Back to the Basics: Escape Technology and Gadgets for Weight Loss and Strength

Fitness Fundamentals: How Escaping the Technology Trap Helps Weight Loss and Strength Training

Modern technology has afforded all of us many advantages over our ancestors. We can communicate at the click of a computer button, whereas they had to dial and spend a significant amount of money just to reach their family and friends abroad. Cooking is now ten times faster with many more kitchen gadgets that cut food preparation time. We've little need for maps now that the GPS is installed in many cars and compasses are now just decorative items in homes, part of a forgotten process for finding your way.

When we went to visit my friend's farm and helped out with the daily chores, I realized how much we've been babied by all the gadgets and machines that we use every day. Even if I spend three times a week at the gym working out, I couldn't keep up with all the things they needed to do to keep the farm running every day. It really woke me up to the possibilities of working out the natural way, using my muscles to do some good, and not just for an aesthetic purpose. You see, baling hay and cleaning horse stalls burned double the calories I usually burn a week at the gym.

Even after heavy meals three times a day, I was in the best shape and felt better about my health.

This inspired me to take the natural way to exercise, to lose weight the old-fashioned way, and work all of the muscles in my body. Taking the unplugged way to exercise really motivated me and helped me to focus my energy on things that I was usually too distracted to think about. One morning, I lost the ear buds to my iPod while I was working out. Not only did I focus more on my sticking to my routine, I also exerted more effort because I was totally aware of what I was doing. Running around the neighborhood became safer because I heard everything that was going on around me, and the concentration on my running gave me more energy. Now I run longer, faster, and burn more calories than I did before.

Here are a few ideas I found to get off the machines at the gym, save on the membership money, and actually work off the calories:

  • Volunteer at your local build-a-home site: Even if you're not handy with power tools, just carrying the lumber at your local volunteer site that build homes for the less fortunate can be a great workout. Help to paint the walls or spackle on the concrete over drywall. Just be careful around the site for items you might step or slip on.
  • Do the chores at home: Break out the old lawnmower and step off from the riding mower. Doing things manually, like lawn-cutting and car-washing, will save you money and give you nice muscle definition. Walk your dog too, and volunteer to walk your neighbor's dog. Exercise and helping out work come together this way, and you'll get
    brownie points around the house.
  • Start a home improvement project: Whether starting a garden, repainting the walls, or changing the wallpaper, these things can work out muscles you've never worked before! Plus, just think about how proud you'll be that they new additions to your home were done by yours truly.
  • Weight training with items around the home: Using ropes and heavy items around the house is an inexpensive alternative to lifting weights. Use bottles filled with water or heavy books as weights, and add on when you feel comfortable enough with a heavier load.
  • Take the stairs whenever you can: One of the best cardio workouts available, the stairs are a great way to exercise naturally. Live on the sixth floor of your apartment building? Trade the crowded elevator for a sprint up the stairs.
  • Walk or bike if it's near: Burn calories and save gas at the same time by walking or biking when the destination is close by. Running errands a few blocks away? Leave the car behind and walk to where it is. Picking a few items up at the convenience store? Take the bike. This will also leave you to think about the items you really need to buy for that store trip, and will have you spending less on impulse buys.
There are so many benefits to unplugged workouts like connecting with friends and family, participating in the community, and even an updated home. Shaping up is easier and feels better when you do it the natural way. You not only will spend less money at the gym, but you will be functionally fit. I hope you try one of these suggestions and unplug from the automated way of life!

Maxine is a dedicated mother who believes in fitness for herself and her family to keep them healthy mentally and physically. When not with her family, she works for Treetopia, a seller of artificial Christmas trees. They sell a variety of unique and inspired Christmas trees for every style.


Can you trust "Eat stop eat: 24 hour fast" for weight loss

"Eat stop eat" is a diet plan whose founder is Brad Pilon. He says that while working in the sports supplement industry; he realized that now days nutrition research is done mainly for marketing purpose and not for the improvement of health. Pilon gave a lot of his time in researching various aspects of weight loss and he found out that restricting calorie intake for a long time is the only effective way to reduce weight. If you wish to know more about the Eat stop eat diet then kindly read on.

Eat stop eat diet basics

This diet plan advises people to follow a cycle of fasting and feeding. Pilon has proven that fasting does not affect the rate of metabolism in the body in a negative manner. He says that when we eat more food than required by our body then it gets stored in our body to be used at such a time when we do not eat.

Pilon says that people should fast for 24 hours in a week. He suggests a wonderful method for doing this. You can eat up to 6 P.M in a day and then stop eating till 6 P.M of the next day. Fasting for 24 hours in a week will have same effects as restricting our calorie intake in small amounts for all 7 days of the week.

Foods which are eaten in Eat stop eat diet

Vegetables, coffee, herbs, fruits, lean proteins, spices, artificial sweeteners and tea.

Meal plan for the Eat stop eat diet

There is no specific meal plan designed by Pilon for the dieters because there is no need of a meal plan for dieters who follow the eat stop eat dieting pattern.

Exercises to do

Doing exercises is important while following this diet plan. You should do resistance exercises for 2 or 3 times every week while you follow this diet plan. It will be more beneficial if you do other exercises like cycling, yoga and aerobics.

Positive aspects of the Eat stop eat diet
  • This diet plan has been testified by several scientific studies done by Pilon
  • Fasting for shorter durations helps in increasing longevity
  • It is easy to stick to this diet plan as it does not require you to eliminate any foods
  • It makes people aware of various eating habits and food options
Negative aspects of the Eat stop eat diet
  • Not everyone would be able to fast for 24 hours. It may cause headache and discomfort to some people
  • It is not recommended for people having a history of eating disorders
  • It promotes eating artificial sweeteners

Eat stop eat diet plan is really effective in reducing weight. However, dieters should avoid eating a lot after their fasting period is over. Overeating after a fast will neutralize the positive effects of fasting. This diet helps in losing weight without eliminating any food items eaten by the dieters. It is safe and easy to follow this diet plan.


Shed off extra pounds with Eat to live diet plan

People who wish to lose weight by following a reliable diet plan need to search no more for it. Here is the diet plan, which has helped a lot of people in losing weight. Eat to live diet is a popular diet plan founded by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Fuhrman claims that people can lose around 20 pounds in just 6 weeks by following his diet plan. Let us know more about this diet plan.

Eat to live diet plan Basics

The central idea of this diet plan is nutrient density which is calculated by applying the formula which says that Health = Nutrients/Calories. According to this diet plan, the health of a person has a direct relation with this ratio. In this diet book, Fuhrman has suggested a diet plan, which is full of vegetarian food items. This diet plan is for duration of 6 weeks.

Along with this, there is a moderate diet routine in which certain animal products can be eaten. People who wish not to leave animal products while following this diet plan are allowed to eat single serving of lean fish like Tilapia or flounder and one egg white omelet every week. Dieters do not need to count calories and calculate portions while following this diet plan.

Foods, which are recommended by this diet plan
  • Eat as many raw vegetables as possible. Salads should be eaten as the main dish.
  • Egg plants, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and cooked green vegetables.
  • One pound of steamed vegetables and raw vegetables should be consumed daily by the dieters.
  • A minimum of 4 servings of fruits every day
  • Avocado, Raw nuts, flax seeds etc.
  • Dieters should not eat refined carbohydrates like white rice, pasta, juice, sugar and bread.
Exercises to do while following Eat to live diet plan

There are no specific exercises to do while following this diet plan. However, it will be good to do exercise while one follows this diet plan. Even if you do not do exercises while following this diet routine, you would be able to lose your weight.

Advantages of Eat to live diet plan
  • This diet offers low calorie and high nutrient intake. This may boost longevity.
  • This diet advises people to eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • This diet is very good for those people who need to prepare themselves for some kind of surgery.
  • This diet plan lowers down the risk of dangerous diseases like Cancer, diabetes and diseases related to heart.
Disadvantages of Eat to live diet plan
  • It is not easy to stick to this diet plan as it is quite restrictive.
  • It offers fewer proteins to those people who live active lives.
  • Dieters may feel this diet plan boring and less appealing.

Eat to live diet plan is really helpful in losing weight and reducing risk of several diseases. However, this diet plan may act differently on different people. You need to first ask yourself before taking up this diet plan.