Is P90X Nutrition Plan good for your weight loss?

If you have heard about P90X Nutrition Plan and wish to know more about it then read on. Before you choose a diet plan to follow, you should acquire substantial knowledge about it. Only after knowing various aspects of a particular diet routine, you would be able to judge whether it is good for you or not.

P90X Nutrition Plan

This diet plan is made especially for those people who want to lose weight and develop muscles as well. This diet routine is best for those people who follow P90X workout routine. Several resistance training exercises are included in P90X workout routine.

Phases of P90X Nutrition Plan

This diet routine includes 3 phases in total. Following are the 3 phases which are included in this diet plan:

1. Fat Shredder Phase

As the name suggests, this phase concentrates on losing extra fat from the body. It is followed for first four weeks. Calorie intake is minimized in this phase in order to initiate the weight loss process in the body. Carbohydrates are either not consumed or consumed in lesser amounts in this phase. Protein intake is increased as it helps in developing muscles and burning extra fat present in the body.

2. Energy boosting Phase

In this phase, people are allowed to consume complex carbohydrates for getting more energy to do intense workouts. Protein intake remains high in this phase also. This phase may be followed for as much time as you wish. Phase third is followed by those people who want to build more muscles.

3. Endurance Maximizing Phase

In this phase, carbohydrate intake is increased further. It provides enough stamina to people for doing intense exercises. Taking small meals and drinking water frequently is very important in this phase.

Foods which are advised for the people who follow this diet plan

Fresh vegetables and fruits, soy nuts, eggs, cheese and low fat milk, salad free from fat, flax seeds, lean meat, mustard etc.

Advantages of P90X Nutrition Plan
  • You can develop muscles without going to a gym or hiring services of any personal trainer.
  • Appetite is suppressed with the increased protein intake. This promotes muscle growth.
  • You do not need to buy costly exercise equipments.

If you are thinking of taking up this plan, please keep in mind that it requires will power and strenuous body workouts. You might experience fatigue as a result of intensive workouts required in this diet plan.


Written by Brad

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