Fat loss 4 idiots diet Review

These days we have been hearing a lot about web based diet generating program from Fat loss 4 idiots which they claim is the easiest and fastest method to lose weight extra weight we are carrying for years. I first came to know about this diet program from one of my relative who was already successfully going through Fat loss 4 idiots program. After hearing his success story, I decided to give it a try.

The basic idea behind Fat loss 4 idiots diet is that, we can lose 9 pounds in 11 days following their generated diet program (That's what they claim). It looks impossible to me that someone will be able to lose 9 pounds in 11 days time only. But I decided that I'm going to try it and find how much of weight I'm going to lose with Fat loss 4 idiots diet program.

Diet generating program will ask your favorite foods and create a meal plan for 11 days according to your food choices. According to Fat loss 4 idiots diet plan, we are supposed to make four meals a day and need to keep a gap of 2.5 at least between each meal. Once we have completed our first cycle of 11 days, we are free to eat whatever we like for the next three days. After completion of three days, we are supposed to start this 11 day diet plan once again.

One needs to continue this process by the time they reach their targeted weight. With Fat loss 4 idiots diet program, we don't need to count our calorie intake and also don't need to restrict our food amount. So one will have any problem in adopting this diet plan and will really enjoy it because they are eating foods of their choices.

In the first cycle, I was able to lose 8 pounds with Fat loss 4 idiots diet program which includes some water loss as well. And in the second cycle, I was able to lose 6 pounds. So in total I was able to lose 14 pounds in this short period of time. No doubt, this is less than what Fat loss 4 idiots diet claim. But losing 14 pounds in less than a month time is not small by any parameter.

For people who have been struggling with their extreme weight for years, should try Fat loss 4 idiots diet program. Fat loss 4 idiots diet is easy to follow and we don't need to starve and also don't need to count our calorie consumption etc.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Weight Loss said...

Weight loss industry will focus on the way people should feel while doing it, in order to achieve better results and stay healthy all the time. Being healthy and thin is not a dream, it should be something, that is a reasonable and easy to be done.

As you already know - women and men are not built the same way, and this is more than normal.

Harry said...

Here is an assessment of my calorie breakdown:

Meal #1: Chicken
Meal #2: Fruit Salad
Meal #3: Fish Filet
Meal #4: Cottage Cheese

At a guess I would eat 2 chicken breasts, 4 cups fruit salad, 2 cups cooked fish, 2 cups of cottage cheese.
Calorie breakdown: 1,876 total, 33g fat (16%), 159g carbs (32%), 234g protein (52%).

Meal #1: Scrambled Eggs
Meal #2: Chicken
Meal #3: Mixed Nuts
Meal #4: Sandwich (any type)

My calculations this were: 1,768 calories, incl 97g fat, 93g carbs, and 132g protein.

And this diet has been doing wonders for me.

I think I learned a lot from your blog. Good job!

14 pounds is definetely alot of weight in one month. With a plan like this individuals have to make sure that they can stick with this style of eating. It is good to see a program that does not preach pills or surgery.

Anonymous said...

Techniques for keeping a strong mind-body connection can be so rewarding after a very hard physical workout, but I've always wondered how a medically supervised, calorie-restricted eating plan is ever effective. Yeah, it'll get you immediate weight loss results, but in the long run, you're just going to put the weight and more back on. How is this healthy? I can't ever see a calorie-restricted diet, supervised or not, ever being a healthy or successful option. It's basic science. Anybody have any thoughts? Up to me best weight loss pills are the best way to loss weight.