Complete A to Z about fat and fat foods

If we eat extra food, which our body cannot burn, then that food stays in our body as fat. We need to stay away from junk food and try to adopt some healthy eating habits. We need to take our meals on time and be very punctual with our exercise programs.

  1. A means Apple
    Eat an apple a day to be fit and fine

  2. B means Breakfast
    Never skip your breakfast

  3. C means calories
    Burn calories to get rid of stored fat

  4. D means Diet
    Follow a healthy diet plan to be really successful in your fat loss

  5. E means eggs
    Eat the white part of egg if you are fatty

  6. F means fruits
    Include more and more fruit items in your diet

  7. G means Green Tea
    Take green tea as a drink, pill and as a weight loss patch

  8. H means Human Adeno virus
    It may cause obesity

  9. I mean ice cream
    Take very little otherwise may help you become fatty

  10. J Means Junk food
    Stay away from junk food and restaurants

  11. K means kg
    1 kilograms = 2.20462262 pounds

  12. L means Lard
    lard refers to pig fat and it is better to avoid it

  13. M means meat
    Stay away from red meat

  14. N means negative calorie food
    are foods, which utilize more calories to digest than the calorie foods in fact have. So go for them

  15. O means obese
    it is the excessive storage of fat in our body

  16. P means prickles
    Taking them leads to burning sensation in the stomach. So avoid them

  17. Q means quit
    better quit junk food and eat quality food

  18. R means Resvertroll
    Available in grapes and lowers the cholesterol

  19. S means sugar
    go sugar free or cut some sugar out of your diet

  20. T means TV
    do not watch TV while taking your meals

  21. U means up to date
    remain up to date about your as well as your kids health and fitness

  22. V means vegetables
    Include some green vegetables in your food

  23. W means weight loss
    make healthy efforts and get to a healthy weight loss

  24. X: As you like eat any thing in limited quantity

  25. Y means yellow fruits
    Contain vitamin A, which is good for our eyes and skin

  26. Z means zero
    Go sugar free.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.