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Lose weight with the Flat belly diet

Flat belly diet is one of those diets, which aim at reducing the size of the belly of all those people who are overweight. This diet is inspired from the conventional Mediterranean diet. This diet focuses on the consumption of monounsaturated fats, which should take the place of saturated fats in our diet. In this diet plan, people consume 1600 calories every day.

Foods which have monounsaturated fats

  • Oils: Olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, pesto sauce etc.
  • Dark chocolate
  • Olives
Seeds and nuts- Almond butter, cashew butter, hazel nuts, chunky natural peanut butter, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecan, walnuts, tahini etc.

The other foods, which are consumed in this diet, are very much like the Mediterranean diet. Vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and small quantities of red meat are consumed in this diet plan.

Exercises to be done while following the flat belly diet

In this diet plan, several exercises have been recommended. Complete body resistance training exercises along with cardio exercises should be done while following this diet plan.

Facts about the flat belly diet

You may have seen various eye catchy promises at several websites, which advertise the flat belly diet plan. Some advertisements say that this diet plan can reduce several inches from your belly in just 96 hours. One should understand that these claims are just for the purpose of selling this diet plan.

However, it is not the case that this diet plan is not effective. It is effective because mono unsaturated fats are really healthy and they help people in losing their weight. The level of cholesterol in the body also gets reduced when a person reduce the intake of saturated fats. This reduces the risk of several heart diseases.


You should not follow this diet plan only because you have seen several promises made by different websites in their advertisements. You should trust this diet for its effectiveness. One should not expect that he/she would lose a lot of weight within a few days after following this diet plan. You would lose weight slowly and gradually if you stick to this diet plan with discipline.

You can trust this diet plan for losing your weight successfully. This diet plan is beneficial for the overall health of human beings. Therefore, you can follow it for achieving weight loss and a having a healthy body.
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Is P90X Nutrition Plan good for your weight loss?

If you have heard about P90X Nutrition Plan and wish to know more about it then read on. Before you choose a diet plan to follow, you should acquire substantial knowledge about it. Only after knowing various aspects of a particular diet routine, you would be able to judge whether it is good for you or not.

P90X Nutrition Plan

This diet plan is made especially for those people who want to lose weight and develop muscles as well. This diet routine is best for those people who follow P90X workout routine. Several resistance training exercises are included in P90X workout routine.

Phases of P90X Nutrition Plan

This diet routine includes 3 phases in total. Following are the 3 phases which are included in this diet plan:

1. Fat Shredder Phase

As the name suggests, this phase concentrates on losing extra fat from the body. It is followed for first four weeks. Calorie intake is minimized in this phase in order to initiate the weight loss process in the body. Carbohydrates are either not consumed or consumed in lesser amounts in this phase. Protein intake is increased as it helps in developing muscles and burning extra fat present in the body.

2. Energy boosting Phase

In this phase, people are allowed to consume complex carbohydrates for getting more energy to do intense workouts. Protein intake remains high in this phase also. This phase may be followed for as much time as you wish. Phase third is followed by those people who want to build more muscles.

3. Endurance Maximizing Phase

In this phase, carbohydrate intake is increased further. It provides enough stamina to people for doing intense exercises. Taking small meals and drinking water frequently is very important in this phase.

Foods which are advised for the people who follow this diet plan

Fresh vegetables and fruits, soy nuts, eggs, cheese and low fat milk, salad free from fat, flax seeds, lean meat, mustard etc.

Advantages of P90X Nutrition Plan
  • You can develop muscles without going to a gym or hiring services of any personal trainer.
  • Appetite is suppressed with the increased protein intake. This promotes muscle growth.
  • You do not need to buy costly exercise equipments.

If you are thinking of taking up this plan, please keep in mind that it requires will power and strenuous body workouts. You might experience fatigue as a result of intensive workouts required in this diet plan.
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Green Energy: The Power of Vegetables in Strength Training

When it comes to building muscle, most people become so fixated on trying to intake as many calories as they can that the importance of vegetables is typically overlooked. However, while chicken may provide the protein needed for a muscle builder's diet, vegetables contain essential nutrients that will greatly aid in the buildup of muscle in the long run.

Allows your muscle cells to grow back stronger.

Whenever you are training, your body's muscle cells become somewhat damaged. Satellite cells come in and work together to repair these muscle cells and also generate more contraction proteins. This in turn will allow your muscle cells to grow back larger and contract better. However, in order to maintain this buildup and repair, your body needs nutrients to keep this process going. Vitamins and minerals that are found in vegetables will help provide energy for these satellite cells and allow them to work harder to keep your body's muscles growing stronger.

Facilitates good digestion.

Whether it's that piece of chicken or those boiled eggs, your body needs to be able to efficiently digest all of the food you intake. Green vegetables are high in fiber which will keep your intestinal walls clean and allow food to travel through at a steady pace. Fiber also prevents your body from breaking down muscle tissue when blood sugar levels are low by maintaining a consistent environment throughout your entire system. Furthermore, fiber aids in keeping a healthy heart, the most important muscle in your body.

Reduces belly fat.

Your muscles aren't going to show if there's a layer of belly fat covering them. Why hide all your hard work? We live in a society that is constantly exposed to xenoestrogens through cosmetics, herbicides, our water supply, etc. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli or cabbage contain phytonutrients which have antiestrogen properties. These phytonutrients aid in lean muscle building and the reduction of xenoestrogens. Furthermore, asparagus can reduce water retention and contribute to the reduction of belly fat.

Can also provide protein.

When we think of protein, we usually think of animal meats. However, legumes such as beans and lentils also contain high protein amounts. Furthermore, legumes are not only high in protein, but they also contain fibers and vitamins - it's a one-stop shop! Quinoa sprouts also contain large amounts of protein and only take a couple of hours to sprout.

Breaks down proteins for use.

After you've eaten all your protein-rich foods for the day, your body needs to be able to break these down into their simple protein molecules for your muscles to use. This breakdown is largely aided and catalyzed by nutrients that are found in muscle. The more vegetables you eat, the faster and easier your body learns to break them down for use. These nutrients will aid catalysts in your body to break down these protein molecules into simple amino acids and peptides for your muscles to use for energy and growth.

About the Author
Brett Warren is a biochemical engineer from Boston, Massachusetts who develops sports supplements for Force Factor. He has done extensive research on nutrition and is an expert on nutraceutical science. He also has a passion for fitness and health. Brett's work at Force Factor is supplemented by an active family life with plenty of gym time and outdoor recreation.
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6 Reasons That A Bike Trainer Shines For Weight Loss

Not too long ago I read an inspiring account of a British man who lost 364 pounds by riding a bike. It was certainly inspiring for anyone looking to lose weight, but it also gave me some insight into some of the obstacles faced when a person is overweight and wants to use exercise (as they should) in their weight loss program.

The article also led me to believe stationary bikes or indoor bike trainers can go a long way toward overcoming some of those obstacles.

1). Embarrassment Reduction Factor: When Gary Brennan started out his weight loss journey at 559 pounds, he got on his bike and faced a problem much less obvious than merely getting the wheels to turn.

He was embarrassed.

The second day out he was embarrassed again...but still got on the bike. But not everyone looking to lose weight will want to get on a bike and ride down the street in front of all of their neighbors.

That's where riding indoors (at least initially) on a bike trainer shines. With no one around to witness the first few rides, one more excuse to not get started exercising is eliminated.

2). One Mile Down The Road And Then What? What do you do when you're out riding and you can't go any more? In the case of Gary, he got half a mile before he had to get off the bike and sit down to rest for ten minutes on a bench. When riding indoors, there's never an 'inconvenient' time to take a rest when you need to.

3). No Hills: There aren't any hills on an indoor ride (unless you want them to be there). Not being able to control the terrain can be another obstacle between you and starting a bicycling exercise routine. Unless you live in a pancake-flat area, there are going to be uphills that just aren't 'doable' when you first get started. On an exercise bike, the only time you'll have to go uphill is when you decide to crank up the resistance on the machine.

4). No Destructive Shock To The Joints: If there's one indisputable feature about a bicycle, it's that it is 'smooth'. The pounding to the ankles, knees, and hips that is usually a part of exercise formats just isn't there.

5). Speaking Of Weather: Although I love to ride my bike, I have to admit that extremes in weather can get in the way. Whether it's too hot, or too cold...a bike can be a miserable place to be sitting some times of the year. When you're riding inside, the weather isn't a problem which is critical. The last thing you need is to have a tremendous (or tenuous) exercise program interrupted by a season of bad weather.

6). Why Not A Gym? If riding a bike in front of a couple of people is awkward...what are we to think of showing up at a gym? At a gym you'd better be wearing the right clothes. You should also be prepared to get looked at by people who should 'get a job' and not spend so much time on the bar bells. And then there's the time spent traveling to and from the facility.

So those are a few reasons that it makes a lot of sense to incorporate indoor cycling into your weight loss exercise program.

And in case you're wondering if it works...it doesn't take too much in the way of Google searching to find case after case of formerly obese people who now have a body that they can be proud of and who began their journey on the seat of an indoor bike.

About the author: Ron Fritzke is a cycling product reviewer who's spent a lot of time recently investigating indoor bike trainers. When he's not on his bike, he's writing articles like this Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer review for his website.
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Chocolate diet for helping chocolate lovers lose weight

Are you addicted to chocolates and think that you are unable to lose your weight because you eat a lot of them? Well, chocolate diet is here for you. This diet has been founded by British diet expert Sally Ann Voak. Let’s get clear about different aspects of this diet plan.

Chocolate diet- the basics

The chocolate diet aims at enabling people to put a break on their chocolate addiction and having chocolates in their diet while maintaining normal body weight. In this diet plan, people are put in to 6 categories of chocolate addicts. By answering certain quizzes, you can judge the category you belong to. For each category, there is a particular diet plan along with dieting rules and exercise recommendations.

Following are the 6 categories of chocolate addicts
  1. Secret bingers: Those who prefer eating chocolates secretly and hide it in places unknown to others.
  2. Romantics: Single people who eat chocolates and get satisfaction as an alternative for their physical and emotional needs.
  3. Comfort eaters: People who consume chocolates when they experience stress and feel tired. Most people fall in to this category.
  4. Weekend indulgers: People who eat more chocolates when they have holidays or parties.
  5. Sugar addicts: People who derive most of their energy from carbohydrates and consume chocolates for getting a kick in their energy levels.
  6. Premenstrual cravers: Women who eat a lot of chocolates only when they experience their menstrual cycle.
Only for the first week, people from all these categories need to leave chocolates. After the first week, chocolate allowance is offered every day for the dieters.

Foods to be eaten while following the chocolate diet

Vegetables which have low calories should be eaten. For instance mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes, watercress and spinach should be eaten. Herbal tea and skimmed milk should be consumed by dieters.

Advantages of the chocolate diet
  • This diet plan is best for those people who cannot stop eating chocolates.
  • Different exercises are advised for different category chocolate lovers.
  • It promotes the consumption of vegetables.
Disadvantages of the chocolate diet
  • Dieters are more likely to be left hungry while following this diet plan.
  • Not appealing to dieters who are not addicted to chocolates.
This diet plan allows people to eat low calories vegetables along with very small quantity of chocolates every day. People should not expect that they can keep on eating a lot of chocolates and lose their weight while following this diet plan.
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Getting Six Pack Abs Fast

This is a guest post by Chris, who also writes at how to get a six pack.

‘Six pack abs’ is usually the answer when you ask people on what they want to have or develop in their body. You can hear them say different reasons such as attending a get together with friends, wanting to impress their loved ones, going to the beach this summer, etc. However, they all have one goal, and will go through the same struggle. That is, to do workouts that almost all people hate.

Before engaging in doing workouts or exercises, people should first learn the concepts or the basic steps involved in achieving that dreamy six pack abs. There are 2 things involved in the process. First is the abs itself and the second is the fat that is covering the abs.

The abdominal muscle is already in the body of every person. All that is needed is to strengthen that muscle, make it firm, and show it. However, in order for it to become visible, those fats covering the abs should be removed or burned. Once gone, the belly will have that chiseled abs that everyone has been dreaming of.

All that you need to do is ab exercises. There are a lot of ab exercises to choose from; you can either live in luxury and go to the gym and try all those fancy machines, or you can choose the natural way of exercising.

When doing exercises naturally, they have more effect in the body and a positive impact for your health. Besides ab specific exercise, core exercises should also be added in your routine since this has a great effect in burning calories and strengthening the body. Below are some of the natural exercises that can de done to achieve that six pack abs:

Side Turns – Lie down on the floor and raise both feet up in the air, keeping the lower back flat against the floor. Keep the legs either straight or slightly bent and the arms sideward with the palms facing the floor. Turn the legs sideways towards the floor with your feet together and hold for a few seconds, then vice versa.

Hanging Leg Raises – This is one of the most effective and has the highest intensity among the lower abdominal exercises - if performed properly. Start by hanging from a bar or an abs chair with the legs slightly bent. Then bring your knees up as high as you can to your chest and make sure that the abs is being crunched.

Leg Scissors – Lie down on your back and lift both feet off the ground for a few inches. Keep them straight or slightly bent. Then, start moving the legs up and down in an alternating manner, making sure that there is no movement at the knees. Keep the back flush against the floor and make sure that the feet will not hit the floor.

Alternating Leg Walks – Lie on your back and place your hands under your butt. Then start contracting the lower abs, tightening the leg muscles, and lift one leg straight vertically. Hold this position for 2-4 seconds. Then lower it down until a few inches off the floor and hold for a few seconds. This time, do the same process with the other leg, and following an alternating manner.

Most people will find these exercises hard to perform, tiring and exhausting. However, this is an important part of the process. Sacrifices should be made in order to succeed. If this is done correctly and religiously, then it will definitely help you in achieving that most coveted six pack abs, which is worth to be shown.
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How Detoxing Helps with Fast Weight Loss

Eating processed foods, pesticide treated fruits and vegetables, and hormone filled meat is just one way that harmful toxins enter our bodies. Over time these types of toxins build up in the cells, bloodstream, tissues, and organs, causing the body to lose its ability to function properly and resulting in a less than healthy you. Not only will toxin build up leave you feeling tired and sluggish, it can also be the cause of your weight gain as it slows metabolism, reduces energy, and makes it difficult to burn fat. Luckily, deco diets can help your body get rid of these toxins as they give it a break from consuming unhealthy foods and cleanse it of impurities. They also help you lose pounds faster by stimulating metabolism, decreasing size, and jump starting weight loss.

Stimulate Metabolism
Metabolism is what makes your body take food and turn it into energy, and when it is slow the body stores calories instead of burning them. A sluggish metabolism can often be the result of toxin build up, which interferes with metabolic levels and the liver and kidney's ability to detox the body. Detoxifying diets help to stimulate metabolism and get it back on track, as cleansing foods and liquids help the body flush out harmful toxins and restore regular function.

Decrease Size
Detox diets help to cleanse the liver which is a primary player when it comes to efficient fat burning. The more fat you are able to burn the faster you will be able to lose weight. These types of diets also require you to eliminate foods that have high amounts of sodium, sugar, and carbohydrates, all of which can cause bloating and water retention. Often what looks like weight gain might actually be excess amounts of fluid or air in our bodies. Giving your body a break from these foods and filling it instead with foods and liquids that fight retention and bloating, will have you feeling smaller in no time.

Jump Start Weight Loss
What is the point of depriving yourself of good foods and wearing yourself out from exercise before you know that you are going to reap the full rewards of your hard work? Detox diets are a great way to jump start your weight loss journey as they replenish the body with essential nutrients and rid it of the impurities that may be causing you to pack on the pounds in the first place. Think of detoxing as a way to get your body back to its original factory settings, as it helps restore the correct functioning of the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic and digestive systems. The fewer obstacles these systems have to overcome, the less effort stands between you and your target weight.

Author Bio
This guest post is contributed by Kitty Holman, who writes on the topics of nursing colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: kitty.holman20@gmail.com.
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Would fat smash diet help you in losing weight

You may have heard about the fat smash diet while searching for diets and books for weight loss. Ian K.Smith is the founder of this diet plan. This diet focuses on leaving the bad habits and dealing with the misconceptions which people have in their minds about weight loss. Let us understand this diet plan in detail.

Fat smash diet- the basics
A total of 90 days are required to follow this diet plan. It has 4 phases which are named as the detoxification phase, foundation phase, construction phase and the temple phase. This diet concentrates on developing good habits and positive lifestyle changes for weight reduction.

Detoxification phase
This phase lasts for 9 days. A person is required to eat only vegetables and fruits in this phase. Exercises are recommended. This phase aims at cleansing the body. A lot of water should also be consumed in this phase.

Foundation phase
3 weeks are required for this phase. Some other food items can be taken in this phase and the level of physical exercises is also increased. Eating fried foods is strictly forbidden in this phase. This phase aims at developing healthy food habits.

Construction phase
4 weeks are required for this phase. In this phase, the physical activity is increased by 25% of what is required in the first phase. Extra food items can be taken and the quantity of food can also be increased. 4 meals are taken per day. One dessert (non fruit) can also be consumed per day in this phase.

The temple phase
For the rest of the days left out of 90 days, this phase is followed. Foods which were forbidden in previous phases can be eaten in lesser quantities in this phase. Exercises should be done for 1 hour for every 5 days of week. This phase is named as the temple because it is an ideal situation for the person who has achieved weight loss. If someone has not achieved the desired weight loss results he can start from the phase 1 again.

You can really lose weight by following the fat smash diet. There are many people who have lost their weight by following this diet plan. It is easy to follow this diet plan. No side effects are associated with this diet routine. So, you can follow it to lose excess weight from your body.
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