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BMI and BMR for weight loss

All of us know that we gain weight when we take extra calories and lose weight when we consume lesser calories. We need to know how much we should weigh and how many calories we should consume everyday in a healthier way. BMI helps us in knowing how much we should weight. I have already written about BMI in earlier of my post. If you need to know about BMI, you can get it from my post Know if you need to lose weight.

And BMR can calculate the amount of calories we should consume. BMR, which is Basal Metabolic Rate, informs you the amount of calories you need everyday as a way to retain the current weight. To calculate your BMR you have to just enter your sex, age and weight in pounds. So know the amount of calories you need everyday to keep up with the current weight.

If you are satisfied with your current weight, only then you should enter your current weight. Otherwise you should enter your goal weight in pounds which you ant to achieve. So in this way taking the amount of calories you should, you will slowly get the desired weight you were looking for. But before making any changes in your eating pattern, it is always good to take help from your doctor.

So you will also find BMI and BMR really helpful weight loss tools by which you are able to know the amount of calories you need to get to the desired weight.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


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