Obese in Rio treated like horses

obese people Rio de Janeiro hospital has been forcing obese patients to share the medical equipment with horse at local race track. This act has brought the attention of many activists who say this act is totally humiliating (Yahoo News).

When people have more weight than the standard equipment they are having, they are sent to the Jockey Club there have the suitable equipments. Obese patients, who want to lessen their stomach, need to go through the surgery which require a tomography, or multiple X-raying of body sections and that is carried out in a chamber.

Rio hospital has tomography equipment for those patients only who is weighting from 265 of pounds to 287 of pounds. Tomographs that are used on horses are sturdier and more spacious than common devices.

Many patients feel humiliated to go there said, Rosimere Lima da Silva, head of the Group for Salvaging Self-Esteem and Citizenship of the Obese (Graco).


Written by Brad

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