10 foods for helping you in reducing your weight

What you eat largely affects the shape of your body. It is very rare that someone does not know about this fact. However, it is very common for people to ignore this fact. As a result of this they put on more weight on their bodies than they should have. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, you should watch what you are eating. Here, we are informing you about 10 food items which will help you to reduce your weight.

1. Eat Grapes

Next time you feel hungry and take out a packet of biscuits, stop yourself. Instead of this, you should eat grapes. When you need to eat a small meal, grapes are a good option. However, do not eat too much of them in one go as they are high in sugar. A hundred grams of grapes offer only 70 calories to the human body.

2. Have High Fiber Cereals

In your breakfast, you can eat corn roasted on cob, white rice upma, and chappatis. Corn flakes and Oats can also be taken in breakfast. Avoid eating butter or anything very heavy in your breakfast.

3. Drink Curd

You should drink curd made from the milk of cow. It will give you a lot of Vitamins, calcium and proteins. It will pacify your hunger easily. A single glass of curd will offer only 56 calories to you and it is very delicious also.

4. Consume Oranges

Oranges might be taken in breakfast or anytime you feel very hungry. They offer lesser calories to the body but you get good amount of Vitamin C.

5. Eat Salads

Make salad from cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, carrot and beetroot. You can make a sandwich with them. It will easily fill up your stomach. However, don’t use butter for making sandwich.

6. Potatoes

Do not be surprised because it is not potatoes which make people fat but the ways by which potatoes are made. Try to eat boiled or baked potatoes. Avoid using oil for preparing them. Do not eat finger chips but if you must have them then made them in Microwave.

7. Eat air popped popcorn

You should eat popcorn made without butter. You can prepare them in Microwave. 4 Full cups of popcorn offer only 100 calories.

8. Have a chocolate

It is good to treat yourself occasionally. If you are putting in so many efforts for reducing weight, a single chocolate bar will not do anything bad for you.

9. Eat sprouted pulses

Sprouted pulses offer fiber and Vitamins to the body. You should eat them raw. They taste good. Fifty grams of sprouted pulses just provide 140 calories to the body.

10. Water

whether it’s hot or cold, drink as much water as you can. If at any point of time, you feel hungry, you can drink water if you want to avoid eating. Water is a natural hunger suppressant.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Paula said...

I cannot think of worse advice if you have any insulin sensitivity issues whatsoever (which many people do). Eating any of these as a snack regularly would cause me to balloon 5 pounds or more in a day or two -- hardly considered "maintenance."

Anonymous said...

you would balloon up if you drink water?

andrewrmunro said...

This advise is meant to be taken as a guide. If anyone has specific dietary requirements than that should be taken into consideration, which was not the intent of this article. I appreciate the information provided and will use it. Thank you

Anonymous said...

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Ben Manns said...


Popcorn makes you gain five pounds?