One year of blogging!

Today is my weight loss blog’s first birthday. It has completed one year today. I started this blog one year back on the same day i.e. 15 November, 2005. I wishes happy birthday to my weight loss blog.

I had started this blog as a way to share my views about my weight loss progress. In this one year of blogging, I try to inform you of the best weight loss tips and information’s about healthy food, BMI, amount of calories, weight loss plans and other issues related to weight loss.

Here are some of the big tips about weight loss I have covered so far

Weight loss tips
Weight loss plan
Weight loss stories
Weight loss exercise
Weight loss diet
Drinking water…….
Body mass index
Green Tea…….
Healthy food……..

And many more which we have not mentioned in this listing.

When I started this blog, I have an aim to lose 40 pounds. By now I have been able to lose 30 pounds. My aim is to lose another 10 pounds by Christmas. I have even put a poll on my blog
About how many pounds you are planning to lose by Christmas. So you can also go and tell me what you are planning about losing pounds by Christmas. So go and poll for the amount of pounds you are planning to lose.

In the last one year, I have lost 30 pounds. Can you share with me how many pounds you have been able to lose in the last one year? Hope to hear from you very soon.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.