TV fat ads boost fat kid’s food intake by more than 130 percent

TV showing food adsAccording to a study conducted by British researchers, the obese and overweight children food intake increase by 134 percent after watching the food ads on TV (Yahoo News).

This study was conducted on 60 children, age from 9 to 11. It was found that overweight kids ate 101 percent more and normal weight kids ate 84 percent more after they were shown food ads on TV, toy ads and cartoons.

In this study, the children were offered different kind of food items like snacks, crisps, grapes, chocolate and jelly sweets. It was noted that the fat kids were going more for the highest fat items like jelly sweets and chocolates.

So this study shows that the food items ads on TV has a bad impact on the kids eating habits. It not only increases their consumption rate but also chances of getting obese or more obese.


Written by Brad

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