Fast weight loss - If it’s really possible to lose weight fast

I am getting emails from people about fast weight loss. If it is really possible? Can it be done? If so, how??? I am getting so many queries over the topic weight loss, but all most all queries are stressed over the topic fast weight loss, they are asking question like, how to loose weight fast?, is it fast weight loss really possible?, is their any alternate for fast weight loss other then those costly weight loss pill, prescribe me any weight loss training program. Some are so much eager to loose weight, that they can and will do anything for loosing weight fast, some people from whom I got e-mails were mainly those who want to lose weight before the festival or occasion which is coming up very soon. The events were like I am going to marry in a month and i need to lose 30 pounds fast in 4 weeks time, what can I do?" Some said that they had bought a new dress for a particular occasion, which they feel that do not fit t hem. So they want to lose weight fast so that they can tone their body to fit in that before that occasion. I got e-mail from one woman who says, "summer is coming up next week and I need to lose 80 pounds! What should I do, I need to wear bikini?” Granted, no one wants to workout and eat right and get their results slowly, but is it fast weight loss really possible? Is there any diet, training program, or weight loss pill that makes fast weight loss really possible? Some people think diet and workout works diet and/or workout you can do or a pill you can take or a machine you can use that will make the pounds come off faster? I'm going to crush a lot of people's hopes and dreams here, but the answer is NO. ...And here's why.

First off, you should know one thing that right amount of weight that an average person tends to loose is can only be around 1 or 2 pound a week. That is a good, healthy, safe, smart, effective amount of weight to lose that is prescribed by doctors. So if you are losing weight right at this speed then stick to it as you are going on right path and at maximum weight loss speed! Yes, loosing 1 or 2 pounds a week is big task not every one can achieve that. But this speed is not as fast as most people would hope for, but sadly, that's just the way it is. You just can't lose weight fast, or at least, as fast as many people would like to. Aside from all of the obvious health risks and possible negatives or you can say side effects of losing anymore than 1 or 2 pounds a week means you are not loosing not only fat but you are also loosing your muscle mass. As you can guess, that's not good.

The next question so many might have in your mind, now is about those weight loss and sliming pill and products claiming that guaranties you fast weight loss. They show you before and after pictures of peoples who have lost lot of a weight in a very short span of time. They want to help people lose weight fast!! They would never lie just to get our money right? WRONG! Before and after pictures are the biggest bunch of bullshit there is. Before and after pictures are so faked that you can't find the out which one is truth "the real one" Aside from the obvious easy ways of faking the images such as putting the head of one person on another body (it's been done) or showing real before and after pictures, except that they were taken 5 years apart instead of 6 weeks apart like they claim (it's been done too), another wonderful and most renowned faking the before and after picture is by using the picture of really fit person's who are really fit by not taking pill, but by following right diet routine and workout program for many year and call that the "after picture." They then get this same person to gain weight. Once they gain enough, they take a picture and call it the "before picture." Yes ladies and gentleman, fast weight loss at its best!

But biggest of all time favorite lose weight fast fake are those big commercials on TV for all kinds of gimmick weight loss diets and pills and products that all promise fast weight loss. First they bullshit to you... whoops, sorry... I meant, "Tell you the amazing features of their product" and then show you people, actual people, who used this product or diet and were able, lose weight fast. Sometimes they just show their "real" before and after pictures, but sometimes they shows real person live talking in front of camera posing with they’re before picture while this person talks over it and says, "I hated my body. I tried everything but nothing ever worked... UNTIL NOW!!!! I lost 50 pounds using: blah blah... in just 4 WEEKS and look at me now!!" As funny as it already is, that isn't even the half of it yet. Here comes the real best part. At this point in the commercial, if you put on your glasses, walk all the way up to your TV, bend down, and put your face 2 inches from the screen.... if you look close enough, in small tiny letters that you can just barely read, you will see writing that says something like: "These results are not typical." Excuse me for a second... HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I'm laughing just remembering these fast weight loss commercials. I swear I am not making this up. Most weight loss commercials do this. Sometimes it says "These results are not typical" or sometimes it might say, "But as you know Just like different individuals have different attitude, same like that every individual have different body type so are their results. You may not get these results." or it will just say something that basically means "The person we are showing you right now who says they lost 50 pounds in 4 weeks is a lying idiot. We are lying to you. We are just making fool of you for just simply having your money, so by the time we all ready had made fool of you to buy our useless loose weight fast product. Don't expect to get results ANYTHING even close to these that we are showing you. We only show you them so you think you will get these results, even though you really won't. We are assholes. But who cares, because we got your money. We laugh at you fool because you people think fast weight loss is possible. Now that we have this statement on the commercial somewhere, you can't use the product, see no fast results, and then try to sue us for false advertising. Sucks for you don't it? Thanks for your money; maybe we will all buy a new car with it. See you later."

Wow, I wonder why they make this part of the commercial so hard to see. This just helps prove the fact more and more. In fact Fast weight loss doesn't exist, unless of course your idea of fast weight loss is losing 1 or 2 pounds a week. There is no machine, no special type of cardio, no special diet, no special workout, no special pill, and no special anything that will allow you to lose weight fast safely and healthily. It’s only you that can and will help you to loose weight. If some of you still want' such fast results so badly got off their asses and put half their effort that they put into finding a fast "quick fix" and put it into actually working hard, they probably would have lost the weight by now. I've said it once and I'll say it a million times; just eat right and workout correctly as the secrete behind loosing the weight is the difference between calorie intake and calorie's you burn in your daily routine work, more the calorie intake more the weight and vice versa, so in the end I would like to say thing again eat right and workout correctly. Do it and keep doing it. It won't happen fast, but it will happen. Be consistent. Never stop. Work hard and stay dedicated. Don't be satisfied until you get EXACTLY what you want. And like magic... weight loss happens.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Anonymous said...

wow that was straight to the point but so true