Kids gain more weight in summer

I always thought that summer months are the active months and winter months are the months when we are not too much active and gain weight. But according to a study the kids gain more weight at home and not when they go to the school. So kids are more likely to gain more weight during the summer break than during their school days (Yahoo News).

So school seems to have doing better job than parents when it comes to keep kids away from obesity. According to the study, The BMI of kids increase twice as much during summer break compared with the school year.

So we cannot blame schools for kid’s obesity in any way. But actually problems are outside of school. The increase in kid’s obesity during the summer holidays may be because of their lack of physical activities. During the holidays, the kids do not remain active. What they do most of the time is just watching the TV and playing video games.

"For this study data was collected about 5,380 children at 310 elementary schools nationwide. Researchers visited the schools to measure the kids' height and weight four times: at the beginning of kindergarten, at the end of kindergarten, at the beginning of first grade, and at the end of first grade. The researchers used those measurements to calculate the children's BMI (body mass index). They found that BMI grew fastest during summertime."


Written by Brad

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Marcus said...

That is true that some kids gain more weight in the summer but there is always the kid no matter what he/she does remain more or less at the same weight. I suppose that it is a bit of a blessing to have the fast metabolism that let you go away with many indulgences that otherwise would have tip the scale on the high end. I suppose that I can say I am of that category, fast metabolism, all the way to college
and I am still the same today...