Realistic weight loss goals

Weight loss goals which are realistic and achievable

weight loss goalsThe big question we all are having is how much to lose and in how much time. We have to be really realistic about setting the weight loss goals for us and also the time in which you have to achieve that goal. Normally people are not realistic about setting the weight loss goals for themselves. You have to be really specific about setting your weight loss goals. Here I am sharing with you some things which may help you in setting your weight loss goals:

Keep your goals very specific. You must have the attitude of doing hard work and working towards achieving your targets. Suppose make an aim that you have to lose 15 pounds in the next two months and do regular exercise and take healthier diets to achieve it.

Make your exercise and weight loss goals measurable. Make a routine for yourself that you are going for a walk on 4 times in the week for 35 minutes.

Make the long term as well as short term weight loss goals. Keep a chart of your weight loss progress. And keep yourself stay motivated towards achieving those targets.

Also make some deadline by which you have to achieve your specific weight loss goals. I think targets without any deadline are useless and no one is really going to achieve the goals without any deadline.

Give some emotional touch to your goals if its possible and also what will be rewards after the weight loss goals are achieved.

I hope these things are going to help you set some realistic achievable targets for yourself within a specific period of time.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.