Five Effective Breakfast Tips for Complete Nutrition

If you've always heard your mom make a tsk-ing sound once she sees you skipping breakfast, it's with good reason. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which readies your body for the activities which lay ahead in front of you.

Don't Skip that Breakfast: Benefits of Indulging in a Morning Meal

Those who are on a weight loss program or a calorie counting plan will be glad to know that by eating a healthy breakfast, there is a lesser chance of you binging on either lunch or dinner because you've had a complete nutritious breakfast to prepare you for the day ahead.

Another important reason why skipping breakfast is a no-no is that by doing so, you are unwittingly fooling your body into slowing down the metabolism. This is due to the fact that when you skip breakfast, there will be limited 'fuel' in the form of energy that you will get from foods – so the body will in turn try to conserve calories for future use.

As you may already know, slow metabolism is the culprit to weight gain. Did you know that sumo wrestlers are required to skip breakfast in order to slow down their metabolism and increase their weight? So unless you want to be one, stop skipping the most important meal of the day and allow your body to work continuously and efficiently by starting the day right.

5 Effective Breakfast Tips for Complete Nutrition

Take a look at these five tips that you need to remember in order to turn your breakfast routine into a completely nutritious, satisfying meal:

1. Eat breakfast within the two-hour span of waking up.

Let's say you need to go to the office at 8 in the morning and you woke up at six. You need to actually sit down, even if you only have five minutes, and make the most out of your morning meal.

If you feel relaxed reading the paper, watching the morning news or sitting down at your desk to check on your e-mail while enjoying your breakfast, do so.

The trick here is to turn breakfast into a pleasant experience and a soothing morning ritual that will be a habit to look forward to.

2. For complete nutrition, always include lean proteins in your breakfast meal.

Eating a bagel or a doughnut may seem like the ideal breakfast solution especially for those who are on the go – but carbs can only make you feel hungry again after a couple of hours. Instead of these staple breakfast items, go for foods which include skim milk, low-fat cheese, turkey meat or eggs.

3. Fiber it up!

If the goal of lean protein in your complete breakfast is to help you feel full longer, the benefit of fiber is to further boost your morning supplement. Include a serving of fruits, fibrous juices and substitute the white bread that you're so fond of with whole wheat bread.

4. Stick to whole foods.

Make sure that you have a daily supply of whole foods including fruits, omelets with veggies, low-fat dairy products and whole grains.

5. Vary the vitamin content of your breakfast.

Breakfast is as good an excuse as any to load up your morning meal with vitamins. Calcium from milk, vitamin C from freshly squeezed orange juice, fiber from a whole-wheat English muffin – this is just one example of the many ways that you can vary up the vitamin and nutrient content of your breakfast.

All in all, the cardinal rule is for you not to skip breakfast and make sure that the food items that you are consuming are healthy, nutritious and delicious.

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Stephanie said...

Great and concise post. I would like to add that it is important to AVOID low fat foods like skim milk. Just a small portion of full fat is better for you and much more satiating.

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Fat Loss said...

Skipping breakfast doesn't help you losing weight but it is harmful to health. All the given tips are quite useful and that really helps you in keeping fit.


Great post here. Thanks for sharing.