Weight Loss Stories

Here I am able to capture some successful weight loss stories.
These people have been able to loss weight because of their
determination and willpower to do so. You could also do the same so
give a try at least.

Debbie: I was quite
energetic girl at my school time weighing only 110 Ponds and even had
win the miss Beautiful, peagent at the age of 18, but later on I have
started working in a night shift and eating junk food most of the time
that had made me to gain lot of weight and made me almost weighing 250
ponds, gaining weight had given me lot of mental and physical stress,
even people in my office started to laugh at me because of that chunk
of flesh hanging around all over my waist, at that day I have decided
that i should choose some weight loss program, but
found it's not the easy task and the only way to loose weight is to
continue with healthy diet program and need to workout lot, and you
wont believe that I have lost 100 Pounds in just 8 months, and now
weight's only 150 Pounds, Now even people who use to laugh at me are
amazed by my achievement.

From Ashley, Age 15, female

I just wanted to tell everyone that nothing is impossible, even the
toughest thing, I mean loosing weight for women. Here is my success
story, I once weighed over 200 pounds that was about 1 years ago, since
then, I have lost nearly 60 pounds, and am still working on it to loose
more. Someday, I aspire to be as fit as jLO. There is always hope for
everyone. The one thing that I have gained with my experience is that
there are more important things than food out there, like
relationships, intelligence, wisdom and just plain out having fun.
Every time when I had felling that go and grab some candy bar or snack
I just think of how much workout will I have to do to work it off, but
how easy it is to eat it. Loosing weight by choosing
not to eat it is not a wise thing but choosing healthy diet plan is
very effective in loosing weight, Infect choosing a combination of diet
plan with a routine exercise like running, swimming and weight training
will help you loose weight more effectively and more rapidly. Just
think about how good you'll feel afterwards. Good luck to everyone and
all of my love.

From Sarah, Age 15, female

Last summer, I went to beach with my family and saw the people with nicely
curved bodies, I was so much ashamed of me, as i am not even dared to
wear bikini, I was 189 pounds that time. Now, I'm 120 ponds, and I feel
and look great even in Bikini! I worked out a lot in gym almost 5 Days
A week and do lot of cardio workout with my trainer. Every day, I stick
to my daily routine healthy diet, and kept that way for the whole
summer to stay fit and look young.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.