How to burn more calories

Burning calories is quite easier if you lower your consumption of calories. Eliminating carbs and starving yourself is not going to help you. Do not go for sweets, sodas, cookies, ice cream and other foods which contain high amount of calories.

Burn calories Take five meals a day and when you do so you are going to eat frequently and it will save you from hunger and too much eating. As when you take three meals a day, you eat too much at a time. Include vegetables and fruits in your five-meal plan.

Increase your physical activities as a way to burn more like calories. Balancing caloric intake with caloric burning is critical to any weight loss plan. So you have to avoid junk food and do exercise daily. Here is a listing of calorie burning tips, which are surely going to help you in burning the extra calories you are looking for to burn:

  • Do some exercises in the morning

  • Try to use stairs as much you can use

  • Do walking where it is possible for you

  • If you get some time in the day, play polo or some other game

  • Have some walk after your lunch and dinner

  • Avoid smoking as much you can

  • Instead of letting the dog out to roam the yard, take the dog for a walk

The more active you are during the day, the more calories yu are going to burn on that particularday. So make it a habit to burn calories daily by the time you do not reach you desired weight loss goal.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.