Enjoy dancing and lose pounds really funny

I do not know the abcd of dancing. I know it can be really cool for my weight loss campaign may have some fun with dancing. I also talked about it to some of my fatty friends and their response give me more motivation I was searching for.

I at once decided I am going to try it at least as I was not going to lose anything by trying some dancing steps or some physical moments. I do some search to get a good dancing video.

I got a strange video by a girl named CharityULove. She is saying that she is trying to lose 15 pounds or so by dancing and eating healthy foods. Check out her video:

I do not think she needs to lose any weight. But I love the way she moves her belly and she looks too good to me. Her video can be great for the people who want to try some belly dance or looking to lose some pounds around their belly.

Is she really needs to lose 15 pounds or even single pound?


My small but effective ways of burning 100 calories

In today’s modern life, life is too busy. People do not have time for their family, their friends and even for their health. We have 100’s of ways to be inactive during the day. We have to spend most of our time in the office while working on the computers. And when we are at home, we do not prefer to do anything for our health, but prefer to utilize our time with TV, video games or computers again.

I made it very clear to you that we cannot lose weight or maintain current weight if we remain inactive like this for the whole day. We have to give at least one or two hours to our health and related problems. With 100's of ways to remain inactive during the day, there are surely another 100’s of ways to remain active as well. We need to find handy methods for burning extra calories. Here I am introducing you some of my favorite small but effective ways of burn 100 calories or so.

  1. Most of us have a bicycle, which is rarely used. If you are interested in bicycling, doing it for 10 minutes will burn 100 calories for you.

  2. Find a fitness video that you enjoy most. So following this video workout for 15 minutes will help you in burning another 100 calories.

  3. Walking is the simplest of activities we can do for burning calories. If we do a brisk walk for 15 minutes that will exactly burn 100 calories for us. Walking is the exercise we can easily apply. We can do it in many ways like going for a morning walk with your friends or your doggy, walk to the office if it is not too far or going to a nearby market while walking.

  4. Using stairs is also a great way of burn some extra calories. So please do not use elevator and use stairs instead. If we climb stairs for 15 minutes or so, that will help us in burning 100 calories.

  5. Dancing might look strange to you. But it is also a good way for burning calories. You can do it anywhere where you prefer that perhaps depends upon how good you are in dancing. I himself not a good dancer, do it mostly in my bathroom or in my room with curtains on.

  6. If you have a car, then wash it at home. Washing it at home will help you health wise and finance wise also. We have to give a lot of physical effort while washing it properly.

  7. Do you have a small garden? Do the gardening there for making your garden beautiful. When we take care of our garden, we have to spend at least some time there. It will give us a lot of fun, enjoyment, mental satisfaction and helps in burning some useful calories.

  8. Playing any kind of outdoor game will help you in burning some useful calories. You can try games like badminton, volleyball, Tennis, football or any other outdoor game you prefer.

  9. We can have some other activities like swimming, bike riding and painting etc for great fun and for burning extra calories.

  10. If you do the vacuuming work at home for 20 minutes for so, that will help you in burning another 100 calories.

If your aim is to lose 1 pound in a week or so, you can try our any of these five physical activities to be able to lose 500 calories in a single day. With this average, you will be able to lose around 3500 calories, which is approx 1 pound of weight.


Your dog is overweight or not

Today obesity is not an area of concern for human beings but also for our pet dogs. As we notice from the various news and reports published in media about more and more human beings are getting obese. But the same thing seems to apply on pet dogs.

According to a recent report, 20 to 30 percent dogs in Japan, they are overweight. They all needs to go on a diet or eat some dog weight loss pills.

On most occasions, we have some confusion whether our pet dog is overweight or not. Now we have a solution to this problem. Kao , a Japanese company has created a body fat measuring device especially for dogs. With this device, we can easily find out the fat percentage in dog with a simple tap on the dog's flesh.

Via Tokyomango


Movie maker Michael Moore loses 30 pounds in three months

Movie maker Michael Moore Michael Moore did some research wok for his new documentary about US medical system. At the end of research, he becomes eager to lose his extra weight and was able to lose 30 pounds of his weight in just three months time (From sfgate.com).

He himself admits that he looked like a hypocrite and was thinking of creating a documentary for US health system without thinking about his own health.

Moore did not try too many things but just tried few things, which works for him. He made healthy changes like including fruits and vegetables in his daily routine and going for a walk in the morning.

Michael Moore says "I've tried to alter a few things that I eat, nothing big, nothing special, and I try to go out for 30 minutes to an hour every day for a good brisk walk. "In doing just that I've dropped 30 pounds in three months."


I'm Keeping distance from unhealthy foods

unhealthy French fries We can be fond of or passionate about anything whether it is good or even bad for us. The best practice will be to apply good things in life and leave out or at least give a try in leaving out the bad ones.

There are many food items like fruits, vegetables and whole grains food that are good for us as they are having lower amount of calories, high amount of nutrition’s and fiber we need to be able to lose weight and remain healthy. But some food items have the opposite attributes like having high amount of calories or lack of nutrition’s or fibers we need and if we consume such food items, there is some chances of you being stuck by some disease and may add some more pounds to your weight.

Some of food items like coke, read meat, white bread, cakes, French fries, dried coconut, butter, chocolates, cream, potato chips and Oreos etc are the food items that I do not prefer and looks to be really unhealthy to me.

So the best thing for us will be to keep these dirty things away from our house. So we should avoid buying such food. When we have these items in our house, we look to eat with great passion and thus end’s up with consuming lot of extra calories.


Satisfactory eating with fever calories key to weight loss

According to a study conducted by Penn State researchers, eating healthy food and not eating less is the best way to lose weight. They show that the diets that are low in calorie density can help people to control their hunger and also helps them to lose their extra weight.

Low calorie density food are those that are having high amount of water and lower amount of fat like fruits, vegetables, soup, lean meat and low fat diary products. So by eating such healthy foods, we will be able to satisfy our hunger more and also be able to eat lesser calorie per bite.

So eating such food, we will be able to fulfill all of our wishes of eating healthy, reducing our feeling of being hungry and eating fewer calories. According to Dr. Julia A. Ello-Martin, such diets surely will help us in reducing our calorie intake in the short term but was not sure about its effect in the long run.

71 women between the age of 22 and 60 were divided in two groups first taking the
Low fat diets and other following low calorie density diet with water rich foods. At the end of one year, both the groups were able to lose some weight. But the group that eats diet with high amount of water food was able to lose higher amount of weight.

The people in the water rich food diets group were able to eat 25 percent more as compared to the low fat diet group and so they felt less hungry and perhaps that’s why they were able to stick to their diet for longer as compared to the low fat diet group (From Medical News Today).


Healthy weight loss foods

There is no single food that alone can alone helps us in losing weight. As you know weight loss happens when our body calorie intake is less than the calorie being burned. So often foods with fewer amounts of calories are termed as healthy or best weight loss foods.

Like, there are many fruits and vegetables, which are considered as negative calorie foods are thought to be best foods for weight loss because these foods have lesser amount of calories for consumption. So these kinds of fruits are considered to be good for weight loss.

With this some food items with high amount of fiber also thought to be healthy weight loss foods because fiber makes us to feel fuller for longer and we do not feel hungry very quickly. Thus fiber helps us in consuming lesser calories and thus food for our weight loss.

As experts suggest we need to drink at least two to three liters of water each day. But what to do if you are not able to drink that much amount of water?. We have many food items with high water content and few amounts of calories. So these food items are also our weight loss friends as they helps us in fulfilling our water intake and also fewer calories are being eaten by our body by the use of these water food items.

So the foods that are considered to be good for weight loss should be fresh, high amount of fiber and lesser amount of fat, calories, sugar and sodium. Some of foods items with high amount of proteins, complex carb and high water content are also food weight loss foods.

Some of the best weight loss foods include fruits, vegetables, wholegrain foods, legumes and fresh fish.Some of the best weight loss foods include fruits, vegetables, wholegrain foods, legumes and fresh fish.


Calorie burning exercises

To be able to lose weight, we have to keep our burned calories much more than the calories consumed. So we need to find and apply healthy fat burning ways. There are many ways of burning more calories. Some of them are related with our lifestyle, while others with our eating habits. With this we know that to burn more calories, we need to be more active and doing more of exercises.

Exercise helps us not only in burning calories but also in speeding up our metabolism rate. When we have done some exercise workouts, our body keeps on burning extra calories hours after the exercise program. So here is the list of some of the best exercise for burning calories:

  • Walking
    Need to include walking in your daily to do list. Try to make it a habit. Walking for 30 or 40 minutes daily in the morning will not only helps you in burning extra calories but also helps you in fasting your metabolism rate.

  • Step Aerobics
    Step aerobics is a form of aerobics that is done by millions of people all over the world. With step aerobics, we are not only able to increase our oxygen intake but also able to burn lots of calories like 400 calories in just 30 minutes of time.

  • Bicycling
    Bicycling can be really helpful in burning lots of extra calories whether you do it with your bicycling machine at your home or gym or do it in the open with your favorite bicycling. Cycling in the open can be real fun depending upon the resistance.

  • Swimming
    Swimming is a big calorie burning exercise where all of our major muscle groups being used. Doing breastroke or backstroke can burn equal amount of calories as we would have while doing fast walking.

  • Running
    Running is another cardio exercise that can help you in burning some serious calories. For running what you need a pair of shoes and time. The more you run, the more calories you are going to burn.

  • More jumps with rope
    Jumping with rope is a very simple but effective exercise for burning calories. You can do it in your house, gym, while playing with your friends and does not require much space. According to National Institute of health, while doing jumping rope you can approximately burn 750 calories per hour.

Some more aerobics exercises like roller-blading, rowing, Rock Climbing, Racquetball and some sports like football and tennis can also be used as big calorie burning exercises. One can try "Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite" for fat burning:


Drinking more water for losing extra weight

We all know that drinking lots of water is the biggest and best way of losing weight. Water is a natural source free of cost and free of calories. According to the health professionals, we should drink two to three liters of water per day.

Drinking such big amount of water is a fight. There may be many of us who do not love water at all. And for them drinking water is not so easy. We need to find ways to consume more and more water in a healthy manner.

I have a solution for this problem and some good alternate for the water lovers. Its cool if you are able to drink plenty of water. But if not able to drink and are willing to consume more water healthily, there are many food items that contains high amount of water. Many of them just contain water or you can say many of them are just water foods.

So we can try these water food items and fulfill our urgency of consuming more water and will also give us the option for water. On some occasions if you do not like to drink water, you can simply use these water food products.

The food items like Lettuce, celery, tomato, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and grapes have more than ninety percent of water content. And food items like papaya, oranges, carrot, yogurt, apples, pineapple and apricots have more than eighty percent of water quantity.

So we can use these food items as healthy substitutes for water for losing weight and staying fit and fine.


How to lose more pounds

Before going on to how to lose the extra pounds. There are some basic facts that we need to keep somewhere in our mind. You know to be able to lose pounds; we need to burn the amount of calorie more as compared to the amount of calories we use. Doctors suggest that all adults with normal health need to consume some fixed amount of calories like 1800 for men and 1320 or so for women.

We have to find some healthy ways to be able to burn the amount of calories than we are burning right now. We will be in the position to lose pounds when the burned calories count exceeds the amount of calories consumed.

We need to look for some natural ways of losing the extra pounds. Diet pills are no way going to help us in keeping the weight away in the long run. To burn one pound, we have to burn 3500 calories. So we have to decide how we are going to divide these calories and in how many days and how many pounds we are willing to lose in a healthy and smart way.

There are some guideline that will help us in burning more calories and so help in losing more pounds like:

First of all we need to give up our bad habits like eating fast food, taking high amount of alcohol, eating too much of fat (Maximum 20 grams in a day) everyday and keep on eating too much for the whole day.

Secondly, we need to eat healthy food. Take five to six small portions of meal during the whole day. Eat high amount of fruits and vegetables. Take 30 grams of fiber everyday and eat some eggs as well which I really love. Try to drink high amount of water (at least two liters). Drink low fat milk and if you feel hungry between the meals, eat some fruits.

And now last not the least, try to be more active. Morning walk of 30 minutes with your pet or friend can be really helpful. And if you are willing to run that will be great. Take a small walk after your lunch and especially after the dinner.

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