More than half of adults in European Union overweight

According to top health experts from European Union (EU), More than fifty percent of adults in EU are obese or overweight and so they are playing the biggest part in making European Continent fattier (From Yahoo News).

Lack of proper diet and little or no physical activities have biggest role in making adults more overweight. More and more children are getting overweight everyday and it will lead to more adults getting victim of heart attack and other health related problems.

According to EU health officials, more than 21 million children are overweight and around 400,000 children are getting overweight every year. That’s the biggest worrying factor.

EU health officials talked to many food producers and spots organizers to promote healthy foods among people and some of them even promised to do so. But the people are not making healthy choices at all.

They are more willing to eat more fatty foods and no or less willing to eat healthy food with fruits and vegetables.


How to lose love handles tips

By now we all know what are love handles and nobody love those love handles. But it is also true that it is not too easy to get rid of love handles. I admit that I have been love handles and had been trying to lose love handles for some time.

I search more and more to get expert comments and views about “How to lose love handles” fast. But I was really disappointed to know that there is no fast, magic or shortcut to lose love handles. But there are some exercise, diet plans and lifestyle change we have to make to be really able to burn the fat in this area (Love handles).

I get some really useful love handle tips and exercise that will help to lose love handles. So I am not going to waste more time and just going to implement the tips:

  • Needs to burn more calories than we consume. There is no exercise or diet plan useful by the time we do not limit out calorie intake.

  • Eat healthy food with lesser amount of calories and no sweet at all

  • Drink more water during the day. Try to drink water in excess of three liters per day to have maximum impact.

  • Take fruits and vegetables more often during the whole day. And avoid fast foods and especially cheese.

  • Limit your sugar intake and do not eat red meat.

  • Limit your habit of consuming high amount of alcohol in the form of beer and wine.

  • The most important thing to do is reducing the amount of salt intake. Decrease your salt intake as much you can from various foods you eat.

  • Going for a walk in the morning will be helpful. With this doing swimming, running and biking will also be great.

  • Doing aerobics will help to reduce the stored fat around love handles

  • Doing side bends exercise will be a useful exercise for targeting the muscle under your love handles.

  • Doing leg raise exercise will also be useful. Try to repeat leg raise exercise ten to fifteen times.

  • Try to involve more in sports kind of activities. Use stairs instead of elevator and join a gym if you are suffering too much of love handles.

These are some of the steps that will help in losing the love handles. We need to use a healthy combination of diet and exercise to be really successful with love handles. We need to be keeping patient and keep on making the right efforts with lot of enthusiasm.

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Heavy born infants more likely to be overweight later on

According to a survey that was carried on more than 8000 children in Hong Kong, found that the new born baby who are heavy at the time of their birth, have 150 percent more chances of being overweight or obese by the age of seven years (From Yahoo News).

The newly born babies whose weight is more than 3.65 kg or more than 8 pounds are considered to be heavy.

In the earlier studies, obesity was someway liked with a person’s lifestyle and his eating patterns. But according to this study, person obesity is also related with the eating and life style pattern of their parents and grand parents.

Out of 8300 children being tracked for this survey, 800 of them are now overweight or obese. At the age of seven the boys with BMI greater than 17.9 are overweight and BMI over 20.6 are obese. The girls at the age of seven years, With BMI more than 17.53 are overweight and BMI greater than 20.5 are obese.


Now A glass of apple juice a day doing the trick for Asthma

We have often heard about "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Now "A glass of apple juice a day" seems to be doing the trick for the asthma patents.

According to the latest research, drinking apple juice per day can help in cutting the risk of increasing asthma. And eating banana can also decrease the asthma risk by a third. But the strange thing about this research is that, eating apple juice will do the trick but eating apple as whole does not have any effect.

The asthma problem is getting bigger and bigger per day especially in developed countries as more and more people are switching to fast food items and leaving out the fresh fruits foods.

This study was carried out on 2700 primary school children. During the study, it was found that the children who take apple juice at least once a day have fifty percent lesser chances of being affected by asthma in near future (From The Daily Mail).


Overweight to try hard to get results out of exercise

overweight exercise programs Now there is bad news for the overweight people who want to get some positive results from resistance training. Especially for those who want results from exercise training just by doing small amount of exercise.

According to a latest study, the overweight people have lesser chances of getting some positives from resistance training and if they really want to get something out of exercise, they have to make more hard efforts as compared to leaner people.

It does not mean that the overweight people should just stop doing it. They should go ahead with their exercises as difference between the amount of efforts they have to make and leaner people make is very less.

But with this we should not forget that exercise programs not only kelps us in losing weight but also have many more health benefits.

The study was carried on 687 adults that were between the age of 18 and 39. These volunteers took part in various exercise programs for 12 weeks.

At the end of 12 weeks, it was found that, everyone gained strength and muscle. But the overweight adults gained 4 to 17 percent less than those adults with normal weight (From Yahoo News).


Diet advice with mobile phone

mobile phone diet Now there is good news for dieters who use mobile phones. We have been using mobile phones for talking and Internet surfing. Now they can be used for taking the valuable advice to achieve weight loss goals.

Some Japanese have been using their mobile phones for taking their eaten diet photos and send them to Nutrition’s experts for further advice. As the mobile phones are very common in Japan and people awareness about increasing weight problem, The health experts have put both together so that the dieters can send their food portion photos and can receive useful results and suggestions.

According to Dr. Yutaka Kimura, previously dieters fill their diet information in many online food journals. Bu they forgot to mention many of things and even misjudge the portion size they are. But with exact meals food, they will get more exact results.

The waistline size is increasing in Japan with the size of meals and fried foods. According to health ministry last year estimation, more than 50 percent of men and one out of five between the age of 40 and 70 were at risk of metabolic syndrome.

Now health ministry is hoping now mobile phone will help in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome to some extent. I personally feel getting advice from a nutrition expert with photos is far better than what we were doing earlier (From International Herald Tribune).


Controlling food size for losing weight

food portion size Food size plays an important role as far as our weight loss is concerned. We need to keep our food portion very sensible. On mostly occasions, we do not look too much or notice at the food size that is being served to us. Eating large food portion is one of the major reasons for too many people getting overweight.

To be able to lose weight, we need to take limited amount of calories during the whole day. But when we take bigger portions of food, we cannot help us in losing but can in gaining weight. The extra food that we eat, stores as a fat in our body.

People often keep on saying they are eating too less these days to get the extra fat away. But still they used to eat the biggest food portions they have taken before.

So we need to restrict our portion size to be able to lose weight and keep a healthy weight:

  • Taking some salads before taking food helps you in eating smaller portion of foods

  • Eating smaller but more meals during the day

  • Do not forget to read the food labels to know their serving size

  • Satisfy your thirst with water only, which is calorie fee, fat free, and carb free and not from any kind of drink, juice or soda

  • Order small meal size when you go out for food to save calories and money

  • Do not keep extra food on table. Keep your food containers away from dinning table so that they cannot be easily reached out

  • Do not eat as if you have to clean the plate. Try to save some portion size for some other time

  • Eating on a smaller plate will also help in restricting the food size

  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your food, as they are low in calories

  • Do not prepare high amount of food

  • Once you have taken your serving size from the container, place it away from you or in the freeze


Have chicken soup before meal

According to a recent study, taking chicken soup as a meal starter can help us in cutting our food intake by 20 percent. According to Dr. D. D. Chen, of Duke University, taking fatty chicken soup before your meal can decrease your food consumption by 20 percent.

In this study, when 12 normal weight and 12 obese people were given chicken soup before eating pizza, both normal and obese people ate less portion after taking the fatty chicken soup. But when the same group of people was given protein-based soup before eating pizza, they eat the pizza as usual. S chicken based soup does the trick.


Karen Ebbesmeyer story of losing 128 pounds

Karen Ebbesmeyer weight loss story Losing 128 pounds of weight looks like a goal that is unachievable. But Karen Ebbesmeyer, makes its possible. Here is her story how she was able to lose 128 pounds of weight:

Two years back, Karen Ebbesmeyer weighted 275 pounds. According to Karen Ebbesmeyer, she tried everything from low carb diet to pills. But nothing seemed to be helping her.

Then she tried weigh watchers program which had not tried yet. She tried walking on a treadmill for at least three miles a day. And she gave up drinking soda and switch to pure water.

She started eating more and more vegetables. In February, she reached her weight loss goal of 148 pounds. Karen went from a size 24 to a size 6. She wrote a story about losing 128 pounds for Weight Watchers (From KSDK NewsChannel 5).


Get rid of obesity for avoiding cancer

According to the British Experts, we can avoid cancer by getting rid of obesity. For getting rid of obesity, we need to make some simple healthy lifestyle changes.

These days, too much attention has been given to the problem of obesity. But still there are many people around who do not know the risk factors that are involved in getting obese and its relation with cancer.

We all need to make small but effective lifestyle changes to avoid obesity and cancer. Healthy lifestyle changes include making healthy food choices, taking small portions of meals and going out for exercise regularly.

According to WHO (World Health Organisation) and IOTF (International Obesity Taskforce), obesity has become a global epidemic. There are more than 1 billion overweight adults worldwide and at least 300 million of them obese (From Hindustan Times).


Stay away from fat with Calcium after 50

According to researchers, the middle-aged women who often have been asked to take calcium tablet now have double benefits. With calcium dosage, they will not only be able to protect their bones but will also be able to stay away from fat (From The Daily Mail).

According to the study, the women over 50, who take calcium and vitamin D supplements regularly, have lesser chances of getting the fat as compared to those who do not.

The report claims that having a balance of nutrients in the diet could also stimulate the metabolism to work in a better way.

In Britain, Women over 50 are suggested to take at least 700 mg of calcium daily.


Keep track of your progress with FitDay

Getting weight off and forever by tracking your diet and exercise

weight loss progress with FitDay One of the practical and best ways to lose weight is just keep a track of what you eat, how much you exercise and the amount of calories you consume.

If we keep a record of everything what we ate and did during the day on paper will be really difficult for me and you to make calculations about how much calories we consumed on a particular day and how much we should have consumed as a way to go ahead with our weight loss progress.

Many times we eat too much in one serving that should have been eaten in three or four servings. That is really bad. If we do so, we can never lose weight whatever diet and whatever exercise plan we adopt. To be really successful with our weight loss, we need to limit our calories intake. If our calorie intake is higher that what we should have taken on a particular day, we need to make changes in our eating patterns.

By keeping a track of what we eat, we will be able to restrict not only our calorie intake but also be able to change our bad eating habits to good eating habits.

There are many sites and calorie calculator available on the internet that can keep track of your daily activity many of which are free of cost. One such program is FitDay.

FitDay is a free simple web based program where you can keep track of your calorie intake, calorie consumption, nutritional balance and exercise. FitDay has many reporting options where you can compare you calories and nutritional intake versus their daily allowances.

For using this program, you have to just create an account on FitDay. FitDay comes with some food inventory information available. You can also enter your own foods information. I find FitDay to be really useful in keep a track of my overall progress towards reaching my weight loss goals.

So what you are using to keep track of your daily progress or not using anything. If not why not try FitDay.


Get incentives for losing weight

VERO BEACH – Kincman, the city’s safety and training administrator, has shown that you lose weight even in the office without giving a stop to your work. She has been walking on her breaks and lunch hour for the last one year and has been able to lose 13 pounds so far.

According to her, we sleep better and remain in good mood after exercising. She hopes that giving more incentives to employee’s wellness programs will help more city employees get fit.

"Some of the incentives for participating in the voluntary program are $10 for participating in the health screening at the city health fair, a free one year membership to city owned Leisure Square and Riverside Tennis complex and gift cards to local businesses to employees losing the most weight or showing the most improvement."

Anderson said he would measure the program's success by how healthy employees become. Last year 89 employees participated in the health screening where their there blood pressure, cholesterol and blood-sugar levels were checked.

The 89 employees who went through the health screening were found to be: 87% with diabetes risk, 71% with high blood pressure, 67 % overweight and 26 % at risk for depression (From TCPalm).


Diet limits childhood obesity – Somerville

According to the researchers, efforts were made to limit kids obesity in Somerville and that worked fine.

More fruits and vegetables were given to kids in the lunchtime. Restaurant looked to offer small portions of food. Crosswalk area was filled with walking and biking posters to encourage people. The whole city of Somerville went on a diet to limit kids obesity and that had really worked according to researchers.

According to Christina Economos, who led the program called "Shape Up Somerville: Eat Smart Play Hard.” if other communities take similar steps, they could help kids getting rid of obesity as they grow older.

For this research, the researchers picked Somerville city of 77,500 populations. The researchers met with teachers, parents and school officials to explain the importance of avoiding meals high in fat and sugar and encouraging children to be active, Economos said (From Yahoo News).


Just 10 minutes of exercise enough for overweight women

According to a latest report provided by US researchers, even 10 minutes of exercise per day can help the most inactive overweight women (From Yahoo News).

The tests that were done on overweight women many of them were suffering from high blood pressure problem, showed that even small amount of exercise help to improve their overall level of fitness and also helped them live longer.

While virtually everybody knows that exercise is good for you, 20 percent of U.S. adults admit they do no exercise whatever and most do not get as much as is recommended.


Losing ponds with Vertical workstation

Losing weight while working in the office

treadmill desk Most of us spend most of their times at their computers or desk during the day. And by the time, we reach home; we do not have enough energy or mood to go to the gym. So we need some way to lose pounds while we are in the office (From Yahoo News).

Mayo Clinic in New York has designed a "vertical workstation" treadmill that allows us to exercise on a treadmill without losing valuable time away from the desk For this 15 fat people were asked to work on treadmill desk and calculated the amount of calorie they burn while working on the treadmill desk.

It was calculated that if an overweight office worker uses this vertical workstation everyday for a year, he or she is expected to lose around 66 pounds of weight.

If obese workers use this vertical workstation even for two to three hours daily, they can use 20 to 30 kg of weight every year. The cost of this vertical workstation is said to be $1,600.


Things to avoid when dieting

Philip Alden San on Mateo Daily Journal has given three things to avoid when on a dieting:

  1. Do not go after diet pills. Diet pills do not have a good record when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off permanently. Diet pills may add extra risk to dieters health and have to pay a lot for these pills.

  2. We should thing certain food as good or bad unless you are suffering from specific illness or disease state. Eat a well balanced healthy diet and include various variety of foods in your diet.

  3. Some diets base their plan on the avoidance of foods that cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, mostly those we casually call “junk foods.” It’s not that the science is unsound, it is. If your blood sugar climbs quickly your body may release more insulin, causing your blood sugar to drop and resulting in feelings of hunger.


Take Two Apples and Call Me in the Morning

Total Wellbeing Diet at Amazon UK"Take Two Apples and Call Me in the Morning" is a book written by Judy Stone, who is a psychotherapist and nutrition expert. She has been working with people on issues of health, diet, and body awareness since 1980.

According to Judy Stone, this book is for those people who want o feel better, want to lose weight and will motivate you and keep you on track. This book has also some great recipes that look great. Judy Stone book can be really helpful for those who want to change their eating habits and patterns for better health.


CSIRO's Total Wellbeing voted best diet

Total Wellbeing Diet at Amazon UKCSIRO diet has been voted as the best weight loss diet by an online panel of Australian Dieters. The CSIRO diet was able to beat other 19 diet plans including Weight Watchers and Dr Tickell's Great Australian Diet.

Other diet plans that were reviewed include Atkins diet, the Zone, Herbalife weight management program and the South Beach diet (From Herald Sun).

But what is CSIRO DIET?

This diet is totally based on a research done by CSIRO, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which compared the weight loss between two groups. Both groups were given equal amount of calories. But one group was kept on high carbohydrate diet and the other group was kept on high protein diet.

Both groups had 20% fat content in the diet, but the high protein group ate 34% protein and 46% carbohydrate, whereas the high carbohydrate group received 17% protein and 63% carbohydrate.

The study showed that both groups lost weight, but those on the high protein diet lost more and felt better, reporting that they felt fuller than on other diets, and felt less temptation to snack between meals (From Health Network).


Snacks for kid’s health

Snacks play a bigger role in today kid’s diet. According to a survey by U.S. Department of Agriculture that was carried on 10,000 children, kids today eat twice the snacks like crackers, popcorn, pretzels, and corn chips what they were eating 20 years ago. Still many kids fail to get many vitamins and minerals they needed. We need to have a proper planning for snacks as we have meal planning.

Some healthy snacks ideas:

  • Fresh fruits

  • Fruits canned in juice

  • Small amount of dried fruits such as raisins, apple rings, or apricots

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Reduced fat cheese

  • Low-fat yogurt with fruit

  • Breadsticks

  • Chunks of avocado

  • Whole grain breads

  • Graham crackers

  • Mini rice cakes

  • Apple slices with hazelnut butter

  • Frozen bananas

  • Nuts

  • Soy yogurt

  • Soy ice cream

  • Ramen soup

  • Tofu hot dogs


How to keep your child from being overweight

Child obesity is the really big problem that needs to be solved. But the best idea will be to take necessary steps to prevent your child from getting overweight. Parents need to encourage their child in adopting healthy eating habits and more physical activities. Here are some tips that will help your child maintain a healthy weight:

  1. Never force your child for eating when he or she is not hungry at all

  2. Never try to make your child happy by offering him food items as a reward

  3. Do not give your child too much amount of sweets or restaurant foods

  4. Give your child healthy food to eat and no more than 30 percent of all the calories your child eats should be fat calories

  5. Keep your child away from TV and try to involve your child in more physical activities

  6. Make your child used to the good eating and exercising habits

  7. Buy more and different variety of fruits so that you and your child have some options to choose from

  8. Bring lesser amount of soft drinks, chips, cookies and candy at home

  9. Make efforts that your child eats his breakfast regularly

  10. Offer your child water and low fat milk regularly


Why the kids are getting obese?

kids getting obese We have been hearing too much about kids’ obesity and its increasing impact in various countries with Britain being affected the most. Bu the kids are getting obese?

There are very few children or very low percentage of kids who become obese because of medical problems. Recent researches have shown that the kids have bigger chances of becoming obese or overweight if their parents are obese.

It is still not known why it is. It may be because of the genetic factors that the kid inherits from their parents. Kids parents eating habits and activity level may also have something to do with kid’s obesity. Parents have to play a big role in their kids obesity and overall health. Parents need to adopt the things that they want their kids to follow.

Parents need to make their and their kids eating habits really healthy and try to involve kids in more and more physical activities.

Another reason for kid’s obesity can be because of too much of high calorie food available in the market. Many high calorie food products are even made and too much advertised especially to attract kids. Parents need to keep their kids away from such unhealthy products.

Very few kids do the exercise kind of stuff. There are too many kids who never do exercise or walking for better health. These days kids prefer to waste their time with TV sets and video games instead of going out for playing and walking in the garden.

So we need to return to the basic of life. Kids need to go for healthy foods, involve more in physical activities, stay away from TV and junk foods. And parents can help them in choosing the right things for them.


Make a smart move by turning off TV

According to a leading British researcher, Dr Jason Hallford, Parents who are worried about their kids obesity problem, can make a smart move by turning off the TV and increasing their kids fruits and vegetables intake (from

He said that for every hour over two hours of watching TV per day just help the kids get more obese or fat if not already.

Of the total world population, 10 percent of kids are either overweight or obese. In Britain this percentage is quite high. 14 percent of kids are obese and 30 percent as overweight.


Swedes little girls more likely to be fat

As all of the western countries are struggling with child obesity problems, Swedes are facing a strange problem where little girls are more likely to be obese as compared to little boys according to a recent study. The study performed by researchers at Sweden’s Uppsala University showed that only 4 years girls are six times more likely to be obese compared to 20 years ago — a bigger jump than among boys (From Yahoo News).

There are many reasons give for this big difference in obesity rate. One reason could be the lifestyle change that may be behind all this. Another reason can be boys are more active as compared to girls. And when the calories load increase, the girls are more affected as compared to boys.


Why not play football instead of going to Gym

woman burning calories A new study and surprising one has found that the women are able to burn more calories playing football that doing workouts at the gym.

Leading sports scientist professor Don Maclaren found that rowing and cycling burns 543 calories an hour while playing football burns 683 calories in an hour. This is even 40 calories more than a cross-trainer.

Leading sports scientist professor Don Maclaren found that rowing and cycling burns 543 calories an hour while playing football burns 683 calories in an hour. This is even 40 calories more than a cross-trainer (From The Daily Mail).


Low calorie soup role in weight management

According to the scientists, taking low calorie soup before meals may help all of us in managing our weight and calorie intake.

It was found that the people, who take low calorie soup before the main dish or entree, were able to reduce their calorie intake by 20 percent compared to when they did not take low calorie soup before their main meals.

So taking low calorie soup before a meal help us in cutting back the amount of food and the amount of calories we consume. So it can be really helpful for us as far as weight management and calorie intake is concerned.

However, be careful of higher-calorie, cream-based soups that could actually increase the total calories consumed,' the scientists warned.


Fathers to be blamed for kids obesity

obese kid A new study that was carried on 5,000 kids shows that fathers could be actually blamed for their kid’s obesity that do not pot a limit on what and how much their kids have to eat (from

The study looks at different levels of approaches being used by the fathers as to what and how much their kids to eat. It was found that the fathers who do not have no force on the kind of and amount of food being eaten by their kids, end up with fatty children.

On the other hand, the fathers who have already set some boundaries for their kids, end up with kids having lower BMI, healthier and more behaved kids.

One very interesting thing to note in the study was that they found that mothers had absolutely no impact no matter how strict or how loose they were in terms of setting boundaries and limits. Obesity can be blamed on the fathers apparently.



Young women celebrated their health and said ‘no’ to fad dieting today, as part of celebrations for International No Diet Day held at Federation Square.

The Minister for Health, Bronwyn Pike, shared cupcakes with the young women and encouraged them to have a healthy attitude to eating and exercise.

"Nine out of 10 young women in Australia have been on a fad diet in their lifetime," Ms Pike told the group of young women.

“These young women are at risk of experiencing depression, or developing an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa, or simply never reaching their goal of permanent weight loss.”

Funded by the Bracks Government’s $2.1 million Go for your life Positive Body Image Strategy, YWCA Victoria invited young women to eat cake and learn about the myths of dieting.

The “Eat Cake” event for International No Diet Day involved a giant cake being cut up and shared along with cupcakes from the Crabapple Bakery.

Minister Pike added her support to raising awareness amongst vulnerable dieters to the myths that eating should cause guilt and that food is bad.

“If we know that fad dieting is so risky, why do people still go on fad diets?” she said.

“The answer in part lies with the messages we are bombarded with in the media about how to be happy and successful, if only we look a certain way or are a certain body shape.”

International No Diet Day began in Britain in 1992 with an anti-diet campaign called ‘Diet Breakers’ and is now an annual international event that encourages community awareness and discussion about healthy attitudes to food without guilt.

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Belly fat causes obesity

Chairman of the Kuwaiti Obesity Association Dr. Yusuf Bu Abas says fat stored in human belly leads to obesity related diseases (from Kuwait Times).

Bu Abas said after his participation in the International Obesity Conference, held in Hungary late April, that the conference shed light on many obesity related problems, and that he presented a number of studies provided by the participants including international doctors and experts.

The conference concluded that a person may raise the risk of heart disease if he loses weight without exercising any form of sports or walking, stressing exercising is the way to lose weight and avoid diseases.

The conference stressed that women must control their weight before getting pregnant and that is to avoid pregnancy diabetes, high blood pressure and caesarian operation, as for the baby may have a tendency to be overweight if the mother's weight exceeded certain limits before and during pregnancy.

Studies in the conference showed that changing life styles to avoid obesity diseases is important and a study from Finland proved that to avoid diabetes for seven years, one must walk and lose weight.

When a person loses 10 percent of her/his actual weight, this leads to losing 30 percent of the fats under the belly which in turn avoid obesity diseases by 40-50 percent. Bu Abas said the conference stressed on the importance of teaching children the healthy eating habits, barring them from junk food, increasing the time for exercising sports and minimizing the time where they watch television and get brainwashed by fast food TV commercials. - Kuna


Top 15 healthy eating habits

We have been talking these days too much about healthy eating habits for getting the fat off. But what are these healthy eating habits. I try to find the answer of this question in my today’s post.

We need to keep discipline with our eating habits if we really want to get long-term weight loss benefits. By adopting good eating habits we are not only going to get rid of weight, but also going to be free from many other diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes.

  1. Eat healthy food which include sufficient amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

  2. Do not eat too much and any time. Eat only on scheduled time and when you are hungry.

  3. Include fruits and vegetables in your breakfast.

  4. Include cereals, pulses and milk products like curd etc in your lunch and dinner.

  5. Do not take snacks between lunch and dinner. If you are feeling hungry, take fruits and vegetables.

  6. If you are fond of fruit juice, take it 20 to 30 minutes before your meals

  7. Do not forget to chew your meals properly.

  8. Drink plenty of water during the whole day whenever you feel thirsty.

  9. Do not keep any unhealthy food near your eating-place or in your house

  10. Take your meals with peace, happiness and calmness.

  11. Do not watch TV while taking your meals

  12. Try to skip Tea, coffee, wine, beer, drugs and smoking as much you can.

  13. Take small portions of meals and if you like can take your meals five to six time with small portions.

  14. Try to be sugar free as much you can

  15. Do not make sudden changes in your eating habits. Make them slowly