How to lose weight healthy and safe

Guest post by Chris

Not all weight-loss programs require you to starve yourself, buy expensive meal plans, or purchase a variety of diet pills. Sometimes the most basic adjustments to your lifestyle can increase your weight loss by incremental amounts. Following these weight loss tips may not seem like they would produce much on their own; however, instituting these changes can have a cumulative effect on your weight loss. Losing weight should be done slowly over a long period of time. Diets that claim you can lose a substantial amount of weight in a short period of time are rarely true and can be damaging to your health.

Usually the first thing someone tries to do when trying to lose weight is cut out meals. Starving your body of valuable vitamins and nutrients is not the smartest weight-loss plan out there. Food is a necessity for basic body functions and depriving your body of food can have more effects than weight loss. You will suffer from a lack of energy and even mental deterioration. Instead of starving yourself try to eat healthier meals. Cutting down on carbohydrates and loading up on fruits and vegetables can go a long way to help with your weight loss.

Weight loss meal plans are a multimillion-dollar market. Most people think that if they sign up with one of these companies and have meals delivered to their homes that they will eat healthier and lose weight quicker. There is nothing inherently wrong with these meal plans; however, the problem lies in the cost. Many people cannot afford to spend the hundreds of dollars a month for these custom meals. Anyone can re-create these low calorie meal options by designing their own plan. Just creating a simple low calorie menu to follow for a week can greatly increase your weight loss.

Finally, diet pills make radical statements about greatly increasing your weight loss. Not only are these pills expensive but some have been proven to actually cause damage to the body. Most of these pills aid weight loss by providing the body with a spike of energy. The pills themselves are not attributed to weight-loss, but the added energy that a person receives from these pills is used to accomplish more throughout the day. Often time people experience a huge crash when they come down off of these pills. This can result in a feeling of exhaustion and could trick the body into the need for more pills. As an alternative to weight-loss pills, just getting the recommended daily vitamins and drinking plenty of water can result in the same kind of energy.


How to Lose Weight When You Have No Time to Exercise

Guest post by Amy S. Cook

It’s an excuse most of us give when we’re asked if we exercise – I have absolutely no time to spare. My job keeps me occupied throughout the day, and when I get home, I’m so tired that all I can do is cook dinner for my family and hit the sack. I can’t get up early because if I do, then I tend to doze off at the office, and if this happens during an important meeting, my livelihood is in jeopardy. And so on and so forth. If these excuses ring a bell, then you’re in a majority.

We want perfect bodies, but we’re not willing to work hard for them; not because we don’t want to, but because we have other things to focus on that are more important. But where there’s a will, there’s always a way; so if you want to lose weight badly enough, you can fool time and find clever ways to sneak exercise into your day by:

  • Being more active: Even if your job is at a desk, find ways to be more active. Walk to work or if it’s too far, park half a mile away from your office so that you’re forced to walk to and from your desk. Take the stairs instead of riding up the elevator (and if you tend to sweat, be prepared with a few handy wipes in your bag), and as much as possible, walk to the desk of a colleague instead of picking up the phone or sending an email to deliver a message or receive/give instructions.

  • Taking advantage of a five-minute break: When you have ten minutes to spare, use five of them to strengthen your muscles. The best part about strength-training is that you don’t really need fancy equipment or too much time – it takes less than five minutes to complete three sets of 12 squats or lunges. You could do both sets of exercises if you have 15 or more minutes. This exercise routine, when done four times a week, works wonders for your metabolism and helps you lose weight faster.

  • Investing in an exercise bike: For those of us who don’t leave our homes to exercise (because we don’t have the time), an exercise bike is the best workout investment you can make. It’s small enough to be moved from room to room in your home, and you can pedal away while you cook dinner, watch television or supervise your kids’ homework for 10 to 20 minutes. Also, cycling is one of the safest exercises for people of all ages and all sizes since it’s a non weight bearing workout that does not stress out your knees.

  • Including interval training: Interval training is the best and fastest way to exercise – it not only takes the least amount of time, it also provides the maximum benefits. All you need to do is warm up for two minutes, then get on your cycle and pedal as fast as you can for around 2 minutes (your heart must be racing when you stop), then take a breather for around 30 seconds, and then pedal as fast as you can again for 2 minutes. If you repeat this cycle continuously for 5 or 6 times, at least four times a week, your legs become stronger, you become fitter, your stamina increases, and you lose weight faster than before.

So you see, exercise does not have to be for an hour or more – even a few minutes will do if you really want to do it.

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Do weight loss products really work?

Do you quiver at the thought of trying to lose weight? Those days of struggle where you would ogle over that piece of chocolate but alas never have it because your brain is screaming... STOP CALORIES! Weight loss is something which almost every American has to battle with at some point of time in their lives. Many of the times, the quality of our life gets severely affected due to the constant involvement of our time and energy in just trying to lose that one pound. What kind of life are you leading when you are constantly in a dilemma about what you are eating?

Weight is something which differs with every human being. We are all biologically programmed to be a certain weight and height according to our genes, our climate, our culture, etc... The point is to be healthy and feel good about yourself so that you may be a more versatile and confident human being. In order to be fit and fine, you must be aware of what weight is right for you and then go about trying to achieve that. It really sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

If it were so easy then you would obviously not have a problem at hand then, right? There is so much information floating around about weight loss that we actually don’t really know what to do. So it cannot happen without support and just being aware of what is good for you and bad for you. Quantity of food, the right times to eat particular things, what is suited to your body type, what will make your body burn calories faster are all things which need expert guidance.

Today the weight loss industry is amongst the largest sectors in the economy. Obviously, there are successful stories behind the various products which are available due to which the industry is thriving. Weight loss products are launched after a lot of research and development in order to ensure they have a long life cycle. Therefore, claims made by the manufacturers of these products obviously are backed by facts and figures as proof. The success or failure of weight loss products with various individuals would primarily depend on whether you have understood the usage of the product as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

The biggest reason for a weight loss product failing would be… YOUR EXPECTATIONS! The products are not a magic wand where you can cast a spell and all your fat will disappear. You must manage your expectations about the results you can expect from the weight loss products by knowing your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to your diet, metabolism, fat content, exercise regime etc… Thereafter, these can be leveraged along with the weight loss product to give you your desired weight by choosing what is available out there which best suits you. Every product out there is not necessary right for everyone!

The weight loss products definitely increase your chances of getting quicker and more successful results rather then without them. Human psychology works in a very peculiar way. You most certainly must have experienced this. When you have paid for something you are more likely to stick to using it rather then something which is free. For example, you are more likely to workout and jog at the treadmill at the gym because you have paid $500 for the membership rather than taking a jog at the lush green public park on your block! To conclude, weight loss products are a great facilitator to this menace of losing weight that plagues your lives!


Ultimate Tea Diet for your weight loss

Out of a large number of diet plans, you should choose such a diet plan which seems best for you. As you have best knowledge about yourself, you can decide which diet will be good for your weight loss and which not. Here, you will get information about the Ultimate Tea Diet, which is recommended for weight loss. Once you know about this diet routine, you can decide whether you want to take it up or not.

Ultimate Tea Diet

As the name suggests, you need to drink a lot of tea while following this diet plan. However, you have the option of selecting the tea you want to have. Black tea, green tea, white tea or oolong tea may be consumed by the people. You should choose that tea which you like the most. However, remember that the tea that you drink must be real and not herbal. You need to drink a lot of tea in this diet but avoid mixing many sweeteners in it.

Why is Ultimate Tea Diet Effective?

This diet plan is considered good for weight loss because tea has several weight loss benefits. Following are some of the reasons which make this diet plan effective for losing weight:

  1. Caffeine, which is present in tea, is a stimulant.

  2. An amino acid named L-theanine is present in tea. It neutralizes the bad effects of caffeine. It also helps in controlling the appetite of an individual.

  3. EGCG, which is an ingredient of tea, is very effective in burning fat. Many weight loss products use EGCG for fast weight loss.

What all you can eat while you follow the Ultimate tea diet?

Cheese without fat, brown rice, egg whites, pumpkin, fresh fruits and vegetables, cream of wheat, sweet potato, flaxseed, boca burgers, lean beef, avocado, raw nuts, turkey breast, oatmeal, nonfat yogurt and fish.

Exercises you should do while following Ultimate diet plan

You should do some cardiovascular exercises while following this diet. Strength training exercises will also help you to get healthier. The ingredients of tea will help you in improving the performance in workouts.

Advantages of Ultimate diet plan:

  1. Consuming tea will help you in controlling your appetite.

  2. Other foods which are eaten in this diet plan are good for overall health.

  3. Tea also lowers down the cholesterol level in blood.

  4. It is quite easy to follow this diet routine as many people already have a habit of drinking tea.