Take Aim - Lose Weight Fast

Guest Post by John Durfee

It's very common for those serving in the military to gain weight quickly when returning from duty. I personally gained 45 pounds in the year after I came home. We go from a state of constant high activity and limited nutrition to one of excess and low activity. The sudden weight gain just demonstrates how our modern civilization is in conflict with our evolutionary means of consuming food and staying active. I now workout regularly to combat the weight, but it's a slow and gradual battle: easy to put on, twice as hard to take off.

I work for Airsplat, which is a large retailer of Airsoft equipment. Though I am an expert on our equipment, I had not thoroughly explored the spectrum of activities centered on Airsoft. One day, when my feet were dragging a bit, I decided I was going to give one of the Airsoft MilSim (military simulation) excursions a try. I thought it could be a great active adventure and diversion from my normal fitness routine – I was more than right. Not only was I outside and active, but it was intense and due to the nature of the game, I felt like I was doing burst training as I sprinted from blockade to blockade to avoid being shot. What was even more compelling for me was, for once, I felt like I was putting all the hours in the gym to use.

The day was fantastic and entertaining. I paid my entrance fee, met with my team, and we started the day. I was running, dodging, sliding, and splashing my way across the woods, breathing in fresh clean air. I felt rejuvenated, had more energy, and was clearheaded for days afterwards. When I got home I reflected and have outlined the reasons why airsoft, such a simple and fun activity, is a fat and calorie blaster!

Kidney and liver health through water: Think of your kidney and liver as the filters to a car, they take out all the impurities and keep the car running at optimal performance (metabolism) Eating junk food and too much salt, sugar, fat, and alcohol, slow down the performance and flow of filtering. Drinking water dilutes the toxins, increases the flow, and makes your metabolism run at optimum speed. Though my pack was nowhere near as heavy as it was when I was on active duty (45 lbs with body armor in Iraq) the 20 or so pounds I had on me started to work up a good sweat; needless to say I felt my blood pressure rise when I saw our starting camp was on a rather steep ridge. By the time I got to the camp I was soaked, and we hadn't even started playing yet! Throughout the day I kept refilling my 2 liter hydration bladder with cold refreshing water, and my body couldn't get enough. All this activity outdoors reminds you how important it is to stay hydrated.

Small meals: I prepared for the event with a military mindset. I packed my car with (a more palatable version of) military rations: Protein Bars, Jerky, dried fruits, some apples, small plastic containers of pasta my wife made me. During real tours of duty you're really eating on the go, a bite here and there, nothing smaller than can fit in the palm of your hand. This was very much the same way we've evolved to eat, hunting and gathering small amounts here and there. This way of eating, 5 or 6 small meals a day, actually raises your metabolism more because you are burning through calories at a steady rate. Also, you need both hands on your airsoft gun, so you have to eat fast and small or get "killed" with your mouth full!

Goal Setting: Activities like airsoft are a great treat to yourself if you're really dedicated to losing weight and keeping it off. All the extreme physical activity lets you have a good sense of your own body and how far it has come in terms of physical improvement. Before I started my workout routine 6 months ago, I wouldn't have even made it a through a few hours of playing airsoft at that level of intensity. Going to these serious airsoft events provides a good training checkup and it also gave me something in the future to work towards. It changed my workout mentality. Instead of simply getting through it, I was thinking - "this will help me be little faster than the other guys", "this will help me carry my gear around better after hours of playing". I'm the kind of person that needs a clear goal to keep motivated. Attending these Milsim airsoft events gives me tangible goals in my journey to lose these "civvy" pounds To find a nearby field, AirSplat has a comprehensive listing of airsoft fields, so you can plan your next intense physical outing. I try to go at least two times a month, and it gives me something to look forward to, and definitely breaks up the monotony of ‘focused' workouts on the track or at the gym.

Author Bio
John Durfee is a Gulf War veteran and the marketing manager for Airsplat, the nation's largest retailer of Airsoft Guns and Airsoft Apparel.


Fat Loss Factor – Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off?

Guest Post by Lisa Roberts

If at any point in your life you have tried to lose weight, then it is most likely that you have come across numerous products on the market. They all claim to be able to grant you the body you have always dreamed of. If this is the case, then you probably are all too well aware that these products simply do not work or at most, only give temporary results. Perhaps you have tried supplements, diets or unrealistic strenuous fitness regimes; in most likelihood you were left disappointed.

Essentially what goes wrong with such weigh loss methods is that they do not treat the entire issue. For example, a pill cannot deal with emotional aspects of weight loss, it does not know your specific food habits, nor can it advise you on how to get the best out of your body. Let’s face it, if losing weight was as simple as ingesting a tablet, then we would all have the perfect bodies that we so want!

So is there a way to help us not only lose weight, but also keep it off and change our lives? It looks like there finally may be a method that treats the issue of weight loss holistically and in the most humane way possible: the Fat Loss Factor. What really makes this weight loss method stand out is that it treats the problem form beginning to end.

What no products ever tell you is that a big part of losing weight is having a healthy clean liver, which is responsible for burning fat. The first step of the Fat Loss Factor is preparing your body to make sure it has the utmost ability to burn of fat, easily and naturally.

Another thing that truly makes this product stand out is that you will not have to count calories, stick to boring diets or even give up your favorite foods. Believe it or not, you can still eat chocolate cake, ice cream and even junk food! This is because the Fat Loss Factor teaches you all you need to know about the foods you eat, including how to keep eating them and still lose weight quickly and easily!

Are you sick of spending hours sweating in the gym? You really don’t have to- with this weight loss program you will learn how to get amazing results with just 15 minutes of gentle exercise on a regular basis. Cardio really is not the only way to get a slimmer body!

Let’s face it, losing weight can be a goal that may seem impossible to achieve. The best thing that the Fat Loss Factor does which no other products seem to do is understand the human process that comes with such a goal.

You are not left alone in fact you get personal coaching to help you on your way, with any possible questions or issues that may arise during your weight loss journey! You are also provided with a goal setting system and a comprehensive guide to everything you will need to know about getting the shape you want and the confidence that comes with it! Most importantly, this weight loss system will ensure you get to your desired weight and stay that that way forever!

Author Bio
Lisa Roberts is a health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for writing. You can read more about the Fat Loss Factor program and discover how to lose weight fast at her slimming resources website.


5 tips offering 100% motivation for weight loss

Anyone who lacks motivation cannot achieve what he wants. That’s why a large number of corporate companies hire the services of different motivational gurus who do nothing except motivating people with their words. If you wish to lose excess weight present in your body but you think you lack motivation then we will help you. Following are five tips which have helped a large number of people to get appropriately motivated for losing their weight.
  1. Set your eyes on your goal: When we set our eyes on the goal of any process then our mind develops some pictures where we find ourselves happy after achieving what we want. When these pictures are formed in our mind, we get a push to do anything for achieving our goal. All this also applies to the people who wish to lose their weight.
  2. Watch and read motivational stuff: There are a lot of books and movies which tells us that nothing is impossible in this world. We should try to learn from each and every thing which gives a message of motivation. When in movies we find people achieving really difficult targets then we feel that our target is way too easy as compared to them.
  3. Remember the insult and comments: You may ignore a negative or insulting comment on your weight but you should never forget it. While doing efforts for losing weight remember what all people think about you and how good you will feel after proving them wrong. Once you get what you want, you will be able to give a silent answer to all the people.
  4. Keep your plans secret: Most of the time when we tell people about our weight loss plans they start giving their own advice and misguide us. Some people can also fill your mind with negative things and myths. Try to be secretive and give people a surprise by losing your weight.
  5. Relax and have fun: Try to see the brighter side of the life. If you cheat your fitness program once in a while then ignore it and take a pledge that you will not repeat it. Some people commit a mistake while following their weight loss routine and then keep on thinking about it. This affects their motivation in a negative manner. You should save yourself from such things.


4 day diet plan for losing weight

4 Day DietIf you are looking for a quick solution for your weight gain then you should know about the 4 day diet. The famous author of Fat Smash i.e. Dr. Ian Smith has found out this diet plan. Here is more information about this diet plan for those people who are interested in it.

Basic knowledge about the 4 day diet
You should not think that this is a diet plan for 4 days. In this diet, 7 different dieting modules are present which need 4 day each. Due to the different modules, people will not get bore from the food they get to eat in this diet plan. The variety of foods included in different modules also aims at giving a kick to the metabolism.

Seven Dieting Modules
Following are the names given to the seven stages of modules of the 4 day diet plan:

  • Induction which focus on detoxification of the body
  • Transition which includes introducing the same foods again
  • Protein stretch
  • Smooth, where a person is allowed to eat some of the foods he relish.
  • Push, which includes following a strict dieting routine
  • Pace
  • Vigorous, the last stage of the diet plan to help you shed more weight

Foods which are eaten by people following the 4 day diet plan
Avocado, fruits, whole grains, low calories salad, nuts, legumes, vegetables and dairy products having low fat content

Exercises during the diet
In this diet plan several exercises are recommended according to the module of dieting routine. People should focus on starting the exercises with shorter periods and then increasing the time and pace of their exercises.

Advantages of this diet plan
This diet plan has a different kind of approach for reducing excess weight from the body. People also get a chance to eat those foods which they relish in the slow module of this diet plan. Goal setting is the important part of this diet plan. It is not very strict in all the modules therefore it is not difficult to stick with it. It is good for vegetarians. You do not also need to spend money on some special kind of supplements and foods while following this diet routine.

Disadvantages of this diet plan
This diet plan does not tell you which foods are to be taken individually for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Dieters who like to follow a routine with meal plans may not like it.


How to lose fat from the belly healthy

Guest post by Chris
Chris maintains a weight loss/fitness blog where he shares information on how to lose belly fat in a healthy and natural way.

The food we eat contains calories that are converted to energy so the body can efficiently perform its physiologic functions as well as the activities that we do everyday. However, due to excess calorie intake and sedentary lifestyle, not all calories are burned by the body. The calories that are not converted to energy are then stored to the body as fat deposits, most of these are deposited in the abdomen as it contains more tissues, thus it produce a bulging belly. Due to the pull of gravity, the bulging belly is pulled down causing it to sag. Bulging and sagging belly fat are unsightly to look at and hard to lose, that’s why some people resort to diet pills, surgeries, and other ways that could pose risk to one’s healthy. In this article we outline the most efficient ways on how to lose belly fat the healthy way.

Diet Pills vs. Small Frequent Feeding
Diet pills have been becoming popular especially to those people who are desperate in losing the fat from their belly. Though some of these pills do work, most of these pills have side effects on one’s body. Some diet pills can cause serious side effects such as hypertension, some can be addicting, and others can disrupt the metabolism of the body. So instead of taking in diet pills, why not mind-set your body to eat just the right amount that you need and stop eating as soon as you are full. Small frequent feeding helps in balancing the daily calorie intake. Also, by eating small frequent meals, it is less likely that a person overeats and calories are burned more efficiently.

Liposuction vs. Regular Exercise
Liposuction is considered as a shortcut in losing the belly fat. This is popular among celebrities, elites, and anyone who wants to lose belly fat fast. Swelling, Bruising and numbness are side effects of this procedure. Also, it can cause infection, allergic reactions, blood clots and drug reactions if not properly done. Instead of going through the needles, regular exercise is a much better option. Getting a regular exercise definitely helps in losing belly fat, reduce risks of chronic diseases, improves sex-life, and it’s free. Start by doing aerobic exercises like walking and cycling for at least 30 minutes a day followed by modified crunches to tone the abdominal muscles.

Starvation Diet vs. Balanced Diet
Food is vital for us to live as it does not only provide us the energy to do our activities of daily living but is also the energy source for physiologic activities like respiration. Starving one’s self is on the top of the “Never to do” list as it will disrupt the functions of the body organs and eventually cause it to cease from functioning. So, to lose the belly fat healthily, eat just the right amount of food from different food groups. Watch your calorie intake; take in just enough calories that your body needs for energy. Remember, every 3,500 excess calories you take in adds a pound to your weight.