Weight Training?????

Weight training is a mix of bodybuilding and weight lifting, a technique for developing muscle strength by progressively adding amount of weights in your weight training routine. However unlike bodybuilding and weight lifting, weight training is not a sport. It is more a like a type of fitness program, i.e. (cardio workout).

Weight training is based on some basic principles;

  • Overload Principle

  • Progressive Resistance and

  • Principle of Specificity

Overload principle – this principle states that size, strength and endurance of the muscle will only improve if it should be putted under stress (the actual exercise activity) is greater than that normally encountered.

Progressive principle – states that as strength and endurance of the muscle increase the resistance (heavier weights) must be periodically increased if further gains are desired.

Effective weight training requires you to lift a little more load/resistance each time you go on workout. That will eventually enable you to lift a lot more weights than what you originally started with.

Principle of specificity – last but not the least this principal states that the development of muscular fitness is specific to the muscles trained. This means that if you were doing weight training for a sport, then weight training will be most beneficial if the exercise resembles the action of the sport.

Why do weight training?

For a beginner, entering a gym full of hard bodies for the first time can make you feel you inferior. There are so many different muscles to learn about and so many different exercises to concentrate different muscles group. The idea is to get to target your every body part.

Weight training is done by different individuals for achieving different objective; these objectives may include the following:

  • Increase strength

  • Improve your physique

  • Fighting obesity

  • Strengthen bones

  • Boost your energy, fitness, endurance levels

Increase strength – although not all individuals do weight training to win an Olympic medal or some champion ship, doing weight training can help you with your daily activity. This is advantageous to have for both men and women.

Strengthen bones – Weight training putts your bone under stress and when bones are under stress they tend to become stronger naturally. Hence more weight training much stronger bones and helps you to fight osteoporosis.

Fighting obesity – Weight training can help you in fighting against weight. Following weight training in your weight loss regime will help increase your body metabolic rate because of the increase in your overall muscle mass. This will allow you to burn more calories throughout the day even when while you are sleeping. You will feel younger; look leaner, and muscular and your clothes will fit better!


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.