Tracey healthy weight loss gets national attention

Tracey Wygal who is a Martinsburg resident teaches at James Wood Middle School in Winchester. When Tracey weight started reaching 300 pounds, she had to think about it. She was too much embarrassed by her weight that she never went to the gym (Via The Herald-Mail Online).

So Tracey started exercising at home in an effort to lose some pounds. In three years time, Tracey has been able to lose 120 pounds.

Tracey after weight loss Earlier Tracey primarily used to eat junk food, fast food, other unhealthy foods and do overeating as well has now limited her calories intake to 1600 per day and do work out six day a week.

Tracey after weight lossAccording Tracey, people were totally surprised to see such a big difference in her physical look and CNN was also impressed by her weight loss progress that she had made by adopting healthy weight loss way outs. Tracey is scheduled to be featured on the “Fit Nation” segment that airs on the nation.

Fit Nation is keeping track of what people are doing to get fit and the obesity epidemic in the country. Last year, they focused on calorie counting and exercising and this year, they are focusing people who have used healthy ways to lose weight.

According to Tracey, her bad eating habits started in her middle school days and no one ridiculed her at that time. Tracey said that consistent workouts and good diet are the best ways to keep weight off.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Radcliffe said...

Nice going Tracey! And Nice site!

I'm glad the CNN is getting out of the old 'counting calories' paradigm. I lost a lot of weight with a few simple changes. And I never counted calories to do it.

Radcliffe at Radcliffe's Weight Journal

Anonymous said...

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