No increase in body mass index in Ark

School kids in Ark are able to keep their body mass index static when compared with their previous year BMI. According to kids BMI report that was released on Monday, 20.6 percent of kids were overweight and 17.2 percent of kids were at the risk of being overweight. BMI stats were same the year before as well (Yahoo News).

"We've got to keep everybody engaged and working hard, or we're going to lose a future generation of kids to this epidemic," Arkansas Surgeon General Joe Thompson said.

472, 000 school children were tested last year. Student’s absenteeism was the biggest reason why 77 percent kids were weighed. In the previous school year, 20.5 percent of 369,416 tested were overweight, with 17.1 percent considered at risk.

Even under the program's recent changes, Thompson said the state will still be able to reach out to children with its BMI reports and through other efforts to cut down on obesity among youth, such as limits on junk food sales at schools. He cautioned that parents must also step up.

"After four years of reporting to every parent, we are transferring some of the responsibility back to the parents," Thompson said. "That's an imbalance that's OK."


Written by Brad

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