Local woman celebrated for her weight loss story

Susan Isaacson weight loss story

This is the story about Susan Isaacson. She has achieved something which very few achieved. She has been able to lose around 120 pounds after she join the Weight Watchers program on May 10.

Susan Isaacson weight loss storySusan Isaacson who is 43, had joined the Weight watchers program after she has

Isaacson, 43, decided to join Weight Watchers after she and her family went to Disneyland and she had to ask for the seatbelt extension.

"It was embarrassing to both me and my family that I had to do that," Isaacson said. "That's when I decided that something just needed to change."

By Susan Isaacson luck, she had already some friends in the Weight Watchers program that could be really helpful for her.

"I was tired of watching the scale just keep going up," she said.

The Electric City woman was recently selected as a winner of the Weight Watchers Inspiring Story of the Year contest. She submitted a story about her weight loss journey along with a before-and-after picture. Isaacson was one of the 60 people nationwide to receive second prize, a night in the hotel of your choice. Isaacson was very excited when she found out that she had won second place for her story.

"It was just wonderful," she said.

Isaacson and her family haven't taken the night in the hotel of her choice yet. "We have the voucher for the contest, we just haven't decided yet," Isaacson said. "There is a hotel in Portland we're considering."

Isaacson's weight-loss experience has been great for both her and her family, who also give her support. Now the whole family eats healthier foods and they are more active, she said, and she's more active with them.

"I can enjoy my kids and do things with them," she said. Isaacson has three kids.

Her husband, Val, has also lost weight with their new diet and family activities. The family is more active than ever, and Isaacson can now do things with them she couldn't have before.

"This has been the best thing that ever happened to us." she said.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Katha said...

Good job LITTLE sister!
I am proud of you!