Top list of fat burning foods

Have you ever heard about fat burning foods? fat burning foods Fat burning foods are those that help our body to burn fat. Fat burning foods not only helps us to lose weight naturally but also increase our body rate of weight loss. So include these foods in your daily diet helps speed up weight loss, build a healthier body and put you on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

So here is the list of top fat burning foods for losing weight fast in a healthier way:

  1. Lemon
    Lemon is recommended for its strong fat burning abilities.

  2. Broccoli
    Use Broccoli in your dinner as it contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for you.

  3. Carrot
    Carrot helps us in raising our fat burning ability but should eat it raw because after cooking lot of its minerals and vitamins disappear

  4. Apple
    Apple also helps you increasing fat burning ability and also contains c-Vitamins like lemon.

  5. Chili
    Chili sets the metabolism going and increases our ability to burn fat. So include chili in your meals but leave out the seeds, as it’s the hottest part.

  6. Mustard
    It helps you increasing burn fat but use Mustard that does not have so much sugar.

  7. Garlic
    Garlic not only helps fat burn ability but also great for your immune system.

  8. Citrus fruits
    They contain high concentrations of Vitamin C. Vitamin C burns fat by liquefying it. This makes it easier for the body to flush fat from the system.

  9. Eggs
    Eggs are high in protein and essential in burning fat. If you are concerned about cholesterol, you can eat the white part as that is the most nutritious part of the egg.

  10. Olive Oil
    Olive oil keeps your cholesterol down and burns fat.

If you are interested in knowing more about fat burning foods, then yo can get it from my earlier Fat burning food post.


Lose maximum weight with six meals a day

six meals a dayWhat I am doing these days is eating meals 6 times a day. Health specialist also recommends that Men should take 6 meals per day and women should take 5 meals per day. When we take our meals in this way, we get a lot of benefits that help us to reach to a highest fitness level.

Firstly eating six-time day helps us to increase our metabolism rate, as we are able to burn more calories during the day.

Secondly we feel ten times better by eating smaller meals frequently during the day. This is because eating 5 to 6 meals per day helps maintain a balanced blood sugar level, preventing hunger attacks.

It also helps to build and maintain muscles. The more muscle we get the faster our metabolism becomes. Frequent meals help promote muscle growth by regulating insulin levels and providing a steady flow of amino acids into the muscle cells.

Eating frequently also helps efficient use of minerals and vitamins. With frequent eating our body becomes more effective in processing these nutrients. Include more and more protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats in to your diet.

But eating five to six times a day, you will have higher energy level, Increased muscle growth and speeding up of your metabolism. So all need to combine this healthy plan with our exercise program as away to really burn some fat.


Smart weight loss helping tips

So far I have gone through many of weight loss tips. The main thing what we all need for weight loss is permanent changes in our life style. If we do not do so, we cannot imagine permanent weight loss. So all we need to have permanent lifestyle changes as a way to lose weight permanently and get away with coming back of unwanted pounds. Even if we make a single change in our eating habits, we are going to lose many pounds.

smart weight loss helpSuppose you eat too many sweets and candies. What you can do is change this eating habit with some fruits like apple or orange. If you feel hungrier try fruits instead of sweets and candies. In this way you will be able to lose around 20 pounds within three months. So we all need such changes which help us lose weight permanently in a healthier way.

There are some more tips which can help you in your fight with your weight

  • First understand why you are gaining weight. Know about your burning and consumption of calories.

  • You must understand you have to work hard as a way to lose weight. There is no way which let you lose big weight without exercise. If there is any program which promise you to lose weight permanently is just lying.

  • Calculate the amount of calories you should consume per day and start your weight loss campaign with exercising

  • Decide the amount of weight you are willing to lose in a period of time. Some people want to lose 15 or 20 pounds in a few weeks. That is wrong assumption. Thinking about losing one or two pounds looks ok to me.

If you think about losing weight slowly, you will be able to lose it in a healthy way and also be able to keep it away from you permanently.


Top Healthy weight loss diet tips

The main motive that we have most of us is to lose weight. That is possible with the right combination of exercise and health diets. So whatever we include in our diet should be a health option. If any of us is already using a weight loss diet, he might also need to make some changes in his/her diet Healthy weight loss diet as a way to lose weight in a healthy way. So here I am recommending some tips, which will help you in choosing a healthy weight loss diet for you and if you are going with any of weight loss diet, will help you to make changes as a way to make your weight loss diet a healthy weight loss diet:

  • Consume limited amount of calories. Normally 1200 calories for a woman and 1400 calories for a man are recommended. So try to limit calories intake within this range.

  • Use high protein diets as it will not only help you to lose weight but also helps in reducing excess fat in your bodies.

  • Include as much fruits and vegetables in your weight loss diet. Fruits contain high amount of fibers and nutrients. Fiber helps our body to digest food properly.

  • Avoid sugar and sodium from your diet. They are mainly found in junk and prepared meals.

  • Why not try organic foods, as they will help you stay away from junkie stuff. Some organic foods are vegetables, rye bread, fruit and fruit juices.

  • Again repeating drink lot of water (at least 8 glasses)

And the most important of all is your dedication towards your healthier weight loss diets. So what you can do is just eat healthy foods and if you do so you will not only lose weight but also feel healthier.


Best calorie burning tips

All of us know that weight loss is all about losing calories. The more calories you burn, the more weight you are going to lose. So all of always look for easiest way to lose some extra calories as a way to get rid of some extra pounds. Whatever we want to try must be really easy to use and burn the extra calories in our body. So here are some really simple but effective tips for burning some of your extra calories

Calorie burning tips

  • Why not try healthy chicken soup with lesser amount of calories

  • Use healthy meats for reducing some more calories. You can try lean meats with the skin trimmed off.

  • Sandwiches with lean lunchmeat can also be helpful

  • Rice cakes can also be a healthy option as it contains only 35 calories per serving.

  • Low calorie popcorn

  • Use Pickles as it helps you to fill up your stomach and stop overeating

  • Light Bread: 40 calories

  • Sugar-Free Tea, Diet Sodas and Fat-Free Hot Chocolate

  • Light exercise

  • Use stairs as much as you can

  • Other ways to reduce and burn calories include adding more exercise activities to your daily routine.


How to Get morning walk regularly for longer hours

Increase your morning walk time and get more regular

Many of us make plans for a walk as a way to lose some extra pounds. But we exactly did is just make the plan for walking and never looking to implement it. And if any way we are able to go for a walk, morning walk regularlywe do not have regularity in that. To have some real results for our health, we need to take walking regularly and for longer hours.

If you can suggest me any ideas how I can be more regular about my walking? I welcome all of your ideas. I have seen different people use different ideas as a way to have some healthy walking in the morning regularly.

Some people ask their relatives and friends to help him/her get up in the morning. That does not seem to be a good idea, as that will rarely bring regularity in your walking. Some people use Alarms or some reminders as a way to get up in the morning. What I have noticed about it is that all of us get up in the morning just to off the alarm or reminder than for walking.

What I feel is we cannot be regular about our exercise if we do not have proper planning. We all need to know what we are going to get if we are going for the walk daily and what we are going to lose if we miss it. We have greater chance of success if both of our mind and feelings want to do it.

I like some of my friend’s regularity about their morning walk. Some of them use to go for walk in the group of two or more people. When you go for walk in the group, you do not get bored but enjoy it.

Some others have their pets with them when they went out for walking. This idea seems to be really seems to be work for everyone. I have decided that I am doing to bring a pet and going for a walk with him in the morning daily. What I am going to get while walking with pet is regularity with my walking program. It will also help me to increase my walking speed as well as my walking hours daily.

If you people have some big ideas how you are able to walk daily then you can either mail me or can leave a message in the comment section. Your ideas are going to help millions of people to be regular with their exercise program.


Why not lose weight while sleeping

Studies have shown that the more and the quality of sleep you get can really help you lose some unwanted pounds. I want to drop some of my pounds. So quality sound sleepI have made a plan that I am not going to waste too much of time here and there. I am going to spend some extra time in bed and forget about counting calories.

The obvious reason why we can lose weight while sleeping is because the more time we spend in the bed the lesser time we are going to be down raiding the fridge or tucking into the biscuit tin.

The second reason is that when you have sound and enough sleep, you feel full of energy throughout the day and that keep you active. It also helps you with your exercise program. And when you remain active during the day, you have bigger chances of losing weight. But we must have the quality sleep i.e. sound sleep.

So we are ready for getting more sleep, more exercise and healthier diet plans. But we need to implement all this in a careful way. We have to go for one thing at a time. And when we have got hold of one thing, should go for other thing. If we try all of these at a time we have higher chances of failure. So we need to take small small steps.

There are some things, which can help us as a way to lose weight with sleeping. Like we can go to the bed a bit earlier. Turn off the TV or computer sooner and learn about medication. And take a walk.


Beer Belly Fat

Best way of losing beer belly fat fast around your stomach?

We all know there is big amount of calories in beer and alcoholic drinks. So Beer Belly Fat It is advices not to take too much of alcohol if you are on a mission to weight loss. So when you take alcohol, your consume big amount of calories in your body and your body converts those calories in to fat and stored that fat around your stomach. This is the area where extra at is stored easily and automatically. So the big arise for all of us who take alcohol is how to get rid of this beer belly fat?

If you have increased your belly size by drinking high amount of alcohol, then you do not look too much attractive. The fat that is stored around your belly is known as love handles. So you want to lose this beer belly fat for any of reasons like for marriage or for interview or for participating in an event. Here are some tips, which are going to help you to lose this unwanted beer belly fat:

The best action you have to take is stopping taking alcohol, as it will decrease your intake of calories. The calories being consumed by us must be less than what we burn. When this is the case, our body automatically starts burning those extra fat around our belly in to energy to make up for the shortfall.

Exercising can also help you to lose some calories. The more exercise, the more calories you are going to burn and ultimately going to lose those ugly fat around your stomach.

The other thing you can do to burn some calories is by eating small meals during the day and including lean proteins in your diet.

I think that this could be the best way how to lose beer belly fat fast.


Get flat stomach

In this post I am going to help you get a flat stomach. flat stomachBut to get flat stomach, you have to make steady efforts. Here is my listing of efforts you have to make as a way to get a flat stomach:

  1. Swimming
    I think swimming is much easier as compared to walking for burning calories. If you do swimming for around 30 minutes per day, you are going to lose one inch from your stomach in only five to six weeks.

  2. Press-ups
    Holding the press ups for thirty seconds will help you flatten your stomach. So you can go ahead with doing 3 sets of 30 press-ups per day to lose inches from your stomach.

  3. Heavy breakfast
    Taking heavy breakfast in the morning also helps you lose some inches from your stomach, as it will cut down your overall intake of calories during the day.

  4. Nordic skiing machine
    If you try Nordic skiing machine, can help you flatten your stomach as well. Doing 30 minutes everyday for five-week help you lose one inches from your stomach.

  5. Walking
    Walk it off. Walking briskly for approx 20 minutes twice per day should melt one inch from your waist in about two months.

I hope these tips are simple and effective for you to lose some unwanted weight. So take these tips very seriously to lose some ugly inches from your stomach.

Hopefully you will agree that these are fairly simply ways to lose weight. If you are serious you can mix and match to burn off more than one inch, but be careful not to lose weight too quickly.


Tips for getting rid of arm fat

There are some tips, which you can use to get rid of arm fat. First tip is in the form of push-upsarm fat. You should start off by 10 to 15 push-ups per day. Do your push-ups slowly. After one or two weeks, you will see some improvement.

Drink two glasses of water with lemon in the morning if it suits you. Do some walking in the morning. Doing your walk at fast ace will help you lose lot of fat. Do this walking for around 30 minutes per day.

Take healthy breakfast and drink a protein shake. Eat more and more veggies and fruits during the day. Avoid white carbs as much as you can.

Here I have suggested you some tips for getting rid of fat arms. They all surely going to help you but the biggest helper for you in this case is push-ups. So do some push-ups in the morning and get rid of arm fat.


Easy weight loss tips

Most of people find it really difficult to lose weight from different weight loss procedures. They do not want to go for any of the weight loss pills or medicines as it may result in some side effects for you. If you really want to lose weight fast and committed to make some serious efforts for weight loss, I have got some really easy weight loss tips, which you can follow up:

  1. More and more veggies and fruits
    Some weight loss tipsInclude as much as fruits and veggies in your meal. They do not contain too much amount of calories as compared to other foods. So by including veggies and fruits, you are surely going to consume fewer calories.

  2. Be more active during the day
    Remain active during the day. Whenever you get the chance for a walk during the day, go for it. It is always a good idea to go for a short walk after your eating specially in the night.

  3. Get plenty of exercise and sleep.
    Take the adequate amount of sleep. And it is a good idea to do exercise for around 30 to 40 minute a day.

  4. Reward yourself with your desired foods
    Many of us cannot stay wit their diet as they do not have the things they love like Chocolate, bread, a bowl of mashed potatoes may be forbidden on many diets, but by giving yourself a reward when you've been good will help you to stay on that diet.

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Looking to Lose inches quickly?

All have the mission to lose some inches really fast. If we lose some inches we are able to wear some smaller jean size. Weight loss is a bit complicated if you think about losing weight in inches as pounds are not always equal to inches. On some occasions you will find that you have lost 10 pounds, but inch-wise you do not lose anything. You should not feel frustrated by all this as you are on the right way to lose some weight fast. It may not seem like it, but it takes time for your body to tone down the way it should.

Lose inches fast When you are on a mission for weight loss, you try to build muscle while losing weight. In this case even through you have lost 10 pounds, but the tape may not show the lost pounds. Muscle should be replacing fat. You want to lose the inches, but if they don’t seem to be leaving, you may be in better shape than you first thought.

We can lose inches very fast by getting rid of water weight but it should be done only when you have some event coming up or you want to look at you your best or want to fit in something very fast. The truth about water weight loss is that it isn’t real weight loss. You may lose inches fast, but it is not true fat loss.

Do not believe in too much of weight loss ads or programs that promise you about losing inches fast. Some of them work while others do not work at all. Some of them may be even dangerous. If you lose some inches, you may feel weak, tired and not in best of your body. If you are having any of these symptoms please consult your doctor.


Counting calories for weight loss

To lose weight effectively, we all need to burn more calories than we consume. In case we do not do it, we are surely going to gain some unwanted fat. So in order to lose weight we all need to look at the amount of calories we consume i.e. we need to count the exact number of calories we burn.

So we need to count the amount of calories intake with a low fat diet and exercise. As you learn counting calories, it will become easier for you to lose weight. First we all must know that all men need around 2500 calories and women need 2000 calories daily as a way to maintain their current weight.

So cutting down your calories intake by 500 everyday, you are going to lose one pound in a week. And if you are able to reduce your calorie intake by 1000 every day, you are going to lose around two pounds every week. When you consume lesser calories, your body will start using the fat storage to make up for the calorie deficit. Combining exercise with your reduced calories count is the healthiest way for you to lose weight.

We all need to use the Calories calculator as a way to count our calories. We need to make permanent changes in our eating habits for successful weight loss. There are some guidelines for making changes in your diets

  • You should take small portions of meal after 3 to 4 hours.

  • Eat a diet low in saturated fats and trans fatty acids and high in monounsaturated fats.

  • Include lots of vegetables, whole grains and legumes in your diet.

  • Avoid foods that contain sugar

  • Avoid alcohol as much as you can. And if you must, limit yourself to one drink a day.

  • Again repeating drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses a day).

  • Do lots of physical activity during the day.

Losing weight is all about making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. Once you have cut down on calories and are more physically active, you will start losing weight and start feeling and looking better.