Speeding up your metabolism for healthy weight loss

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the process that our body uses to convert calories into energy. When someone told you about burning calories, he’s talking about metabolism. The rate at which our body burns calories is known as metabolism rate.

Our body keep on burning calories throughout the day whether we are eating, working, moving or even when sleeping. For losing weight, we all need to build a fast metabolism. People with slow metabolism find it’s really hard to burn calories. Slow metabolism will result in extra fat being stored. The slower metabolism rate you have, the more weight you are going to gain.

The speed at which your metabolism works to keep your body working whether you are sleeping or resting is known as your basal metabolism. If you are able to boost your metabolism, you will find it really easy to lose weight when you are doing nothing or resting. It is not really hard to speed up your metabolism. With fast metabolism, you will have faster weight loss, faster fat burning and healthier body. Here I’m suggesting you some healthy ways to speed up your metabolism:

  1. Try to be as much active as possible

  2. Walking, running and exercising for burning calories and for higher level of metabolism

  3. Eat enough calories to provide your body with energy to make it through the day and to keep your metabolism running quickly.

  4. Have breakfast in the morning to stay energetic for the whole day

  5. Take small but frequent meals during the day

  6. Eat your proteins to increase your metabolism rate

  7. Drink three cups of greet tea daily to burn more calories

  8. Drinking cold water can also help you speed up your metabolism

  9. Spicy foods that make you sweat

  10. Good night sleep for better metabolism

  11. Drinking high amount of water throughout the day

  12. Do n’t forget to include high energy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet

  13. Avoid refined foods and sugary snacks

  14. Do not starve yourself. Consuming calories lower than 1000 will slow down your metabolism


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.