How to Get morning walk regularly for longer hours

Increase your morning walk time and get more regular

Many of us make plans for a walk as a way to lose some extra pounds. But we exactly did is just make the plan for walking and never looking to implement it. And if any way we are able to go for a walk, morning walk regularlywe do not have regularity in that. To have some real results for our health, we need to take walking regularly and for longer hours.

If you can suggest me any ideas how I can be more regular about my walking? I welcome all of your ideas. I have seen different people use different ideas as a way to have some healthy walking in the morning regularly.

Some people ask their relatives and friends to help him/her get up in the morning. That does not seem to be a good idea, as that will rarely bring regularity in your walking. Some people use Alarms or some reminders as a way to get up in the morning. What I have noticed about it is that all of us get up in the morning just to off the alarm or reminder than for walking.

What I feel is we cannot be regular about our exercise if we do not have proper planning. We all need to know what we are going to get if we are going for the walk daily and what we are going to lose if we miss it. We have greater chance of success if both of our mind and feelings want to do it.

I like some of my friend’s regularity about their morning walk. Some of them use to go for walk in the group of two or more people. When you go for walk in the group, you do not get bored but enjoy it.

Some others have their pets with them when they went out for walking. This idea seems to be really seems to be work for everyone. I have decided that I am doing to bring a pet and going for a walk with him in the morning daily. What I am going to get while walking with pet is regularity with my walking program. It will also help me to increase my walking speed as well as my walking hours daily.

If you people have some big ideas how you are able to walk daily then you can either mail me or can leave a message in the comment section. Your ideas are going to help millions of people to be regular with their exercise program.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Jared Wash said...

It sounds like an awesome idea but I don't have a dog but maybe it is helpful for people to have one.