Leptin intake in early life may prevent obesity

According to a report by Times Online, a hormone-like substance Leptin when added to babies’ milk or given to the pregnant women, might prevent kids from getting fat in the adulthood. So then we all do not have to care for our kids eating habits and getting obese (From dailyindia).

Leptin, which is being produced by excessive amount of fat, gives signals to out brain to deter further eating. Scientists experimented with pregnant and lactating rats by providing them with Leptin- rich food and found that no matter what they ate, their babies did not put on weight.

They theorised that the intake of Leptin early in life 'hard-wires' the body's energy-balance settings.

According to Dr Mike Cawthorne of the University of Buckingham, mother's milk contains Leptin but other food supplements don't.


Written by Brad

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