Eat out and remain slim

Beating the bulge is best achieved not through crash diets, but normal diets. Keep eating the normal food in moderation and the body mechanism will take care of the rest.

COUNTING CALORIES ISN’T the best way to lose weight! More often than not people adopt the latest diet, hit weight-loss plateaus and end up frustrated. You would be surprised to know that eating normal diet is the best way to control weight. Experts agree that normal eating spurs an automatic control mechanism(

Weight loss is a tangible goal. There are numerous ways to achieve it. Most people tend to cut down drastically on their food and suffer hunger pangs, loss of stamina and frustration in the process. So, the approach needs to be realistic. And, what else could be more pragmatic than eating the usual stuff?

Imagine a weight-loss technique that preaches normal eating — like you did before you began bothering about your weight. Sounds great!

Take note. Binging is not a normal eating pattern. A normal diet pattern also calls against “yo-yo dieting”, alternate periods of feast and famine. Take a pre-emptive measure and mend your eating ways. You must eat according to your current daily intake. Anyone who has ever tried dieting understands the haunting feeling of deprivation. As a result, most of us cannot stick to such plans. So, try getting used to eating less gradually.

Serve yourself smaller portions. You would realize in some time that you need less to feel satiated. In short, just eyeball your portions!

Make sure that your diet is varied, adequate in all essential nutrients. It should also include adequate numbers of servings of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products. Overweight people, who maintain a low-calorie diet with moderate fat intake, limit their fast food consumption and sustain high levels of physical activity, ultimately succeed in weight-loss maintenance. The trick is in eating a normal diet, the normal way.

Crash diets are no shortcuts to slimming. On the contrary, such a practice jeopardizes health. Continuously eating an unbalanced diet can result in weakness; interfere with normal function and cause damage to the body. A normal diet with right doses of physical activity is the best bet to lose weight on a permanent basis.

Everything in moderation is the credo. You should be able to eat what you like and when you like. It boils down to understanding what you are eating. You should be able to eat when you are hungry and continue eating until you are satisfied. You need not totally avoid the so-called “poisonous fat-filled stuff” and other “tasty”, “forbidden” or “pleasurable foods”. When you give yourself the power to choose what you eat and when you eat it, you will find a diet freedom that works.

Use a modicum of restraint in your food selection to ensure you get the right food, but there should be no need to miss out! In principle, a sensible diet made of generally recognized “good” food and an exercise regimen will keep most of you in reasonable shape.

Losing weight is a just a question of maintaining balance. You don’t have to skip diets. You don’t have to starve. You just have to do one thing and that is eating normal food. If you can stick to the normal regime, you have clicked the right button. But you have to sacrifice something — stop munching those wafers. Always!


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.