Fast weight loss tips for women

Guest Post by Chris

Women are different than men in many ways. When it comes to weight loss it is said that women find it harder to lose weight because of their body structure and physique. They usually have less muscle than men, their body is constantly affected by hormonal changes (period, menopause) and they get upset easily which makes them turn to food for comfort. While this holds true there is still an easy way out. Women can still lose weight with the same success as men provided that they do it right. There is no room for disappointment or failure so without further ado the top 5 fast weight loss tips that can help you go through a successful process is:

1. Be optimistic but realistic

Setting realistic goals is the first step of weight loss. You need to set your targets realistically but with optimism and positive thinking. Calculate your BMI or consult your doctor to find out your normal weight. Examine how far you are from this number and set your monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Do not be impatient, weight loss takes time and you need to aim for the big picture and not for short temporary results.

2. Weight loss is not only about diet and exercise

Do not put all your efforts in dieting or exercise. Yes you do have to watch what you eat and exercise regularly but permanent weight loss is about changing your lifestyle. This means changing the way you work, the way you rest and the way you approach your life. Get rid of the sedentary lifestyle and try to live a physically active life that includes time for leisure, sleep and play.

3. Do not exclude foods from your diet but watch your servings

Dieting in an effort to lose weight is not only about skipping meat or other food types from your meals. Our body to function properly needs nutrients from all food groups and everything that we eat is essential. What you should do instead is moderate your serving sizes. Eating less quantity from all foods is much better and more efficient than eating larger quantities of only protein or fiber foods. You can be selective on what you eat and keep the intake of full fat foods to the minimum but this is as much as you should go. Starvation or very strict diets are only good for short-term results, if your aim to lose weight once and for good prefer following a balanced diet.

4. Sports, exercise and physical activity

The only way to burn calories and gradually achieve a calorie deficit that can lead to losing pounds, is by doing sports, exercises and generally be physically active. There are so many things you can do to keep your body busy; you can join a gym or aerobics class, you can play sports with friends, you can work on your garden etc. Anything you do besides sitting, watching TV, eating snacks, surfing the Net, talking to the phone is beneficial for your weight loss efforts.

5. Patience is a virtue

When you start a weight loss process do not expect to reach your goals in a couple of weeks or months. Depending on how much weight you want to lose it may take months or even years. What is of most importance is to continuously work towards your targets and not get disappointed. There will be weeks that you will not lose any weight, this is normal and expected. What you should concentrate your efforts on is how to best implement your weight loss plan and the results will eventually come.

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