Exercising continuously for long hours or doing it in parts?

According to a latest report by Japanese researchers, doing exercise with breaks can burn higher amount of fat for us as compared to doing it continuously. Report says that we have much more chances of losing extra fat when we do exercise workouts with rest in between.

American College of Sports Medicine suggests modest exercise for 45 minutes to burn extra fat. But this study shows that we have better chances of losing fat if we keep some rest period between our exercise programs (From Medical News Today).

So far I believe in doing exercise for hours without any rest. But now I have a solid reason to have some rest between my exercises. Now I hope I will be able to concentrate more on doing exercise regularly and for longer hours with some rest period in between.


Having obese friends enhances Chances of getting obese

According to a latest Harvard and California University, our chances of getting obese increase by 57 percent if my best friend is an obese. For this researchers studied more than 12000 various friends network for 32 years and also monitored their weights during this interval (From Yahoo news).

According to the researchers, weight gain in person has direct effect on weight gain in other people in the friend’s circle.

Also if any of husband or wife becomes obese, the chances of other were getting obese increases by 37 percent.

This is the first ever study that shows how obesity spreads with social networks and from friends to other friends.

We all need to slow down this wide spread of obesity by eating healthy and doing exercise regularly.


“Biggest Loser” idea working in offices

NBC show “Biggest Loser” ideas are seems to be spreading in many offices where employees are more concerned about their obesity and employers about the overweight employees cost.

Agora Inc, a newsletter publishing company in Baltimore, offered one such 12 weeks “biggest loser” contest. The prize for the winners was $1000 for top male, female and team category.

During this 12 weeks period, 84 employees were able to lose around 1000 pounds. Two of the employees in Agora Inc were able to lose more than 40 pounds.

The goal of such programs in offices is to increases employees health, more productivity and lower employees costs (From BBC NEWS).


Bad eating during pregnancy may have bad impact on the child obesity

According to a latest study, the eating pattern of a pregnant women may tell us whether their child will be overweight latter in life. The study conducted by British and New Zealand scientists states that that women who do not take care of their eating or do not eat properly, their children are have higher chances of putting on weight later in their life. Read the complete story at Women poor diets effect on her kid


Working moms with higher earning more risk of children being overweight

According to a latest study, children of rich people especially with workingwomen are more chances of being overweight or obese.

Researchers found a strange link between obesity and the income of a family earned. Families whose income lies from £22,000 to £33,000 have 10% more chances of being overweight and the families with earning more than £33,000 have 15 % more chances of being overweight.

With workingwomen, the risk of obesity was 13 percent and 19 percent greater. Researchers found that parent’s job timing could make children to eat more snacks and spending more time with TV.

This is a wake up call for all middle class families. Parents need to consider their behavior and their responsibilities towards their children (From BBC NEWS).


Americans to gain more 10 or 20 pounds

According to the researchers, most of Americans will have 10 or 20 more weight added to their total weight the way they are exercising and eating in the next 10 years. Healthy eating habits and more exercise can stop or reduce this weight gain (From MSNBC.com).

Being overweight increases the risk of several kinds of cancers mainly color cancer and breast cancer.

Reducing your calorie intake or exercising more can reduce the chances of this steady weight gain year after year. A recent study shows that we have to either reduce our calorie intake by 100 calories per day or have to do a 15 or 20 brisk walk to avoid further weight gain.

According to another study, eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables can alone help you in reducing your weight gain and your waistline increases.

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US will have 75 percent people overweight by 2015: study finds

According to a latest study, US researchers predicted that if people keep on gaining what they are doing today, we have 75 percent of young people overweight and 41 percent obese (Yahoo News).

Obesity is a big health crisis here in US. Previous studies show that 66 percent of youth were either overweight or obese in 2003-2004. An alarming 80 percent of black women aged 40 or over are overweight and 50 percent are obese.

16 percent of children here are overweight and 34 more at the risk of becoming overweight. So each group is gaining weight with time.

"Obesity is likely to continue to increase, and if nothing is done, it will soon become the leading preventable cause of death in the United States."


Teasing overweight children may be too bad for children

According to a latest study, teasing or hating the obese children may have too bad impact on their health. We often see overweight children being teased by their teachers, friends, relatives or some occasions by their parents even (Yahoo News).

This teasing process may have too much bad impact on a overweight children like they may have too less self respect for themselves, avoid the physical activity classes, shows poor performance in the class and most seriously it can be the case of extreme depression or even suicide.

So the issue of overweight children teasing should be taken very seriously. Parents should be aware about what there are commenting about their children’s body size and what impact their children would have about their comments. As a parent, you should listen to your kids teasing problem and help him/her find ways to cope with it.


Ms Brown intended to move to the couurt

Ms Brown who weighs 24 stones from Glasgow, is intended to go to the court if she does not allowed going though the weight loss surgery. She is in extreme pain and believes her only option to lose weight is to have a gastric band fitted around her stomach (From BBC NEWS).

But the health officials told her that she has to attend a one year diet program before she can be considered for the surgery.

In the past she was able to lose 12 stones with a weight loss drug prescribed to her by the doctor. But she gained that weight back with time.

In England it is recommended that anyone with a BMI of over 40, like Ms Brown, should automatically be considered for surgery because of the cost efficiency.


China is taking steps to limit obesity

China is getting more concerned about the rising obesity problem there. One out of five world’s overweight people are staying in China and the counting is going up very speedy (From BBCC NEWS).

Officials in China are encouraging students to dance in large groups or by themselves. But some parents fear that their boys and girls might fall in love when they dance with each other. It will have bad impact on their studies.

To solve these fears from parent’s side, Administration official Yin Guochen said, they would not have to dance with particular partners.

"Four students will be grouped together to perform the waltz and they will change partners regularly as soon as one song finishes. This way, the risk of young love will be lowered."


Healthy eating and more family activities for preventing obesity

More and more kids are getting obese and with this their parents concern about their kid's health is also getting bigger. The good thing is that parents can surely play a big role in making their kids live a healthy and active life.

To help overweight kids, parents need to increase the activity level of their kids for the whole day. So try to create an environment in your family that is full of activities and full of fun as well.

Try to involve whole of the family in physical activities like walking, bicycling or rollerblading. Assign every family member some physical activities like washing the car, house cleaning or moving the lawn. And keep a limit on the activities where you have to just sit like watching the TV or playing some indoor games.

Implement a healthy eating plan for all family members and not for some individuals. Do not eat at restaurant quite often. Such a healthy lifestyle will benefit the whole family.


Angelina Jolie weight issues

Angelina Jolie weight problem Obesity is the biggest problem around. More and more people are getting obese these days. But there are some people around who do not have enough weight.

Angelina Jolie just weighed 95 pounds right now. Surely Angelina has some weight problem. She perhaps needs to eat more and if she is having some eating problem, hope she gets out of her eating problem very soon.

It is a big area of concern for Angelina who is 5’8 and just 95 pounds of weight.


Drinking Tap water or bottled water?

Tap water bottled water We have all heard too much about drinking high amount of water for losing weight. Health experts suggest that we should drink in excess of 2 to 3 liter of water everyday.

Are we trying to satisfy your thirst with any of the soft drink, soda or beer? The trick is about drinking pure plain water. There are many people who prefer to drink bottled water over taped water.

Do you know which water is healthy for us and which water is really bad for us? Is it taped water or bottled water. I am just sharing with you just three basic facts that we all know about bottled water:

  1. Bottle water is not safe at all

  2. Bottled water is too bad for our environment

  3. And bottled water is just the wastage of money

I prefer to drink tap water only. There are some occasions when I have to drink bottled water. But I want to drink just tap water for my health, for saving environment and of course for saving some money.

So which water you are drinking or will be drinking?

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Charging extra on fat food items for healthy living

According to a recent study, charging extra on unhealthy food items will cut down their consumer demands and will also helps us in saving thousands of lives every year (MSNBC.com).

According to the researchers at Oxford University, charging extra on unhealthy food items will ultimately reduce unhealthy food items intake and thus helps in reducing the number of heart attacks and strokes.

This step can save more than three thousand lives in Britain every year. So a well designed fat tax can be a great tool to decrease food related diseases among people.

Higher taxes have already been implemented on Alcohol and cigarettes to help people live a healthy life.

With this the study also warns that some people might take this as an attack to their freedom and may have more effect on poorer people financially.


Burning calories with video games like Nintendo Wii

Now a good news for the weight watchers who spend most of their time working on their computers and playing games on their consoles. There are some computer games available which help you in burning calories which you may have to burn doing some kind of cardio exercises (From Hindustan Times).

According to the researchers, some latest active computer games like Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation EyeToy involve so much of movement by the players that they can be used as a good calorie burning workout.

Researcher Alasdair Thin states that playing video games is not an alternative to exercising or aerobics, but they are good calorie burning workouts.


Weight management with more physical activities

According to a latest finding, one out of every three children in America is living within one mile of their school. Still they rarely walk to their schools (From Yahoo News).

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and prevention states that one out of every five young people between the age of 6 and 11 are overweight and increased more physical activities is a good way to manage weight in young people.


Small small steps for losing weight

Small small steps What happen with most of the guys? Today they seem to be making a statement that from tomorrow, they will be doing exercise and eating healthy food only. Tomorrow, they will delay it for the next day. Such people I think are not much serious about losing weight. If you are serious about losing weight, then start making efforts from today. You know even small steps towards your goal of losing weight can be really helpful.

I am here mentioning some small steps not any particular order, which can be helpful for anyone who want to lose weight and for living a more healthy life:

  • Go out for exercise in the morning with your friends

  • Walk your kid to school or walk with your pet in the morning

  • Never skip your meals like breakfast

  • Walk to your office if it is not too far. When you make this as a habit, you will be taking at least one step but really effective one, for your weight loss and overall health.

  • Use fat free products over

  • Have some walk after lunch

  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water

  • Do some walking in the night after taking your dinner

  • Eat small food portions but eat them more frequently

  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet

  • Use your bicycle or walk in place of a car for going to nearby market or for some other work around

  • Do some cleaning work at home and wash your car in the weekend

  • Reduce your sugar intake

  • Try to eat more at home than at restaurant


Jim Meyer The biggest Loser drops 148 pounds

Jim Meyer The biggest Loser Wisconsin’s The Biggest Loser Competition ended up in this week with 16 participants with the mission to lose maximum weight started from January one. And the Winner of this time Biggest Loser competition was Jim Meyer, who was able to lose 148 pounds.

He started with 425 pounds and ended with 277 pounds losing 148 pounds, which is nearly 34 percent of his total body weight. Jim and his wife feel that their life has totally changed and all of the family members are now adopting the healthy eating habits. They are now making healthy eating choices and are doing exercise daily.

The Biggest Loser winner Jim Meyer has not yet decided what to do with the cash prize of $25,00 but he has decided one thing i.e. keep on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Story behind the Slimmer Man of the year

Slimmer Man of the year Peter Tokes, 33, has been recently named as the Slimming World's Man of the Year 2007. Mr Peter was able to lose 7 stones in the last ten months. He was able to drop his weigh from 19 stones to 12 stones (From BBC NEWS).

We all know 1 stone = 6.3503 kg. So If I make the calculations right, he dropped his weight from 121kg to 76kg i.e. losing 45kg in the last ten months. And we know 1kg = 2.205 pounds. So losing 99 pounds in just 10 months that is a remarkable achievement and that’s why being chosen as the Slimming World’s Man for this year.

Do you know why he decided to lose weight and how he was able to get such a big achievement for himself and for his family?

Mr. Peter got seriously injured in a car accident few times back. And his doctor told him that he was too heavy to undergo an operation to repair damage to his spine. Mr. Tokes had a very bad experience after the accident and he was even taunted by the names like fatty.

At last he decided to join a weight loss group last year. He was fully supported by his wife who used to go with him in the classes although she was not overweight. She herself ended up with losing 1 stone i.e. 14 pounds (approx).


Manuel Uribe the heaviest man on earth

heaviest man on earth When Manuel Uribe was at the highest level of his weigh, he weighed around the weigh of seven full men. At that time, he weighed 560kg or 1234lb. It is more than half ton of weigh and even equals the size of a small car available in Japan (From BBC NEWS).

But he is happy and satisfied with himself. He is getting this happiness from the weight loss he is doing for some time. If he has the record of being the heaviest man on the earth, these days he is looking to achieve another record for himself i.e. he has been able to drop his weigh by 180kg or 400lb in the past year.

Manuel Uribe says that his ultimate goal is to get down to 120kg or 264lb. It means he has 260kg or 572lb more weigh to lose. Manual says, “He takes one thing at a time”. He says, "The doctors told me I had a choice. To choose life or to choose death, I chose life."


Feeling of fatty may make you fattier

continuous stress According to the Sydney Scientists, constant stress about being fatty can make you fattier. In the research it was found that the constant stress about being obese inspires one to eat more and the amount and size of fat cells increases (from ww.smh.com.au).

This research can change the way obesity was dealt with so fat. It can lead to the development of drugs to prevent or killing of fat cells. According to Professor Herzog, stress is very natural and obvious in our life. But stress becomes dangerous when it becomes continuous.

According to the scientists, continuous stress leads to the release of the important substance known as neuropeptide Y that increases our feeling of eating more. Professor Zukowska said that "Our findings suggest that we may be able to reverse or prevent obesity caused by stress and diet”.


Small but effective ways of burning 100 calories

Many of us have the mission to lose big pounds like I am fighting hard to lose extra pounds and really satisfy with my weight loss progress so far. There are many people who have in their mind of losing high amount of weight. But they are not able to understand the importance of their small weight losses like losing 1 pound in a week or losing just 2 pounds in 2 weeks time.

They seem to be in hurry. They want to lose weight it fastly, which is really bad as I think. There are many pills, products and programs available in the market that promises you about losing weight fast. But all of them seem to be effective for a while. But we do not want to lose weight for a while; we want to lose it forever. So we need to lose our weight in a slow but need to lose in a fashion that we do not get it back. So we have to look out for healthy ways of losing it.

If we are able to lose 1 pound in a week, we will be able to lose more than 60 pound in a year. Losing 60 pounds in a year is not a small achievement by any means.

One thing we must remember that we have not gained this weight in few days or few months. It may have taken year or so for our body to store that much high amount of fat. So losing 1 pound in a week is a good idea but we need to be more regular with our efforts about losing extra pounds.

To lose one pound in a week, our body needs to burn around 3500 calories in the whole week i.e. 500 calories per day. We can achieve this by reducing our calorie intake to some extent and by doing some exercise workouts like reduce your daily calorie intake by 200 and do some exercises to burn the remaining calories. There are many calorie burning exercisesyou can try out.

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