Why not cut calories in your restaurant meals

According to a recent survey the average Americans eat out four to five times in the week. Preparing and eating at home will be the best option. But that is not possible every time. There are sometimes when you are will to go or bound to go out for eating. The thing to keep in mind will be to control our calorie intake with a little advance planning.

There are many restaurants where the low calorie food can be easily available. Even many family restaurants are starting to provide some healthier low calorie food choices. But still low calorie choices are limited. There might be some occasions when we have no option other than the high calorie foods.

In many of the restaurants, portion size can be a problem. Try to share your entrée with someone else. And if sharing is not possible, ask for a leftover food container as soon as you receive your meal. Now the decision to not overeat is ten times easier because the extra food is not staring you in the face. And you will have a quick, delicious meal for a day or two later.

There are some more tips, which may be helpful to us in cutting calories from a restaurant meal like:

  • The best option will be to see the restaurant menu or go online to see the choices available. This way you will have more time to make healthy and low calorie foods.

  • If possible order the restaurant food at home. In this way you can add some healthy fruits and vegetables to your meals.

  • Why not starts your meal with a soup or salad, as it will help you eat fever total calories?

And if there is very special occasion, you might give yourself a chance to go out of low calorie limits. And never go without eating at all because you may very well eat every thing in sight when you get a chance.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


American Consumer looks for value. For a restaurant, it does not cost 25% more to add 25% to the portion size. Say it costs 2% more, with that the consumer is ready to pay 5% more. There in is the reason why American portion sizes have increased.

If an American goes to Paris and orders a normal lunch, he/she would starve.