Healthy eating for Permanent weight loss

It has been often notices that people gain some weight especially during the holidays and winters. If we gain 4 or 5 pounds around our hips, thighs and buttocks, you do not need to panic too much. We will be able to loss it as we become more active and return to our usual nutrition’s habit.

The problem arise when this weight gain keep on getting bigger and bigger with every holiday season and never lost. Any of diet pills is not going to help in this situation, as you will again gain the lost weight as you the diet pills are discontinued. We need to know why we are gaining the weight. It may be because of overeating or poor combination of foods. The best way a person can lose weight, keep his weight steady and remain healthy is to change to a balanced mixture of healthy foods and to get enough exercise.

So why not start a weight loss program! Your diet should include lot and lots of fruits, vegetables and wholegrain. Do not eat more than 30 grams of fat per day and have little or no sugar. Taking meat three to four times is enough. Your diet must fit in your needs. And it is not possible to do the calorie calculation after every meal or so.

Make a list of healthy food items you have to shop and do not purchase any thing that is not in your list. Take some salads with your meals. And when you get some noticeable drop in your weight, it should motivate you. But the final goal must be realistic and achievable. And do not try to lose your weight too fast. Weight loss of around 4 to 5 pounds in a month is completely sufficient.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.