Why not lose weight while sleeping

Studies have shown that the more and the quality of sleep you get can really help you lose some unwanted pounds. I want to drop some of my pounds. So quality sound sleepI have made a plan that I am not going to waste too much of time here and there. I am going to spend some extra time in bed and forget about counting calories.

The obvious reason why we can lose weight while sleeping is because the more time we spend in the bed the lesser time we are going to be down raiding the fridge or tucking into the biscuit tin.

The second reason is that when you have sound and enough sleep, you feel full of energy throughout the day and that keep you active. It also helps you with your exercise program. And when you remain active during the day, you have bigger chances of losing weight. But we must have the quality sleep i.e. sound sleep.

So we are ready for getting more sleep, more exercise and healthier diet plans. But we need to implement all this in a careful way. We have to go for one thing at a time. And when we have got hold of one thing, should go for other thing. If we try all of these at a time we have higher chances of failure. So we need to take small small steps.

There are some things, which can help us as a way to lose weight with sleeping. Like we can go to the bed a bit earlier. Turn off the TV or computer sooner and learn about medication. And take a walk.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Wobbly*Bits said...

I sleep plenty and I haven't noticed it helping with my weightloss. It does make sense though.