Losing weight with 3 apple a day diet plan

Lose weight with 3 apple a day diet plan3 apple a day diet has been founded by Tammi Flynn. Flynn found out that a person can lose his weight by including apples in his diet. On the basis of his findings he chalked out this diet plan. If you are interested in shedding off extra pounds from your body by following this diet plan then read on to get more information.

3 Apple a day diet- Basics

In this diet, a person needs to eat an apple before all the main meals of the day. The fiber present in this fruit will suppress your hunger and reduce your cravings for sweets. Fewer carbohydrates are consumed and the consumption of saturated fats is also lowered down in this diet plan. 4 to 5 smaller meals are eaten every day. All these meals should have very low fat content.

Each meal should have some quantity of lean protein so that the appetite gets reduced and weight loss process gets a push.

Foods recommended in 3 apple a day diet

Apples, chicken breast, lean beef, oatmeal, low fat cotton cheese, brown rice, low fat yogurt, eggs, turkey, salmon, lettuce and broccoli.

Exercises which should be done

People who follow this diet need to do several exercises for losing their weight effectively. Different cardiovascular exercises and weight training is recommended. In this diet book, there is a 12 week exercises program for beginners.

Advantages of 3 apple a day diet plan

  • When apple is eaten before every meal, hunger gets reduced and it prevents overeating.
  • Soluble fiber present in apples helps in reducing the level of cholesterol in the body.
  • Flavanoids present in apples help in reducing the risk of different cancers, stroke and several diseases related to heart.
  • When lean proteins are consumed in sufficient quantity then appetite gets reduced and good muscle mass is maintained.
  • It is easy to follow this diet plan.
Disadvantages of the 3 apple a day diet plan
  • Dieters may get bore as the meal plans offer no excitement.
  • Vegetarian people may find it difficult to follow this diet plan.

There are only a few disadvantages of this diet plan. It offers a large number of benefits and many people have really lost their weight by following this diet plan. This diet promotes healthy eating habits. Therefore, it is beneficial to follow this diet plan for losing excess weight from the body.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


I don't think just while eating apple in a day you can lose out the weight rather you do out lots of exercise,never skip your breakfast,avoid oily and junk food.

arvin said...

Avoiding the white carbs really helps...it has helped me...the starches and the sugars add to a lot of fat in the body.Yes setting unrealistic goals never help.

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Irene said...

Interesting point of view. As the person said in the first comment, I don t think you can lose weight by simply eating three apples a day, but I sure bet it can make you healthier by bringing you some fresh nutrients in your body.

Love this blog, I will come back here as often I can!


Yeah maybe avoiding carbs can help you out but I it will be good if you maintain either diet pills or exercise. Diet pills for me works just great on my figure.

Glucosamine said...

one of the great blogs on weight loss. good knowledgeable high quality content. I really liked your blog and have also bookmarked it. by the way i daily eat one apple.