Having obese friends enhances Chances of getting obese

According to a latest Harvard and California University, our chances of getting obese increase by 57 percent if my best friend is an obese. For this researchers studied more than 12000 various friends network for 32 years and also monitored their weights during this interval (From Yahoo news).

According to the researchers, weight gain in person has direct effect on weight gain in other people in the friend’s circle.

Also if any of husband or wife becomes obese, the chances of other were getting obese increases by 37 percent.

This is the first ever study that shows how obesity spreads with social networks and from friends to other friends.

We all need to slow down this wide spread of obesity by eating healthy and doing exercise regularly.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


FitnFree said...

I read that information about social friends having an effect on your weight -- was really interesting and it does make sense when you think it thru, doesn't it! So I guess if all our friends are chubby, some of us have to take the lead in the other direction, don't we! ;)