How to convert a diet in to your way of eating

All of us know that to lose weight we all need to make permanent changes in our eating habits. It is much easier said than done. So many of us return to our old eating habits after a short interval of time and thus regain the weight backlow carb sandwich.

We need to convert a diet in to our way of eating. Here I am suggesting you some tips to convert the diet in to your way of eating and stick with your diet for longer:
Getting the right amount of carbohydrates

You need to get the ideal carb level that keeps you at your best high energy, low hunger, lowest sustainable weight, stable blood glucose. Once you get the correct carb level and experience how you feel when eating the right carb amount, your car eating will be "the way you eat" than "a diet".

Make it about health

If you were allergic to wheat, you would learn to get along without it. In restaurants, you would get used to ignoring the bread basket, asking for no croutons, not ordering pasta, etc. Sure it would be hard - at first. But eventually, it would just be "the way you eat". The positive side is that once you accept that your body has "special needs", you can do something about it - something that costs very little money, doesn't involve surgery or medication, and has no painful procedures involved.

Low carb substitutes

If eating low carb seems difficult to you, you have to try and find out low carb healthy substitutes for at least some of your favorite foods.

Learn some cooking

If you do not know any thing about cooking lets change that right now. There are many delicious healthy foods which can be prepared with little efforts and in no time. First learn the food you like most and then get good in it. Surprise your friends with your cooking skills. When you have become good in one food of your choice, then learn the second one and keep on doing it. For this you may take the help of a chef or any of your relative or friend.

Some flexibility in your diet

When the low carb becomes the “the way you eat”, any particular food which you eat from time to time, is also within the context of your low carb way of eating. There should have been some flexibility in your diet as there can be many situations in life when we have to eat according to the choice of people around or things available.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.