with you some things which may help you in setting your weight loss goals:

Keep your goals very specific. You must have the attitude of doing hard work and working towards achieving your targets. Suppose make an aim that you have to lose 15 pounds in the next two months and do regular exercise and take healthier diets to achieve it.

Make your exercise and weight loss goals measurable. Make a routine for yourself that you are going for a walk on 4 times in the week for 35 minutes.

Make the long term as well as short term weight loss goals. Keep a chart of your weight loss progress. And keep yourself stay motivated towards achieving those targets.

Also make some deadline by which you have to achieve your specific weight loss goals. I think targets without any deadline are useless and no one is really going to achieve the goals without any deadline.

Give some emotional touch to your goals if its possible and also what will be rewards after the weight loss goals are achieved.

I hope these things are going to help you set some realistic achievable targets for yourself within a specific period of time.


Fat burning food list

Fat burning foods are those that helps you burn more calories than the amount of calorie it contain itself. The fat burning foods helps you burn more fat when you consume eat these fat burning foods. Fat burning foodThe best tip about fast burning is to eat and drink until you are satisfied and happy, choosing foods that burn more calories than you consume. It will enable your body burn up unwarranted stored fat. Get best Fat Fighting Foods e-book here.

The food that burn fat list mainly contains vegetables and fruits. If you eat these fat-burning foods and add a good exercise workout program to it you will increase your metabolism and burn calories at a faster rate even several hours after your exercise is done. So here is the complete listing of fat burning foods:

  1. Grapefruit

  2. Grapes

  3. Asparagus

  4. Apples

  5. Cauliflower

  6. Cherries

  7. Nectarines

  8. Blackberries

  9. Eggplant

  10. Blueberries

  11. Cranberries

  12. Flounder

  13. Mushrooms

  14. Artichokes

  15. Broccoli

  16. Okra

  17. Strawberries

  18. Honeydew

  19. Garlic

  20. Tomatoes

  21. Celery

  22. Green Beans

  23. Beets

  24. Brussels Sprouts

  25. Mangoes

  26. Pears

  27. Corn

  28. Apricots

  29. Cantaloupe

  30. Cucumbers

  31. Squash

  32. Cod

  33. Cabbage

  34. Peppers

  35. Peas

  36. Turnips

  37. Onions

  38. Chives

  39. Crabs

  40. Pineapple

  41. Lobster

  42. Sauerkraut

  43. Spinach

  44. Kale

  45. Radishes

  46. Pumpkin

  47. Parsley

  48. Tangerines

  49. Red Cabbage

  50. Scallions

  51. Leeks

  52. Oranges

  53. Peaches

  54. Raspberries

  55. Lettuce

  56. String Beans

  57. Prunes

  58. Watermelon

  59. Lemons

  60. Limes

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Permanent weight loss secrets

There are many people like you and me who try to lose weight. Some of them get succeeded in losing weight and some of them get failed. Those who get succeeded in losing weight also sometimes are not able to keep their ideal weight. They soon get the weight they have lost few days back and on some occasions, they get more weight they were actually having before going on a weight loss diet.

Permanent weight loss This can be really frustrating and depressive for all of us. So all of us need a permanent solution to our weight loss problems. It is a good idea to avoid junk stuff as much as possible. Do not keep any junk food in your house. Bring more and more vegetables and fruits at home. After some time you will surely see some changes in your eating habit. Then you will be going for fruits and will also be able to continuously reduce some weight.

The problem with all of us is that the food we eat is the greatest pleasure for all of us. This is the biggest problem that prevents the permanent weight loss. So we need to find some other ways to get the pleasure in the day like reading your favorite book or magazine, spending some time with your friends, do make some phone calls to your friends, do something which makes you feel really funny.

Another thing we need is the big motivation to lose weight. It is not always easy to remain motivated without any reason. So why not create a list of reasons you want to lose weight and lose it permanently. Also make the listing of some people because of whom you get motivated to lose weight. You should keep on reviewing both these everyday. If you feel you need to make some changes in these listing, make it because there is nothing which is going to keep you motivated for long. So you have to keep on changing the motivation listing.

So I hope these tips will help you have some fun in life, stay motivated and get the weight off permanently.


Top Weight loss success secrets revealed

Weight loss success requires a lot of hard work and staying inspired. Most of weight loss success depends upon your attitude. So you have to keep yourself positive and motivated towards weight loss goals.

Weight loss success

The Biggest secret of weight loss is that you must know what you are doing and if you have the proper information as a way to speed up your weight loss targets. Also when you have achieved some or all of your targets, make sure to measure it as will be a real inspiring and motivating factor for you.

Adopt some weight loss diet plan as a way of eating more veggies. Have a starter before your meal. But it must be low calorie and contain lot of water like soup or fiber, like salad. It will help you at less overall. You should believe in yourself and you know with proper knowledge, dedication and with motivation, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Also downsize your plates and bowls. By eating on smaller dishes it may help you consume less food.

You must have confidence and belief in yourself. With a little planning, choosing the right foods and becoming aware of portion sizes you can obtain the weight loss success you desire. Remember one thing everything is possible if you believe in yourself.


Hypnosis weight loss

There are very few people around who knows what is Hypnosis and for what it is used. Hypnosis is a tool, which helps an individual in bringing out his true potential in a number of ways. It plays an important part in losing weight.

When an overweight men goes on a diet is to lose the extra weight he is occupying. But when you stop the diet, you may gain even more weight what you have reduced. Weight loss demands a lot of willpower in you even if you know the right kind of food for yourself and your weight loss goals. It is hypnosis, which gives you the willpower to lose weight effectively.

Weight loss hypnosis does not take away your sense of success from you. It enables you to choose healthy food. During the hypnosis process, you feel really good and less concern about the speed you are losing weight. Weight loss hypnosis is not about dieting but it is about the way you think about yourself and your weight loss goals.

All of us have the strong desire to lose weight but not the willpower. So many of us do not get succeed in their weight loss targets. In this case hypnosis is really helpful, as it will bring consciousness in the parts of mind, which helps us to lose weight. This part of the mind takes a center stage and helps you lose weight. It overshadows the part of the mind that gives you that urge to eat foods that are not good for you like rich desserts and fried foods.

With hypnosis you can control the part of brain, which deals with metabolism. Metabolism is the process in which your body quickly processes its food (fuel) sources and how much of it is stored. By increasing metabolism you can speed up weight loss and also maintain the weight loss. Hypnosis is the means to effectively change your metabolism and help you lose weight.

If you have tried almost every diet on the market with little or no success, then it may be time to try weight loss hypnosis.


How to burn more calories

Burning calories is quite easier if you lower your consumption of calories. Eliminating carbs and starving yourself is not going to help you. Do not go for sweets, sodas, cookies, ice cream and other foods which contain high amount of calories.

Burn calories Take five meals a day and when you do so you are going to eat frequently and it will save you from hunger and too much eating. As when you take three meals a day, you eat too much at a time. Include vegetables and fruits in your five-meal plan.

Increase your physical activities as a way to burn more like calories. Balancing caloric intake with caloric burning is critical to any weight loss plan. So you have to avoid junk food and do exercise daily. Here is a listing of calorie burning tips, which are surely going to help you in burning the extra calories you are looking for to burn:

  • Do some exercises in the morning

  • Try to use stairs as much you can use

  • Do walking where it is possible for you

  • If you get some time in the day, play polo or some other game

  • Have some walk after your lunch and dinner

  • Avoid smoking as much you can

  • Instead of letting the dog out to roam the yard, take the dog for a walk

The more active you are during the day, the more calories yu are going to burn on that particularday. So make it a habit to burn calories daily by the time you do not reach you desired weight loss goal.


Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet benefits

From the researches we came to know that vegetarian diet consumes around 500 calories less as compared to its meat eating diets on an average daily. It is also true that the people who use vegetarian diet eat more food than the non-vegetarians. So if you go by these facts you are going to lose 3500 calories i.e. 1 pound in a week time.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet If you want to lose weight by the vegetarian diet, then you have to plan out your diet in advance. Your diet must include vegetables, fruit and grains.

There are some nutrients, which are really important for our body like proteins, calcium and vitamins. Some source of proteins is tofu and other soy-based products, legumes, seeds, nuts, grains, and vegetables. Calcium source are spinach, kale and broccoli.

You can use some healthy vegetarian meals like Amy's frozen dinners and Veggie burgers. Here is a listing of some calorie control in a vegetarian diet:

Food 1200 Calorie(Group)1500 Calorie 1800 Calorie
Vegetables 5 servings 6 servings 8 servings
Fruits 3 servings 3 servings 5 servings
Grains 2 servings 3 servings 4 servings
Dairy 2 servings 2-3 servings 2-3 servings
Beans 5oz 6oz 7oz
Total Fat 30-35g 40-50g 50-60g

So going on a vegetarian diet can be really healthy option and it can also help you in losing weight.