Planning more meals at home

I want to bring my fast food and restaurant dinning to the minimum. Right now I am going for dinning out on more than seven times in a week. The biggest role in eating out happens more in weekends. I want to bring it to at most three to four times a week. I have got some plans for making it really true.

I am planning to keep my eating pattern same as it is during the working days. No doubt eating healthy meal for the whole week is really a challenge. So here is the list of things that I am planning to do to eat more healthy meals during the whole week:

  • I am going to bring some cooking books and plan some healthy menu items out of them.

  • Planning for some meals, which can be quickly prepared when I do not have time.

  • Going to purchase all the ingredients that I will need to prepare some healthy meals at home.

  • I have decided to make a healthy menu for my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and going to include lots of fruits and veggies.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.