Kids gain more weight in summer

I always thought that summer months are the active months and winter months are the months when we are not too much active and gain weight. But according to a study the kids gain more weight at home and not when they go to the school. So kids are more likely to gain more weight during the summer break than during their school days (Yahoo News).

So school seems to have doing better job than parents when it comes to keep kids away from obesity. According to the study, The BMI of kids increase twice as much during summer break compared with the school year.

So we cannot blame schools for kid’s obesity in any way. But actually problems are outside of school. The increase in kid’s obesity during the summer holidays may be because of their lack of physical activities. During the holidays, the kids do not remain active. What they do most of the time is just watching the TV and playing video games.

"For this study data was collected about 5,380 children at 310 elementary schools nationwide. Researchers visited the schools to measure the kids' height and weight four times: at the beginning of kindergarten, at the end of kindergarten, at the beginning of first grade, and at the end of first grade. The researchers used those measurements to calculate the children's BMI (body mass index). They found that BMI grew fastest during summertime."


How to convert a diet in to your way of eating

All of us know that to lose weight we all need to make permanent changes in our eating habits. It is much easier said than done. So many of us return to our old eating habits after a short interval of time and thus regain the weight backlow carb sandwich.

We need to convert a diet in to our way of eating. Here I am suggesting you some tips to convert the diet in to your way of eating and stick with your diet for longer:
Getting the right amount of carbohydrates

You need to get the ideal carb level that keeps you at your best high energy, low hunger, lowest sustainable weight, stable blood glucose. Once you get the correct carb level and experience how you feel when eating the right carb amount, your car eating will be "the way you eat" than "a diet".

Make it about health

If you were allergic to wheat, you would learn to get along without it. In restaurants, you would get used to ignoring the bread basket, asking for no croutons, not ordering pasta, etc. Sure it would be hard - at first. But eventually, it would just be "the way you eat". The positive side is that once you accept that your body has "special needs", you can do something about it - something that costs very little money, doesn't involve surgery or medication, and has no painful procedures involved.

Low carb substitutes

If eating low carb seems difficult to you, you have to try and find out low carb healthy substitutes for at least some of your favorite foods.

Learn some cooking

If you do not know any thing about cooking lets change that right now. There are many delicious healthy foods which can be prepared with little efforts and in no time. First learn the food you like most and then get good in it. Surprise your friends with your cooking skills. When you have become good in one food of your choice, then learn the second one and keep on doing it. For this you may take the help of a chef or any of your relative or friend.

Some flexibility in your diet

When the low carb becomes the “the way you eat”, any particular food which you eat from time to time, is also within the context of your low carb way of eating. There should have been some flexibility in your diet as there can be many situations in life when we have to eat according to the choice of people around or things available.


Things to avoid while trying to lose weight

Losing weight is not as easy as many of us think. It is in fact a big challenge for all of which we have to face and get success. There are some facts about weight loss we have to avoid. We all need to be realistic while setting the targets and diets to follow for us. So here I am suggesting you some things to avoid if you are going to try losing weight:

  • Do not be too mush tough with your diet selection. Simply follow the diet which you are sure that you can stick with.

  • Be very realistic with your weight loss goal. You are not going to lose weight in a day or two. It is going to take time. So you have to go ahead with your weight loss program for longer.

  • Do not go to the gym too often. Your body needs time to heal and expand the muscle mass after each training session and going to the gym every day interferes with this natural process.

  • Be careful with your cutting down of calories intake. Do not cut down too much calories.

  • Many of us think that skipping some meals help us in losing weight. But this assumption is totally wrong. Never skip your meals. Weight loss is all about taking the right diet and exercise.

  • Weigh yourself but do not do it too often. Using the bathroom scale on daily basis is not going to help you.

  • And do not hesitate to seek help from your friends and professionals if you need. There is no one who is perfect and we cannot solve each and everything by ourselves.

  • Do not deny yourself of your favorite foods on few occasions. Denying yourself of your favorite foods on all occasions is going have bad impact on your determination and willpower to lose weight.


Why not cut calories in your restaurant meals

According to a recent survey the average Americans eat out four to five times in the week. Preparing and eating at home will be the best option. But that is not possible every time. There are sometimes when you are will to go or bound to go out for eating. The thing to keep in mind will be to control our calorie intake with a little advance planning.

There are many restaurants where the low calorie food can be easily available. Even many family restaurants are starting to provide some healthier low calorie food choices. But still low calorie choices are limited. There might be some occasions when we have no option other than the high calorie foods.

In many of the restaurants, portion size can be a problem. Try to share your entrée with someone else. And if sharing is not possible, ask for a leftover food container as soon as you receive your meal. Now the decision to not overeat is ten times easier because the extra food is not staring you in the face. And you will have a quick, delicious meal for a day or two later.

There are some more tips, which may be helpful to us in cutting calories from a restaurant meal like:

  • The best option will be to see the restaurant menu or go online to see the choices available. This way you will have more time to make healthy and low calorie foods.

  • If possible order the restaurant food at home. In this way you can add some healthy fruits and vegetables to your meals.

  • Why not starts your meal with a soup or salad, as it will help you eat fever total calories?

And if there is very special occasion, you might give yourself a chance to go out of low calorie limits. And never go without eating at all because you may very well eat every thing in sight when you get a chance.


How to lose weight through diet or exercise?

According to a new study diet only is as effective as diet plus exercise for losing weight. Prior to this study we all have the belief that diet plus exercise is the most effective way to lose weight (From MSNBC).

For losing weight individuals need to maintain a difference between the amount of calories they consume and the amount of calories they burn. And it does not matter the reduction in calories is achieved by diet or exercise.

Thirty-five overweight 16 men and 19 women completed the six-month study. Twelve were assigned to a diet-only group; they reduced their calorie intake by 25 percent. Twelve were assigned to diet plus exercise; they reduced their calorie intake by 12.5 percent and increased their exercise by 12.5 percent. The remaining 11 subjects made no significant diet or exercise changes.

It is found that diet-only group and the diet plus exercise group lost roughly the same amount of weight, albeit by different means. Therefore, if the goal is purely shedding pounds, diet or exercise will work, according to this study. However, as the researchers point out, regular exercise can improve aerobic fitness and lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

The study also found that exercise did little to tone specific areas of the body. Fat was reduced consistently across the whole body and not more in any one trouble spot.


UK women are fattest in Europe

According to a report Britons are the fattest people in the Europe. 23% of women and 22% of men are so overweight that their health is at serious risk (from the Daily Mail). So it is official now that UK women are now the fattest in the Europe and men are also not too much behind. They are 22% just behind Malta which are 25.1%.

Experts say that unless the Government acts now, an entire generation faces an old age blighted by heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases brought on by obesity.

And Dr Colin Waine, of the National Obesity Forum, said: 'The health risks are tremendous but the statistics are still going up exponentially.

'We need the Government to work with food manufacturers to produce a diet which is nutritious but less dense in sugar, salt and fat. 'We need to make motorised transport less necessary and make it easier for people to walk and bicycle to where they need to go.'

Breaking the data down by gender shows that British women are the fattest in Europe, with almost a quarter at least two to three stone over their ideal weight. German women have an obesity rate of 21.7 per cent and Maltese women 21.2 per cent. The thinnest women are in Italy, where fewer than 8 per cent are obese.

Measured by calculating Body Mass Index - a mathematical formula relating height to weight - people are classified as obese if they weigh a fifth more than their ideal maximum weight.

In Britain the figures have trebled in 20 years, with 10 per cent of six-year-olds and 17 per cent of 15-year-olds now obese. Adult obesity rates have nearly quadrupled over the last 25 years, making Britain the second-fattest nation in the developed world, trailing behind only America.

Being obese can take nine years off a person's lifespan and raise the risk of a host of health problems including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, infertility and depression.

Various cancers, including breast, colon, kidney and stomach cancer, are known to be linked to weight. A spokesman for the British Heart Foundation said: 'Being overweight or obese is a serious risk factor for heart disease and something we all need to work to sort out.

'The good thing is that there are lots of things people can do to make a difference such as combining healthy eating and activity.'

The Department of Health also plans to weigh children when they start school and send letters home if they are too fat. The average Briton eats just over three portions of fruit and vegetables a day - well under the recommended five portions a day - and will get through 22,000 ready-meals, sandwiches and sweet snacks in a lifetime - little short of one a day.


Healthy eating for Permanent weight loss

It has been often notices that people gain some weight especially during the holidays and winters. If we gain 4 or 5 pounds around our hips, thighs and buttocks, you do not need to panic too much. We will be able to loss it as we become more active and return to our usual nutrition’s habit.

The problem arise when this weight gain keep on getting bigger and bigger with every holiday season and never lost. Any of diet pills is not going to help in this situation, as you will again gain the lost weight as you the diet pills are discontinued. We need to know why we are gaining the weight. It may be because of overeating or poor combination of foods. The best way a person can lose weight, keep his weight steady and remain healthy is to change to a balanced mixture of healthy foods and to get enough exercise.

So why not start a weight loss program! Your diet should include lot and lots of fruits, vegetables and wholegrain. Do not eat more than 30 grams of fat per day and have little or no sugar. Taking meat three to four times is enough. Your diet must fit in your needs. And it is not possible to do the calorie calculation after every meal or so.

Make a list of healthy food items you have to shop and do not purchase any thing that is not in your list. Take some salads with your meals. And when you get some noticeable drop in your weight, it should motivate you. But the final goal must be realistic and achievable. And do not try to lose your weight too fast. Weight loss of around 4 to 5 pounds in a month is completely sufficient.


Get inspiration from Matt Hoover

Matt HooverMatt Hoover got the country attention by the amount of weight had had lost on the show “The Biggest loser”. When He joined this show, he was 339, but he had been able to lose 157 pounds in only 9 months.

Matt Hoover says "It's pretty easy for us, locked away in a ranch and working out all the time to do that," Hoover said. "I have found the most difficult thing is keeping the weight off." By losing weight, Matt has been able to save himself from a number of diseases. After losing weight, he can do whitewater kayaking, snowboarding, snow skiing, which he was missing with his gained weight.

Hoover says that it takes too much of hard work and commitment for his to lose these pounds. But Hoover recommends that people should not try to lose weight too fast as he had done when he was on the show.

It is always good to lose weight slowly. This way we have greater chances of being successful with our weight loss.


Top tips for losing weight fast

Everyone today wants to lose weight fast without making any effort. All of us want to lose weight without following any kind of diet program or exercise program. The truth is that we have to make serious efforts to lose weight. And there is no one who wants to lose weight slowly. Everyone wants to lose it in a fast way.

Losing weight quickly is not good for the body, so we need to lose a little weight regularly in order to obtain our ideal weight. If we all want to lose weight quickly in a healthy way, we need to reduce our calories intake. There are some tips which will not only help you lose weight quickly but also helps you in maintaining your ideal weight:

  1. Drink plenty of water – We all need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Water helps us in speeding our body metabolism rate and also makes it easier for our body to burn fat.

  2. Take healthy breakfast – Never skip your breakfast. But take a healthy and protein-packed breakfast. Taking healthy breakfast in the morning also helps you in reducing your overall intake of calories during the day.

  3. Say big no to unhealthy snacks – Never go for unhealthy snacks. Fruits and raw vegetables are the healthy snacks you can follow. You should carry these healthy snacks with you so that whenever you feel hungry, you can use them.

  4. Follow an exercise program – We all need to be regular with our exercise program. We need to give at least 30 to 40 minutes to our exercise. Some good examples of exercise are aerobic, walking, bicycling, skating and jogging.

When we get success in losing some weight that will inspire us to lose more weight. But what we have to do is make some permanent changes in our eating habits and life style so that we do not get back the weight we are able to loss by making too many efforts.


Some basic but effective weight loss strategies

Weight loss methods that works

weight loss strategies Many of us try too many things but get nothing in the end. The reason for this is that we are lacking proper planning and if we are any how able to make any plans, we do not stick to it. We need to document our plans so that we have maximum chances of success with our goals in life. The same thing applies to our weight loss goals. So here I am suggesting you some simple but effective strategies that will work if implemented

  • Purchase a diary and pen from market if you do not have.

  • Just weigh yourself what you have right now and write it down.

  • And also note down what should be your target weight

  • Do your calculations how many pounds or kilograms you need to lose

  • Then set a target date for achieving your desires weight

  • Again do the calculation how many weeks/months or years it is going to take to reach your target weight

  • Then calculate how much weight you need to lose each week as a way to be successful in your planning for the achievement of your targeted weight

  • Then check it out if it is realistic or not. Be very frank and clear to yourself

  • If it does not suit you anyway make some adjustments in the earlier plan.

  • Make a diet plan that suits you and your lifestyle

  • And decide an exercise plan for you.

So do not be late and immediately start. And I know whatever I have suggested here each and everyone of us know it. So I have not shocked with you any new ideas. So what we need is make a proper strategy for weight loss and follow that with great motivation and great desire to get success in your strategies. And also think how you feel when you are not able to stuck to your own strategy, which was totally realistic, and as per your thoughts.


Top weight loss motivational tips

Tips to take your motivation to sky high

motivational help When we are looking to lose weight, we want to lose big pounds and not one or two pounds. As we want to lose big pounds, so it will take long time to get rid of these big pounds. Sometime it may be possible that everything just bores you related to weight loss like exercise programs, your diets etc. I mean we have too many do and do not when we are on a weight loss journey.

You have to just go ahead with a fixed pattern in getting weight loss goals. If you have to go ahead with this pattern for a week or two, this may not bore you. But you have to go ahead with all eating patters, exercise and all for many months; you need some kind of motivation that keep you on track. You have to keep on doing something that keep you interested in your weight loss programs. So I am going to suggest you some tips that will never get you bored with your weight loss journey and keep you motivated towards your weight loss goals.

  1. First of all you must know what amount of weight you exactly want to lose and how much amount of weight you are losing.

  2. Do not weigh yourself too often. Just weigh yourself once in a week Sometimes the small amount of weight we loss does not appear on scale. But you can get that by measuring your chest, waist and hips.

  3. Keeping a record of your small weight loss success will also inspires you in losing more big pounds. So keep a record of your small success with you.

  4. Never skip your meals i.e. take your meals regularly. If possible take five to six small meals during the day. Do not deprive yourself of your favorite dishes. Because the more you try to control yourself towards your favorite dishes or chocolates etc, the more desire you have for them. So you should enjoy your favorite stuff occasionally.

  5. Last but not the least drink plenty of water for the whole day and avoid alcohol.

I hope these steps will help you in losing weight without any kind of boredom and in fact you can have some enjoy with your successful weight loss journey.


Some Useful tips for successful weight loss management

Have you ever tried to lose weight, and how much successful you are with your weight loss goals. Weight loss is about getting used to the life long changes. We need to eat a bit lesser and do more exercise. So here are some tips for you, which help you to have more success wit your weight loss management:

Set reachable goals

Always set goals, which are achievable. If your overall goal is to lose 30 or 40 pounds, do not think about that too much. Just think about some part of that at a time may be 5 to 6 pounds. So trying to lose 5 to 6 pounds looks really achievable goal. Same thing applies to decreasing your intake of calories. You cannot think about reducing your calorie intake from 2000 to 1200 at a time. Look for reducing your calorie intake from 2000 to 1800, 1800 to 1500 and then from 1500 to 1200 calories per day. And once you get success with your reducing calories from 2000 to 1800, that will really motivate you ingoing ahead with reducing more calories.

You can think about doing more exercise daily, which is also achievable. Going for morning walk for 30 to 40 minute also looks real. Do not skip your morning walk too much. At least go for morning walk 5 to 6 times in the week.

Keeping a record of your progress

Simply write what you have done today for your weight loss success such as your today calorie intake, about your exercise program. Keep on recording your weight loss progress on the weekly basis. Once you get some success with your weight loss, you can think of rewarding yourself. Have small rewards for small achievements. And do not think about too much junkie food as a reward.

Some things to note

Never take your meals while watching TV. Eat your meals slowly. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables.


How to make weight loss diet a success

weight loss diet successIn case you have decided that you are going on a weight loss diet, you have to make efforts for the success of your weight loss diet. It is also advised to consult a doctor before going on a diet. Here I am going to give some tips as a way to make your diet a success.

You need to make a diet plan for you. Write down food that is good for you, the food that you enjoy most and also their calories.

Avoid fat and drinks as much as you can. Avoid alcohol, junk food and carbonated beverages. Read food labels before using and avoid foods that are full of fat content. Do not eat sweets, honey and restaurant food.

Avoid frying your food – instead bake, broil or roast your food. Don’t forget to remove fat from your meat before baking, broiling or roasting it.

Eat small portions of food five to six times a day and do not eat anything just going to bed. Because whatever you eat just before sleeping is going to convert into fat as we remain inactive during our sleep.

  • Again drink lots of water everyday.

  • Chew your food slowly.

  • Go for exercise regularly

  • Never starve your body

So these are the tips for your successful weight loss diet. Remember it takes time for the results to come. You will start getting some signs of fat loss after few weeks. So keep on stuck with your weight loss diet and keep monitoring your weight loss progress.


Top rules for fat loss

fat loss rulesAs you know most of the people around are suffering from fat problem. They all want a solution for it. They look for some rules or tips which surely help them to get rid of extra fat. So here I am introducing some very basic but effective rules, which are here to help you to lose fat in a healthy manner:

  1. Again repeating eat five to six times a day as a way to boost your metabolism rate and thus helps you in burning more extra calories.

  2. Eat whole foods, fruits and vegetables and whole grains

  3. Take vegetables, whole-wheat products and oatmeal

  4. Consume 30 to 35 grams of fiber per day as a way to control insulin, blood sugar levels and for satisfying hunger pangs.

  5. Consume lean proteins for maintaining lean body mass while losing body fat.

  6. Eat proper amount of healthy fat foods

  7. Eat more and more fruits and vegetables that contain high amount of fiber.

  8. Eat at least 8 glasses of water during the day and take green tea.

  9. You have to make a plan based on your meals and make it to your habit to follow your meals plan.

  10. Control your fat consumption to 30% for the day and avoid butter, sour creams and mayonnaise as much you can.

  11. Go for exercise daily and remain active during the day. Do not go to bed just after eating.


Small but effective ways to slim down

All of us are willing to slim down. We always look for making big changes in our life for getting some success with our weight. We often miss small small facts which can be really effective in our weight loss campaign. They are surely useful if taken seriously. Here is the small list of tips to slim down

  1. If you are willing to take wine, take red wine only as it contains fewer amounts of calories.

  2. Take a walk after your lunch and use stairs instead of the elevators.

  3. Try to drink eat 8 glasses of water per day.

  4. Buy healthy food and eat healthy food

  5. Bring more vegetables and fruits

  6. Use food products with lesser amount of calories

  7. Go ahead with your exercise and walking program

  8. Eat five to six times a day

  9. Avoid junk and fast food

  10. Keep on doing things that keep you stay motivated towards weight loss


Going ahead with my walking

about walkingI used to go for walking often in the morning around 7 AM. It is actually the combination of walking and running. On some occasions, I ran and on some occasions I just walk. You can assume that I do half half. It takes around 40 to 45 minutes for me to complete my walking.

When I have done my walking in the morning, I feel totally relax and satisfied for the whole day that I have done something good for my health and weight loss. With walking in the morning, I feel active and full of energy for the whole day. Sometimes, Even my friends ask me how I am able to be so much active and energetic during the day in spite of too much workload.

When I first started my morning walk, I was not too much regular with it. I used to go for morning walk only once or twice in a month. Or you can say on very few occasions. But whenever I was not able to go for morning walk, I felt that I was missing something during the day. But With time I am able to become more and more regular with my walking.

In the early days of my running and walking, I feel too much tired and very slow. But with time I have been able to faster my walking and running without any kind of tiredness. It looks to be really nice to me.

On some occasions there is party kind of thing in the life and on those occasions and on some other occasions, when it is too late for sleeping in the night, I am not able to wake early in the morning. Thus I have to skip my walking program on such occasions. But I try to keep such occasions very few when I do not go for morning walk at all.


3 steps to lose weight

steps to lose weightThere are too many people talk about losing weight today. And they all give you a big list to follow for losing weight. On some occasions, it seems too confusing to you which one to follow and which one to refuse. Here Sharing with you three simple but effective ways to lose weight with which you all may be already familiar with:

  1. Exercise for weight loss
    We all know that weight loss is all about burning calories. But we can limit our calorie intake to some extent only. The best thing for us will be to consume the amount of calories that is necessary for you. Exercise can help you in burning extra calories.

  2. Weight loss by decreasing calories intake
    What you can do is decrease your calories intake by three hundred or four hundred per day. You should make this cut in fat calories rather than carbohydrate calories.

  3. Weight loss by eating more frequently
    Try to eat more frequently during the day. When you eat so frequently, that will help you in speeding up your metabolism. Eat most of your calories earlier in the day and cut down on eating in the evening.

These steps will help you in losing some weight and feel better.


Going for long term weight loss

Many people think that they will be able to lose weight by dieting or by starving themselves. To lose weight, they keep themselves hungry. They do not eat the amount of food they should eat. They might be able to go ahead with this process for few days but not longer. In this way they might lose some pounds. But that weight loss is not a permanent weight loss.

Any us cannot do dieting for longer. And when we get out of our dieting, we eat too much as compared to our regular intake of food. All this results in getting extra weight to our body. So what we get out of dieting or starvation is just more weight. And also we give too much pain to our body by starvation or by dieting.

So we have to look for long term weight loss rather than short-term weight loss. No doubt short term weight loss is a bit easier as compared to long-term weight loss. With long-term weight loss, we need to make changes in our lifestyle.

For losing weight, we never need to eat lesser. What we need is eat healthy food. We need to make better choices. Eating five or six meals a day is a healthy option for losing weight. Use broiled and baked food over fried foods. Choose crunchy vegetables over crunchy potato chips. Choose health bars over candy bars.

We need to be more active for the whole day. Going for a morning walk for 30 or 40 minute is a good idea.