Tips for weight Loss

You Know Being overweight can damage much more than your poolside self-confidence. There is a solution to it. If you are able to lower your weight up to 10 percent,you could avoid your health risks. If you are overweight then you will feel more confident as the pounds come off. Better Nutrition spoke with nutrition and exercise experts to learn their recipes for healthy weight loss and maintenance. Here are some great tips for fast Weight loss

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First of all you must know that if you really need weight loss. If your BMI(Body Mass Index) is 19 to 24, there's probably not a health advantage to losing weight. Keep up healthy habits to stay in this ideal range.
If your BMI is 25 or more,weight loss may improve your health to some extent. And if your BMI is under 19 then you are underweight.

Plan your Morning

It is always a great idea to go for a walk in the morning after a sound sleep. you can do a lot of activities to keep yourself fit and fine for the whole day, You could go for yoga, or going for swimming in the morning is also not a bad idea. Another thing that you can do in the morning is join a Gym and have a trainer to help you for weight loss. You should go for some kind of light exercise in the morning.

For Lunch and Dinner

You should have a proper planning in advance for your eating. What you are going to eat in the lunch and dinner. Look out for where you will be during during lunch and dinner and if fruits,healthy snacks etc will be available over there or not.

Avoid Overeating

As a child there may be situations when you will be pushed to finish up everything that you have in your plate. But you should keep the plate aside when you have taken enough.

Time for meals

People are often used to eat their meals while driving,watching TV,Moving around here and there and eating too fast. You must have some time for your meals also. So have your intension towards meals only when you are taking your meals. It will give you a lot of enjoyment while eating and satisfaction as well.

Healthy Diet

Instead of jumping on the diet-of-the-week bandwagon, experts advise eating a diet with 50 to 65 percent carbohydrates; 20 to 25 percent protein; and the remainder from mostly unsaturated fat.

Emotional Eating

You must take a hard look at why you are over weight. If you are over eating due to emotional reasons. Then You should reach to the root of the problem and have something for fast weight loss.

Drugs for weight loss

Weight loss with drugs after your doctor prescription can also help you to weight loss. Phentermine is one such weight loss drug that has turn out to be very effective in its short time use.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Vincent said...

I've recently started down a course to lose weight. The healthy/eating smart and a small bit of fitness allowed me to see results in a matter of 2 weeks. Good tips!