Even little physical activity for being slim kids

Just 15 minutes a day of kicking around a ball kicking ball slim kidsor swimming might be enough to keep children from becoming obese, British and U.S. researchers said on Monday. The study that was conducted on 5500 children found that the children who exercise more have lesser chances of becoming obese. The children who did fair exercise for 15 minutes have 50% less chancing of becoming obese as compared to the children who remain inactive for the whole day.

According to the report the higher intensity physical activity may be more important than total activity. We all know that diet plays an important part in fight against obesity. But many times we forget about physical activities that are as vital as any diet. Even small amount of physical activity can have big impact on your overall obesity.

It is clearly a matter of people eating more calories than they burn off, but experts cannot agree whether diet or exercise is more important -- and which kind of exercise might be best. Ness' team studied 5,500 children, with an average age of 12, who with their mothers have been taking part in a larger, long-term study of health.

The study found that the children who do not exercise at all have greater chances of obesity. "These associations suggest even a modest increase of 15 minutes moderate and vigorous physical activity might result in an important reduction in the prevalence of overweight and obesity," the researchers wrote.


Written by Brad

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