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  • Don't allow the bread/breadsticks/crackers/chips basket anywhere near your table in restaurants!

    --Sharon Cohen

  • I give myself permission to indulge on the weekends, when I'm doing things like going out to dinner. But during the week, I eat fruit every day and I choose fiber-rich, whole-grain carbs.--Jody Buffalo

  • # Whenever I feel I've wandered off the healthy-eating track, I use the following tricks to get myself back in line: For lunch I trim my entree by half, but double up on servings of fruit and veggies. And I dress salads and steamed vegetables with my own homemade nonfat Asian dressing. (Combine 1 cup of orange juice with 1/2 teaspoon of low-sodium soy sauce and a sliced garlic clove in a small saucepan; simmer until reduced by half. Use sparingly ... it's potent!) When dining out, I start off with a cup of broth-based soup to keep from overeating my main course. To curb nighttime dessert cravings, I sip a steaming cup of decaf Earl Grey tea sweetened with Equal and topped with a splash or two of nonfat vanilla creamer.

    --Susanne R. Stoeckeler

  • I log everything I eat and its nutritional content on a form I designed for myself. I also have a column for noting calories expended during exercise. This helps me track calories in versus calories out on a daily basis. It's a system that's helped me maintain a 40-pound weight loss for seven years. --LaVonne Taylor

  • At the movies, I buy a kid's box, which has a tiny portion of popcorn, soda and a piece of candy. It's just enough to treat myself, and a lot less fattening.--Melissa O'Brien

  • Always plan ahead when traveling. I load up on healthful snacks like fruits, veggies and granola bars. Having these on hand keeps me from eating overpriced, high-calorie fare at airports and gas stations. --Kate Williams

  • I choose water over juice or soda. It cuts out about 200 calories a glass. Drinking water doesn't have to be boring: Spruce up a pitcher of plain [H.sub.2]O with herbs like mint or basil, or slices of citrus fruits or cucumber.--Kristina Ferrante Coleman

  • I just can't enjoy lunch without a cola, but I'm not always in the mood for diet, so at the soda bar, I fill my cup within an inch of the top with diet soda and then give myself a shot-glass-sized splash of the real thing. It tastes like regular soda, but with only a minimal amount of calories, probably no more than 50 or 60.--Anne M. Russell

  • # Fill up on fruit! On photo shoots, I walk right past the junk-food table and head straight for the trays of beautiful fresh pineapple, mango, melon and berries. These fiber-rich foods are far more satisfying to me than cookies and pastries; plus they have fewer calories and nearly zero fat.--Dinah Erasmus

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