Dieting Tips

Eating starches while Dieting

Absolutely! starch is the best source of fuel for your body to burnStarchy foods like potatoes and breads are some of the best sources for ready to burn fuel. Foods like potatoes and breads, are the fastest burning foods, it means it provides you instant energy boost as they are light on digestive system. Take care while choosing between good and bad starch, bad starches are what you find in foods rich in fat, such as french fries, muffins, and other fried foods.

Choosing right combination of food in your diet program for effective weight loss

Many diet program are provens as effective weight loss diet program, but they might be effective only on some individuals depending on their body metabolisim, so chhose wisely keeping in mind your body metabolisim.

Diets Tips that help you to lose weight in certain areas of the body?

Well their is no as such diet program, if there is any they might be fooling you as, our body burns fat from all available fat inside your body, not just any particular part or portion.

Choosing between vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets

Well sticking strictly to the Vegetarian diets is generally not a good idea, as it deprives your body from essential protein and important nutrients, instead it should be mix of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Perfect natural way for fast weightloss

As we know excess body fat is caused because of the difference between your calorie intake and calorie you are burning in a day, so for maintaing and reducing the weight naturally is by keeping in control you calorie intake Including low fat foods in your diet is not a good idea.

Lot of low fat foods have extra sugar, flour, and starch thickeners.These ingredients are bad for digestion and also for your fast weight loss target, as this kind food have more calories, which means more weight.

Are all overweight people are unhealthy?

well it is now proven that being overweight is the route cause for various health problem but it does,nt mean all over weight people are unhealthy.It all depends on where you are carrying the weight For example, an obese man who carries excess weight around his waist line is more vulnerable to disease than an obese man who's weight is more distributed.

Do abdominal machines really efective in burning fat on the stomach?

There is no machine that will make your abdominal hard rock, it's you and your workout regime that makes the difference.

Different ways of loosing

There are various ways for fast weightloss like Weightlifting, aerobics. Although both are effective but you burn more body fat when you are involved in aerobics, your metabolism slows down faster after workout but in case of weightlifting it keeps the metabolism going long even after the workout is done.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.