Going ahead with my walking

about walkingI used to go for walking often in the morning around 7 AM. It is actually the combination of walking and running. On some occasions, I ran and on some occasions I just walk. You can assume that I do half half. It takes around 40 to 45 minutes for me to complete my walking.

When I have done my walking in the morning, I feel totally relax and satisfied for the whole day that I have done something good for my health and weight loss. With walking in the morning, I feel active and full of energy for the whole day. Sometimes, Even my friends ask me how I am able to be so much active and energetic during the day in spite of too much workload.

When I first started my morning walk, I was not too much regular with it. I used to go for morning walk only once or twice in a month. Or you can say on very few occasions. But whenever I was not able to go for morning walk, I felt that I was missing something during the day. But With time I am able to become more and more regular with my walking.

In the early days of my running and walking, I feel too much tired and very slow. But with time I have been able to faster my walking and running without any kind of tiredness. It looks to be really nice to me.

On some occasions there is party kind of thing in the life and on those occasions and on some other occasions, when it is too late for sleeping in the night, I am not able to wake early in the morning. Thus I have to skip my walking program on such occasions. But I try to keep such occasions very few when I do not go for morning walk at all.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.