Top 5 diets that really work in losing weight

Losing weight is tough and losing it fast is tougher. Diets are mandatory not only because they constitute an innate part of weight loss but also embody a supplement in the process. A balanced diet involving different and diverse healthy foods is perhaps the key to the promotion of good health. Foods consist of vital nutrients and contribute in the metabolic functioning of the body. But, any lack in utilization of these or feeding on wrong types of foods can accumulate toxins in body, which in turn gives birth to chronic diseases in long run. Thus, selection of an appropriate diet plan is of utmost importance. Following are 5 most effective diets to help you in reducing weight.

  1. Detoxifying program: A detoxifying diet could be selected, if the intension is to purge out the undesired toxins present in body. This diet consists of fruits, vegetables and water. It clears the human system by separating the toxins contributing in weight-gain. If the person does not have any nutritional deficiencies, then he/she can follow this program.
  2. Low-Carbohydrate program: This diet is commonly advised for people wishing to lose weight. As the name suggests the diet, contains of foods, which are low in carbohydrates, and uses consumption of excess fat and protein. But as carbohydrates are seldom soluble, this is not a very good idea for someone who desires to lose weight.
  3. Juice fasting: In this emphasis is on consumption of juice consumption rather than eating of solid foods. In the diet vegetable and fruit juices are recommended. This diet is for people in a weight loss program. This program cleans the system and improves the body functioning.
  4. Raw foods: This is perhaps the most widely accepted program for losing weight. In this program a number of fruits and vegetables are eaten, in raw condition and without any preparation. The intension is to stop the loss of nutrients that occur during the process of cooking. Diets, which depend on raw food, instigate ‘weight-loss’.
  5. Organic Food: This program includes the consumption of such foods, which are organic in nature, i.e., not produced by the usage of synthetic pesticides. In this simple and clean food consumption contributes in your weight-loss. However, in this the importance lies in finding the proper organic food for you.


Do you know about 5 fastest ways to lose weight?

Losing weight becomes difficult for those people who do not know about the right ways to reduce weight. Many people believe in various myths related to weight loss and follow wrong methods for reducing their weight. People need to follow only the best and proven methods for weight loss. Instead of wasting time and money on those methods which are not quite effective for weight loss, people should do some research before they choose a particular method for lowering down their weight. Following are 5 methods for fast weight loss:

  1. Drink more water: Drinking more water helps in weight loss in different ways. Water helps in helping the kidneys in flushing out waste present in our body. Water also acts as a natural appetite suppressant. If you have water before eating food, your appetite will get reduced. Water is also required for maintaining good rate of metabolism in the body. Having ice cold water results in the burning of 62 calories in our body.
  2. Divide your food intake in to 5 to 6 small meals: People should develop a habit of eating 5 to 6 small meals during the day. This helps a lot in enhancing the rate of metabolism in the body. People who consume just 2 or 3 large meals in a day find it difficult to reduce their weight.
  3. Hit the gym: One should join a gym for doing exercises with weights. This will surely help in burning extra fat present in the body and developing muscles. Without indulging in physical activities, it is very difficult to reduce weight. Doing right kind of exercises help in weight reduction.
  4. Find out the best diet plan for yourself: Out of so many diet plans available, you need to judge which is best for you, according to your specific requirements. Once you know the diet plan you need to follow, follow it with discipline.
  5. Make little changes in your lifestyle: Analyze your daily routine and try to implement small changes here and there for reducing your weight. For instance, try to develop a habit of taking the stairs instead of escalators, operating the television manually etc. These changes do not require much effort on our part but they help in burning a lot of calories. Click here to know more about how lifestyle change can help you in losing weight.


10 Excellent ways to avoid holiday weight gain

Ways to avoid hliday gainMost of the people complain about increase in their weight during the holiday season. Holidays are loved by people and while spending holidays most of us start binging on those food items which are relished by us. If you wish to avoid holiday weight gain then keep the following points in your mind.

  1. Don’t go to a party with empty stomach: If you need to attend parties then eat something before going there. This will stop you from over eating in the party.
  2. Focus on something else: Divert your focus from food to other activities like dancing, meeting new people etc. while partying during holidays. This will help you in lowering down your calorie intake. Other than food, there are numerous things which one can enjoy in parties.
  3. Try eating slowly: People who eat in a fast manner feel hungry again after a short span of time. One should eat slowly so that the mind can accept that the body has received enough food.
  4. Counting the Canapas: When it comes to Canapas, counting gets difficult. One should keep a track of them and eat within limits.
  5. Deal smartly with the Buffet: If you get served with food in Buffet style then pick the smallest plate and fill it with the simplest foods available. This helps in restricting the calorie intake.
  6. Drink less alcohol: Most of the times, people start eating a lot after drinking alcohol. One should not drink too much of alcohol. It is important to avoid obesity and other health problems. To appease your craving for drinking something, you can keep a glass of sipping water or club soda in your hand.
  7. Eat fewer sweets: Sweets offer a lot of calories to the human body. One should try to consume lesser or no amount of desserts. People who know that they cannot stop themselves easily when it comes to eating sweets; should avoid the first bite of desserts.
  8. Keep your own treats with yourself: You should keep your own desserts with yourself. This will help you to avoid high calorie desserts available at other places. Desserts do not always need to be typical holiday food. Even fruits can serve the purpose.
  9. Limiting the habit of "Taste": While cooking food, people should taste only a little bit for the sake of tasting. It is not good to have several large scoops just for tasting purpose. This leads to overeating.
  10. Remember walking: Walking is a very good exercise which helps in burning extra calories. If you walk daily then its good but if you don’t then develop this habit for your own good.


Can you trust the Sonoma diet for reducing weight?

Sonoma diet for losing weightOut of a large number of weight loss diets available for the people, it is important to choose the best. You may have heard about Sonoma diet plan while searching different internet websites and health magazines. Dietician Connie Gutterson has introduced the Sonoma diet plan for helping people to reduce their weight. This diet is named after a place in Northern California, USA.

Knowing Basics of Sonoma diet
Enjoying the food, consuming food in moderate amount and gourmet cooking are the three main features of the Sonoma diet. This diet plan comprises three stages which are referred as three waves. Wave 1 and wave 2 focus on reducing the weight of an individual while wave 3 is for maintaining normal weight for the whole life by encouraging good food habits.

Get to know about the Power foods
There are different food items which are referred as “power foods” under the Sonoma diet plan.

Bell peppers, spinach, grapes, blueberries, broccoli, olive oil, tomatoes, almonds, strawberries and whole grains are the power foods which are eaten by an individual following the Sonoma diet plan.

Sonoma diet plan at a glance
In the breakfast, milk and whole grain cereals are consumed. Chicken with wild rice salad and celery with hummus in addition to raw baby carrots; is consumed in lunch. In the dinner, a single slice of whole grain bread, pork chops, Brussels sprouts and half cup fresh fruit is consumed. Apple blueberry tart can be eaten as a dessert. Cucumber yogurt sauce along with whole wheat pita is consumed as snacks while one follows the Sonoma diet.

Benefits of the Sonoma diet
The popularity of Sonoma diet has increased a lot in the last few years. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this diet plan is that it is not difficult to follow it. This diet plan has helped many people to achieve stable weight loss results. Sonoma diet plan offers a balanced and healthy diet routine for those people who wish to lower down excess weight from their bodies.

This diet is trustworthy because it has been founded by a famous dietician who has a lot of knowledge about Mediterranean style of eating. There are no or very less side effects of this diet routine. However, one should consult his doctor before he/she starts to follow this diet plan.