Permanent weight loss secrets

There are many people like you and me who try to lose weight. Some of them get succeeded in losing weight and some of them get failed. Those who get succeeded in losing weight also sometimes are not able to keep their ideal weight. They soon get the weight they have lost few days back and on some occasions, they get more weight they were actually having before going on a weight loss diet.

Permanent weight loss This can be really frustrating and depressive for all of us. So all of us need a permanent solution to our weight loss problems. It is a good idea to avoid junk stuff as much as possible. Do not keep any junk food in your house. Bring more and more vegetables and fruits at home. After some time you will surely see some changes in your eating habit. Then you will be going for fruits and will also be able to continuously reduce some weight.

The problem with all of us is that the food we eat is the greatest pleasure for all of us. This is the biggest problem that prevents the permanent weight loss. So we need to find some other ways to get the pleasure in the day like reading your favorite book or magazine, spending some time with your friends, do make some phone calls to your friends, do something which makes you feel really funny.

Another thing we need is the big motivation to lose weight. It is not always easy to remain motivated without any reason. So why not create a list of reasons you want to lose weight and lose it permanently. Also make the listing of some people because of whom you get motivated to lose weight. You should keep on reviewing both these everyday. If you feel you need to make some changes in these listing, make it because there is nothing which is going to keep you motivated for long. So you have to keep on changing the motivation listing.

So I hope these tips will help you have some fun in life, stay motivated and get the weight off permanently.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Spider63 said...

Slow but steady wins the race! Eat less, drink lots of water, don't feel deprived!! I have lost 145 lbs. so far!

Spider63 said...

Slow but steady wins the race! Eat less, drink lots of water, don't feel deprived!! Exercise and lifting weights help a lot!! I have lost 145 lbs. so far!

Alfred Chew said...


I think making sure the input is lesser than the output would definately help :)

Alfred Chew

Kiki said...

Nice blog, many useful tips on weight loss. Thanks to share..