Top 5 diets that really work in losing weight

Losing weight is tough and losing it fast is tougher. Diets are mandatory not only because they constitute an innate part of weight loss but also embody a supplement in the process. A balanced diet involving different and diverse healthy foods is perhaps the key to the promotion of good health. Foods consist of vital nutrients and contribute in the metabolic functioning of the body. But, any lack in utilization of these or feeding on wrong types of foods can accumulate toxins in body, which in turn gives birth to chronic diseases in long run. Thus, selection of an appropriate diet plan is of utmost importance. Following are 5 most effective diets to help you in reducing weight.

  1. Detoxifying program: A detoxifying diet could be selected, if the intension is to purge out the undesired toxins present in body. This diet consists of fruits, vegetables and water. It clears the human system by separating the toxins contributing in weight-gain. If the person does not have any nutritional deficiencies, then he/she can follow this program.
  2. Low-Carbohydrate program: This diet is commonly advised for people wishing to lose weight. As the name suggests the diet, contains of foods, which are low in carbohydrates, and uses consumption of excess fat and protein. But as carbohydrates are seldom soluble, this is not a very good idea for someone who desires to lose weight.
  3. Juice fasting: In this emphasis is on consumption of juice consumption rather than eating of solid foods. In the diet vegetable and fruit juices are recommended. This diet is for people in a weight loss program. This program cleans the system and improves the body functioning.
  4. Raw foods: This is perhaps the most widely accepted program for losing weight. In this program a number of fruits and vegetables are eaten, in raw condition and without any preparation. The intension is to stop the loss of nutrients that occur during the process of cooking. Diets, which depend on raw food, instigate ‘weight-loss’.
  5. Organic Food: This program includes the consumption of such foods, which are organic in nature, i.e., not produced by the usage of synthetic pesticides. In this simple and clean food consumption contributes in your weight-loss. However, in this the importance lies in finding the proper organic food for you.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Hope Harrell said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. Looking forward to your next one.

Much Success

Anonymous said...

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weight loss diets – is it simpler than you think.

Started taking Adipex-P three weeks ago and have loss 25 lbs, the doctor has required me to take a week off before starting the next 30 day precription to allow my body to reset and make the medication as effective as when I took it in the begining. I am definetly feeling better and are looking forward in see the next 30 day results.

Su Lee Chong said...

The biggest challenge for overweight people is discipline. All the diets are good ways to help lose weight. But the key is following it closely and sticking to it.

gain weight said...

nowdays everyday wanna fit and fine because many disases are around and everybody wanna protect himself from these diseases.for this they trying to get a slim and thin body which is free from diseases.they also go out for gym to gain many people trying many thing to remain fit and fine.

paul said...

Thanks a lot for that list. These diets can definitely help you lose weight.

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