Overweight people death rate high due to prostate cancer

We already have many reasons to lose weight. Now we have one more big reason to lose some extra pounds. According to a latest research, overweight people are twice more likely to die after being diagnosed with prostate cancer compared to the people having normal weights (Via Yahoo News).

For this study, Smith and his team examined the results of men who have advanced prostate cancer. This study examined 788 men whose weights were recorded at the time of diagnosis to check if their BMI have any effect on their risk of dying.

According to this study, 6.5 percent of people with normal or lower weight i.e. people with BMI less than 25 died after prostate cancer within 5 years. Death rate was 13.1 for the overweight people i.e. people whose BMI lies from 25 to 30. But death rate was 12.2 (lower than the overweight people) for obese people i.e. for people whose BMI is 30 or more.

This research does not give any specific reason for link between obesity and higher risk of death due to prostate cancer. From this research, it was also not clear if people losing weight would help them after they are diagnosed with the disease.


Written by Brad

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