Lose weight with the Flat belly diet

Flat belly diet is one of those diets, which aim at reducing the size of the belly of all those people who are overweight. This diet is inspired from the conventional Mediterranean diet. This diet focuses on the consumption of monounsaturated fats, which should take the place of saturated fats in our diet. In this diet plan, people consume 1600 calories every day.

Foods which have monounsaturated fats

  • Oils: Olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, pesto sauce etc.
  • Dark chocolate
  • Olives
Seeds and nuts- Almond butter, cashew butter, hazel nuts, chunky natural peanut butter, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecan, walnuts, tahini etc.

The other foods, which are consumed in this diet, are very much like the Mediterranean diet. Vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and small quantities of red meat are consumed in this diet plan.

Exercises to be done while following the flat belly diet

In this diet plan, several exercises have been recommended. Complete body resistance training exercises along with cardio exercises should be done while following this diet plan.

Facts about the flat belly diet

You may have seen various eye catchy promises at several websites, which advertise the flat belly diet plan. Some advertisements say that this diet plan can reduce several inches from your belly in just 96 hours. One should understand that these claims are just for the purpose of selling this diet plan.

However, it is not the case that this diet plan is not effective. It is effective because mono unsaturated fats are really healthy and they help people in losing their weight. The level of cholesterol in the body also gets reduced when a person reduce the intake of saturated fats. This reduces the risk of several heart diseases.


You should not follow this diet plan only because you have seen several promises made by different websites in their advertisements. You should trust this diet for its effectiveness. One should not expect that he/she would lose a lot of weight within a few days after following this diet plan. You would lose weight slowly and gradually if you stick to this diet plan with discipline.

You can trust this diet plan for losing your weight successfully. This diet plan is beneficial for the overall health of human beings. Therefore, you can follow it for achieving weight loss and a having a healthy body.


Is P90X Nutrition Plan good for your weight loss?

If you have heard about P90X Nutrition Plan and wish to know more about it then read on. Before you choose a diet plan to follow, you should acquire substantial knowledge about it. Only after knowing various aspects of a particular diet routine, you would be able to judge whether it is good for you or not.

P90X Nutrition Plan

This diet plan is made especially for those people who want to lose weight and develop muscles as well. This diet routine is best for those people who follow P90X workout routine. Several resistance training exercises are included in P90X workout routine.

Phases of P90X Nutrition Plan

This diet routine includes 3 phases in total. Following are the 3 phases which are included in this diet plan:

1. Fat Shredder Phase

As the name suggests, this phase concentrates on losing extra fat from the body. It is followed for first four weeks. Calorie intake is minimized in this phase in order to initiate the weight loss process in the body. Carbohydrates are either not consumed or consumed in lesser amounts in this phase. Protein intake is increased as it helps in developing muscles and burning extra fat present in the body.

2. Energy boosting Phase

In this phase, people are allowed to consume complex carbohydrates for getting more energy to do intense workouts. Protein intake remains high in this phase also. This phase may be followed for as much time as you wish. Phase third is followed by those people who want to build more muscles.

3. Endurance Maximizing Phase

In this phase, carbohydrate intake is increased further. It provides enough stamina to people for doing intense exercises. Taking small meals and drinking water frequently is very important in this phase.

Foods which are advised for the people who follow this diet plan

Fresh vegetables and fruits, soy nuts, eggs, cheese and low fat milk, salad free from fat, flax seeds, lean meat, mustard etc.

Advantages of P90X Nutrition Plan
  • You can develop muscles without going to a gym or hiring services of any personal trainer.
  • Appetite is suppressed with the increased protein intake. This promotes muscle growth.
  • You do not need to buy costly exercise equipments.

If you are thinking of taking up this plan, please keep in mind that it requires will power and strenuous body workouts. You might experience fatigue as a result of intensive workouts required in this diet plan.


Green Energy: The Power of Vegetables in Strength Training

When it comes to building muscle, most people become so fixated on trying to intake as many calories as they can that the importance of vegetables is typically overlooked. However, while chicken may provide the protein needed for a muscle builder's diet, vegetables contain essential nutrients that will greatly aid in the buildup of muscle in the long run.

Allows your muscle cells to grow back stronger.

Whenever you are training, your body's muscle cells become somewhat damaged. Satellite cells come in and work together to repair these muscle cells and also generate more contraction proteins. This in turn will allow your muscle cells to grow back larger and contract better. However, in order to maintain this buildup and repair, your body needs nutrients to keep this process going. Vitamins and minerals that are found in vegetables will help provide energy for these satellite cells and allow them to work harder to keep your body's muscles growing stronger.

Facilitates good digestion.

Whether it's that piece of chicken or those boiled eggs, your body needs to be able to efficiently digest all of the food you intake. Green vegetables are high in fiber which will keep your intestinal walls clean and allow food to travel through at a steady pace. Fiber also prevents your body from breaking down muscle tissue when blood sugar levels are low by maintaining a consistent environment throughout your entire system. Furthermore, fiber aids in keeping a healthy heart, the most important muscle in your body.

Reduces belly fat.

Your muscles aren't going to show if there's a layer of belly fat covering them. Why hide all your hard work? We live in a society that is constantly exposed to xenoestrogens through cosmetics, herbicides, our water supply, etc. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli or cabbage contain phytonutrients which have antiestrogen properties. These phytonutrients aid in lean muscle building and the reduction of xenoestrogens. Furthermore, asparagus can reduce water retention and contribute to the reduction of belly fat.

Can also provide protein.

When we think of protein, we usually think of animal meats. However, legumes such as beans and lentils also contain high protein amounts. Furthermore, legumes are not only high in protein, but they also contain fibers and vitamins - it's a one-stop shop! Quinoa sprouts also contain large amounts of protein and only take a couple of hours to sprout.

Breaks down proteins for use.

After you've eaten all your protein-rich foods for the day, your body needs to be able to break these down into their simple protein molecules for your muscles to use. This breakdown is largely aided and catalyzed by nutrients that are found in muscle. The more vegetables you eat, the faster and easier your body learns to break them down for use. These nutrients will aid catalysts in your body to break down these protein molecules into simple amino acids and peptides for your muscles to use for energy and growth.

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